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Old Navy dress pants
spookycat04 wrote in fatshionista
Hi everyone!

I have a few questions about these pants:

Have any of you tried these? I know people here have said that Old Navy sizing is pretty inconsistent.  If you've tried these, how would you say they run?

Also, did you find the material to be a good quality, or something that could pass for an interview?  I have a grad school interview coming up in a couple weeks and Lane Bryant doesn't make my favorite "lafayette" material dress pants anymore.  The ones I have are not good enough for an interview.  So, I have to find something else. 

I am a US size 24ish on bottom, if that helps.

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No help on the Old Navy pants, but if you have a Lane Bryant Outlet store near you I've seen the Lafayettes there recently. I love them too, very flattering material that holds its shape well. :)

*sigh* unfortunately, I'm not anywhere near an outlet right now, but its something to keep in mind if I make a trip home soon (where there is an outlet nearby). Thanks for the heads up!

I bought those! They were tight, but wearable in the size I got. I have gained weight recently though so probably they were pretty on-size. They are a tight-stretch material, feel kind of stiff (definitely not like that old LB "Elemental Stretch" type pant) but they would work for a job interview. That's what I got them for, and if they were not so tight, I would wear them!

Hmm... that's what bothers me-- I've gained a little weight recently too, so I'm worried the size 24 won't fit. I'm already going to be a nervous wreck, so I'd rather not be an uncomfortable nervous wreck too! I may try to dig around the outlets for the LB pants I like.

But its good to know that if I do go with the ON ones, they'd be a nice enough material for an interview!

Well, if you have the money to order two sizes up front, you can always return the one that doesn't fit. They have free returns for plus sizes.

I agree with the proposal to order two sizes. In my opinion these pants are fine for an interview, so long as they fit well and are new. They are machine washable and once you wash them a couple of times, they do not look the same. As to sizing, mine are pretty old, so I have no idea...

I have these trousers in both black and grey. They will definitely pass as higher quality the first 5 or 6 times you wear them. But after they've been washed a handful of times, they definitely lose their lustre and the fabric starts to pick up lint. They are like a thick khaki fabric that can pass as something nicer the first few times around.

I'm "strawberry" shaped, so thick waist with narrow hips. ON plus size pants are typically made with strawberry and apple shapes in mind, I dunno why. I generally wear a 24 or 26. I got these in 26 originally and was pissed because, like everything at ON, the legs stretched out all day. I tried to shrink them, but all that happened was they got shorter. So I bought a 24 and, while they were a little snug at first, they relaxed within a couple of hours and fit really well, and stay the same size even after washing. I went back and ordered the other color the next day.

As someone who wears dresses/skirts pretty exclusively, these are the only 2 pairs of trousers I own and actually like.

Unless you're hippy, I would definitely not size up in these pants. if possible, in your case I'd get a 22 and a 24 and see which fit best.

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Thanks, this is extremely helpful. I always have the most trouble getting things to fit in the waist, so that was my real concern (that and fabric quality). I think I will give these a try.

I agree with this. I own these pants too and they are definitely interview-worthy when new. I also found them just a little bit loose (I wear a 30).

I bought them along with a matching black blazer they were selling last year. The pants were tight in the waist, and good everywhere else. I'm slightly apple, 43/44" waist, 52" hips and ordered the 22. The weight of the material was nice, they kept their shape.

Good luck with your interview!

Old Navy's pants always seem to run big...

That said, it looks like these pants are the same fabric as the Lafayettes. (I'm not sure if it's the fabric or the fit you liked...for me, it was the fabric, because all their other pants collect lint.)

I liked the fabric most of all, but I loved them because they were flared and not the straight leg style. Still though, I might order these. Thanks! I didn't see them before.

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