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Last year I was frustrated with the same thing. I ended up taking an old pair of wide-legged jeans, cutting them off a bit longer than I wanted and cuffing the frayed edges. That might be more casual than what you're looking for, though.

I did find a pair of shorts that worked well. They were from the Gap. I sized up to a 16 and they fit pretty loosely around my legs, but they weren't denim, they were a deep blue cotton twill. I don't think they have the same ones any more.

I actually looked to see if they have anything similar to the shorts that worked for me, and these are similar. A reviewer says she usually wears an 18 and sized up to a 20 and the legs fit her thighs well. Again, they're not denim, but I figured I'd mention them in case no one else recommends a brand.

Thank you! I really like those, and will definitely check them out, black may work for me. I love your idea about altering the jeans; I will absolutely consider that. Maybe I'll take a look at Goodwill and find a pair of wide leg pants and try to alter them. Thanks so much! :)

The tailor is your friend. Find a good one, buy some shorts that suit your legs, and have them taken in at the waist.

You're totally right. Thank you!

I'd suggest checking out old navy - their plus line shorts are super roomy in the thigh area.

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Thank you! I was looking at them but was unsure...I guess the only way I'll know if they'll work is if I order a pair!

I have a pair of the ON low rise short shorts and there is room in the leg. I'd give the longer shorts a whirl.

I would also recommend Old Navy. I have a pair of their shorts, and they fit me proportionately, actually, which is hard to do. I also have a pair of denim shorts from Dress Barn Woman which are slouchy (but not loose) in their fit, and the legs have plenty of room.

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