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A bit more than you wanted to spend but at least the shipping is free AND REI is the most hassle free company I've ever made returns to.

Seconding the Columbia ones from REI. I know the OP said the they wouldn't be used often, but the Columbia pants are still worth it. They are basically the only real snow/ski pants available in women's plus size, and believe me, you'll be much happier in these than in any others.

2nd this.
I am in the deathbed of winter all the time, and lands-end is my go to.

Thirding, and the convenience of returning stuff at Sears rather than making a trip to the post office is kinda rad.

Ah yes, agreed! I did this today, actually. (Returned stuff at Sears that I bought online from land's end I mean!)

Have you doublechecked your pants size recently? I ask because my caboose seems much larger to me than yours seems these days.

I have owned no snowpants as an adult.



My lady wears a much smaller pant size than me, but but when we try to sit in chairs with arms, she is the one who gets stuck! Our body shapes and clothing sizes sometimes say very different things!

Junonia. Costs more, but worth it. And if you have the time/leisure, you can get great deals on their markdowns (no snowpants there in January, alas).

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