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muliebrity wrote in fatshionista
The NY Times had a cool article on fat fashion bloggers. You can read it here. It introduced me to a few I hadn't seen before.

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I mean... these are the same fat bloggers that are always highlighted all the time. "Blazing trails" and all that.

No shade, honestly. I'm glad these people are out there doing what they do. But... Christ. Type in "plus size fashion blog" in Google and you'll get 50 million results. And yet...

And yet.


I was glad to see the NYT article, because it's always nice to see a mention of fatshion in the mainstream media. It's a big improvement from when I was a teen, pre-high-speed-internet, and could hardly find any fatshion role models.

But it's definitely a case of highlighting the same bloggers who already get highlighted everywhere else. It would be nice to see exposure for some of the many, many others.

I wondered why I had a problem with that article (thanks for bringing it to my attention, though!), and then I read this and it all came together.

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