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Please help me find the blog about suits and office appropriate clothing...
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blaceyda wrote in fatshionista
Hi everyone, 

I'm wondering if you can help me out. I know there is a wonderful blog (or maybe a full website?) out there specifically on the topic of office appropriate clothes for full figured fatshionistas. I think it was focused on this as an alternative to the many fatshion blogs for young and trendy fashion. 

Does anyone remember the name? I'm totally stumped....


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YES, thank you! You are brilliant x

YES, thank you! You are brilliant x

You might also want to check out T-Minus T-Plus:

She's a lawyer, and her wardrobe is amazing and totally professional.

Thanks for the link, this is a great blog!

Not specifically plus-sized but Corporette is great for professional clothing inspiration.

Thank you, it looks very promising!

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