msredkitty (msredkitty) wrote in fatshionista,

bras. the bane of my existence. and a few outfits

I really suspect that i'm wearing the wrong size bra, but when I try to measure using "conventional wisdom", I end up with a size that is too tight and uncomfortable. I'm most comfortable in a 44 or 46... I hate underwires because they are always in my pits, and I suspect that means I'm wearing the wrong cup size. Are there differing rules for the busty and plump among us? Is the holy grail of cute, comfortable and *not* underwire impossible to find?? I also really dislike when the bottom band is too long and it kinda rolls up because I have a big belly. Am I just shaped totally weird?


This is what i wore to shoot a wedding at SF city hall. minus the demented look, no makeup and saggy hair. Dress from ON, cardi from target, Teva boots from last season.

I got some new glasses, but i'm not 100% on them. Also a new hat from TJ Maxx. My husband thinks i look like Mary Poppins.
scarf from target (love) cardi from ON


peacock dress from f21, frye boots -I am wearing this to a wedding in Texas with the burgundy sweater in photo 1 and matchy tights. I'm considering a brown belt. Also, general consensus is this dress is too big... your thoughts?

sorry this is fuzzy, my 8 year old snapped it. Anniversary dinner from awhile back, celebrating 13 years of wedded/16 years of schtuppin' bliss. Yours clothing peacock dress, frye boots, some old black light lacey cardi.


not so much an outfit as a shot to show off my cool target cowboy boots. love these things! so comfortable. and fit very well, i have 17.5" calves and they are very roomy, they hit right at the point my calves get big.

And this, my friends is a crazy awesome dress i got at ross to wear as a halloween costume, but it has turned into a great housedress! it did work well as MRS. ROEPER. and, i went to party full of 20-somethings and no one knew who i was! And clearly, i need a new pose. hand on hips!

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