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that outfit with the stripey dress is wonderful!

You're completely adorable and super stylish. That striped dress/outfit is to die for. Well done! :)

Yay, welcome to the world of fatshion blogging! I especially like the coral peplum dress. :-)

Thank you :) Yeah, I'm loving the peplum trend!

Love the third one! I love all of them, but the third one is my favorite.

Thanks :) Mine, too! I felt very patriotic :)

I love the third one tooooooo!!!
Followed closely by the first. I need more leather in my life TT_TT

Thanks! Yeah, that's another trend I'm loving this season :)

Love these! Seriously, this is what I should be seeing in Lucky and my other mags, when it comes to plus-sized fashions. You nailed it!

Thank you! That's an awesome compliment :)

(Deleted comment)
Alll so cute but the red white and blue combo with the stripe dress is just killin' me!

omg i follow you on my personal AND beauty blog! i knew you looked familiar! i'm lchiodo and bodymindface! i love your blog and your style!

Thank you! But, sorry, follow me where? I didn't see either of those usernames on tumblr or wordpress?

hey, sorry, i'm a MORON: i was following someone who reblogs you super frequently and got confused. just followed you for real this time.

Haha awesome, followed you back :)

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