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ISO: Denim shorts for giant thighs
winnieatepooh wrote in fatshionista
Hi everyone! The weather is getting warmer, so I've come to you all for your help on my quest for the perfect pair of denim shorts. My thighs are the biggest and most frustrating part of my body, as I can wear a 14/16 waist but will need to buy pants in an 18/20 just to fit over my thighs. /rant.

Here's what I'm hoping to find:
I want a pair of denim shorts, high waisted (no low rise), longer (around mid thigh). But most importantly, I want them to have a WIDE thigh opening! I don't mean culotte wide (already have a pair of those!), but just a wide enough opening so it doesn't look like they're glued to my legs. I want a couple of inches of extra space around them so they're hovering around my thighs, not hanging on for dear life.

Here's an awful picture of what I mean. See how there's a lot of room between the shorts and her thighs? (Obviously, ugh.) BUT, this is what I mean when I mean wider leg opening.

Have any of you have found denim shorts that fit this description? Any shorts that you love that don't SUCK onto your thighs? I would be so grateful if you could share with me where you found them! As always, thank you so much for your help!

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Last year I was frustrated with the same thing. I ended up taking an old pair of wide-legged jeans, cutting them off a bit longer than I wanted and cuffing the frayed edges. That might be more casual than what you're looking for, though.

I did find a pair of shorts that worked well. They were from the Gap. I sized up to a 16 and they fit pretty loosely around my legs, but they weren't denim, they were a deep blue cotton twill. I don't think they have the same ones any more.

I actually looked to see if they have anything similar to the shorts that worked for me, and these are similar. A reviewer says she usually wears an 18 and sized up to a 20 and the legs fit her thighs well. Again, they're not denim, but I figured I'd mention them in case no one else recommends a brand.

Thank you! I really like those, and will definitely check them out, black may work for me. I love your idea about altering the jeans; I will absolutely consider that. Maybe I'll take a look at Goodwill and find a pair of wide leg pants and try to alter them. Thanks so much! :)

The tailor is your friend. Find a good one, buy some shorts that suit your legs, and have them taken in at the waist.

You're totally right. Thank you!

I'd suggest checking out old navy - their plus line shorts are super roomy in the thigh area.

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Thank you! I was looking at them but was unsure...I guess the only way I'll know if they'll work is if I order a pair!

I have a pair of the ON low rise short shorts and there is room in the leg. I'd give the longer shorts a whirl.

I would also recommend Old Navy. I have a pair of their shorts, and they fit me proportionately, actually, which is hard to do. I also have a pair of denim shorts from Dress Barn Woman which are slouchy (but not loose) in their fit, and the legs have plenty of room.

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