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Girly girl in Texas
ooh shiny
synj_munki wrote in fatshionista
Thought I'd post my girly girl dress :)

A couple years ago I decided to make an effort to make more and more of my clothes, starting with the "nice" stuff. I'd been having especially irk-some experiences trying to find things to wear to weddings and showers so started there. I have a collection of patterns I got for a buck a pop so that altering them didn't feel too wasteful.

One of the results was dubbed my "Green Twirly Dress". It's started with the re-issued butterick walk-around dress, B4790, and I applied my fitting sloper to it and put a modest petticoat to floof the skirt a bit (I'm thinking about making a super poofy petticoat to wear under it!). since I made it custom to my figure, it fits just right, is super comfy, and even though it's a combo of $1/yrd gingham and stash fabric it gets lots of complements. (oh, and it's all cotton and breathes wonderfully).

under the cut, as the pictures are big. Your model is 5'8", ostensibly a size 18W-ish.

with the hair down, in a historic firehouse museum. Dress and petticoat by me, tights by By George, flat mary janes purchases in the mid 90s from WalMart (I wear a size US11 women's narrow. i still own every pair of dress shoes I've bought since high school).

hair up in pseudo-victory rolls, at a historic estate for a friend's afternoon wedding (all done in 50's vintage clothes). shoes off of Amazon, Funtasma by Pleaser

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That dress is beautiful! i really must learn to sew...

thanks! and hey, it's just fabric- start with pillows and costumes and just go for it.

Fabulous! And it fits beautifully. I am awestruck at your sewing skills.

thanks! I've made lots of costumes, and altered lots of RTW clothes, but am only just getting started on making "real" clothes.

That dress is amazing! It looks great on you and definitely looks like it could be in the $70+ range.

*note to self: learn to sew better*

thanks! it was less than $10 in fabric, plus leftovers from other projects.

That is a terrific dress and you look fabulous. Did it take you long to make it?

not really. I had just finished making a fitting sloper, which itself took forever (days), which made altering the pattern easier and more accurate.

I traced the original pattern onto tracing paper and cut it out (1.5hrs) and used the fitting sloper to alter the traced pattern (1hr). I then created a mockup out of cheap fabric (2.5hrs), made minor alterations (1hr), and transferred it to the pattern (0.5hrs). I then made many yards of double fold bias tape that bind the edge of the dress (3hrs, you can buy this pre-made but I was on a budget), cut out and sewed the body of the dress (3hrs), bound the edges (1.5hrs), added the buttons + holes and boned the spots where it rode up (0.5hrs). The petticoat was made without a pattern with a serged rolled hem (2hrs).

In real time it took a work-week to make the garment. I traced, altered, and made the mockup one day after work, sewed the final the next day after work, made the binding and bound it the next day after work, and did the final bits the following day after work. I wore it to a wedding that weekend.

i wish i had your dedication for finishing projects. i've got an awesome dress that i made that is missing like 3 seams and i can never find the couple hours I need to finish it up and hem it. sigh. you're my new inspiration.

Wow! I've seen that pattern made many times, and always *really* disliked the results. Yours however, is beautiful! I really love the black and green together, the contrast is lovely.

I find a lot of the versions of this pattern 1. are not fitted well to the person, and 2. lack the petticoat to give it flare. it really needs to be well fitted in the waist, worn with a petticoat, and is most flattering on an hourglass.

I also really disliked how the pattern's neckline looked on me, so on my mockup i wore my full-coverage full-support bra and traced where the bra was and then made the fancy neckline in the final.

you look AMAZING!
& that dress is just adorable on you!!
what skill! i sure do wish i could sew!!

looks fabulous.

and inspiring too. I have actually just sorted through all my fabric, and now that I have on the chuck pile the stuff that doesn't suit me, I can get to having fun with the rest!

Wow, was looking to see where the dress came from, but then realized you made it yourself!

both of these poses are just gorgeous. i love your saddle shoes peeping out in the 2nd.

You look fantastic and I love that dress!!!!!

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