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Flare leg dance pants & awesome tops
mandiferous7 wrote in fatshionista
When I posted a video of my Halloween belly dance performance, a couple people asked where I got my flare leg dance pants. They were by a company called Majidah Wear, but Majidah had sold the business. I just found out that the company is under new ownership as FaveWear and they are offering 40% off through the end of January with promo code ANNIVERSARY1.

If you're into belly dance (or dance in general), this clothing is awesome. Plus, they come in fun sizes like Lavish, Foxxy, and Ravishing. :-)

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Ohh! Looks great!

I don't need to spend $50 on a shirt, but I love the keyhole shirt.

Thanks for posting this link. I'm absolutely thrilled to see that they're using women with real bodies to model their clothes. Bellies! Boobs! Curvy hips and shapely legs!

the biggest size, sublime, only goes up to a 44 waist =(

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