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WLC tights - I guess I don't need a crotch...? Update 11/29
colorful_horror wrote in fatshionista
Hi fat folks!

How are you all doing? I'm new here. :3

So, I've been rather frustrated with We Love Colors tights. I do love the colors and the texture but I ALWAYS get a rip in the crotch. Sometimes it's just a small hole I can deal with but yesterday my medium blue tights were completely destroyed in the crotch area. HUGE holes and just ripped all over that area. For 15 bucks? C'mon! And I kind of want the crotch in my tights...

I know I am sometimes too rough with tights and pulling them on but with these I was very careful. Is this happening to others as often? ALL of my WLC color tights have ripped within the first few wears. I am not sure why I keep buying them... maybe because of all the colors. I have a spruce green pair coming which I think I might just return.

I also don't think it's a size issue. I buy A/B and it fits rather well. I could try C/D but I think they'd be to short for me. 

I've been trying to search for tights in my size in tons of colors. I do love Hue tights but trying to find anything above a 3 in something other than black is very hard. I do wear black tights more so that's okay but I want colorful tights! I am not sure where else to go. :( 

Are they any other tights that come in such a huge range of colors? Or even half as huge? Lol

For reference, I guess? My size/weight:
height: 5'4" 
weight: 210ish
size: US 16-18, XL. On the top and for some dresses sometimes 14 L.


Hi all, I just wanted to update and say I got the sample size C/D and they fit well!
I have only worn them once so far but I like them :)
Question: why does this one have two seams in the front? Size A/B did not.

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I'm 5'1 and anywhere from 210-225 and take a C/D in We Love Colors and have never had an issue with ripping in the crotch or ripping in general. I'm guessing the issue is they're tearing from strain, thus you need a larger size.

Yeah, I've found that WLC tights rip really easily in the crotch. All three of my pairs developed holes after the first wear, which is pretty ridiculous, since I have a pair of black tights from Target that I've had for five years that have only just developed a hole in the toe area. I doubt it is a size issue, honestly. I'm a 20 on the bottom and I wear the C/D size and I can easily hike those suckers up past my boobs.

This is also my experience. They all rip within 1-3 months of wear. They're definitely not too small for me.

Not sure what to tell you about WLC, but have you tried Woman Within's tights? They don't have 50+ colors, but they've got a hell of a lot more than most plus-sized brands.

I think I have tried those and found them to run super small. But I had read that in the reviews and went up 2 sizes. They were still small but not too bad.

I wear the 6X, but my hips would fall under a 5X. However, my height and weight are basically right on the 5X/6X line. IIRC, I sent the 5X back because they were too small for me to try and break in. They seem tight because of the weaving, I think, because I had to wrestle the 6X on the first time or two, but they've been fine ever since.

I was just talking to a friend about having this problem with WLC!

Email them! I had a pair that ripped the first day I bought them, and they replaced them pretty quickly. I would also try going up a size, just in case, because I have never ever had a pair rip in the crotch, and I have like 15 pairs of them. But maybe that's why; because I rotate them out.

I usually have this problem with tights, but not with the WLC tights. I have very big calves and stomach which usually makes my tights sit weirdly and rip, but the WLC ones are the right shape for me. Maybe try a different size?

This doesn't help you in terms of color selection, but I recently got a pair of tights from Avenue and I'm VERY impressed by them. They're the most comfortable tights I've ever worn, and they've held up well to some rough use.

Colors = black, silver, brown. No fun colors, sadly. They're 2 for $20 right now.

Thanks! I have tried these. They are alright. Not my favorite but still great quality.

happens to me too, and mine def. fit properly. have a comparable range of colors to WLC. here's a review of them:


First I would like to say that we are sincerely sorry for your aggravation. No one wants a pair of tights with holes in them unless they are intentional or fishnets. Please send an email to emem@welovecolors and with your order number, full name and mailing address. You will receive a sample pair in size C/D first so you can see if you like this size better. We will resend you a pair of the A/B in the color that you chose if you think the A/B is a better fit. I am pretty sure that you may have just received a defective pair. We are sorry for the inconvenience that we have caused you. We hope to hear from you soon!

Emem N.
We Love Colors Inc.
4980 NW 165th St
Miami, FL 33014
P:305-889-0793 | 800-770-3177

Hi all, I just wanted to update and say I got the sample size C/D and they fit well!
I have only worn them once so far but I like them :)

Question: why does this one have two seams in the front? Size A/B did not.

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