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Looking for fat-friendly GP in Portland, OR
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theatreorchid wrote in fatshionista
Hi there, fellow fats. I know I'm just bursting with questions lately (I really do plan on taking photos or something more fun soon) and I'm back with another.

Can anyone point me to a good fat-friendly general practitioner in the Portland, OR area? I'm uninsured and don't have a lot of money, but just enough (literally just, by $100 or so on average) so that I don't qualify for any low-cost/sliding scale treatment that I've been able to Google up.
In other words, that gives me a lot of freedom (no worrying about whether or not my insurance is accepted) and a lot of restriction at the same time (must not be a super expensive doctor).
I have checked the tags here and found a couple of leads, but even the newest one is fairly old so I wanted to see if anyone had more recent experience.

Thanks so much! <3

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I would check this list. I'm not sure of pricing for any of the doctors (I'm in Detroit), but I've found the directory helpful!
It's a website listing fat-friendly doctors. :)

Edited at 2012-04-26 02:24 am (UTC)

Oops, I forgot to mention that I have checked that list and couldn't find a compatible doctor. Thanks, though!

You're welcome, good luck!

I adore my doctor. I am a big woman, and he doesn't ride me about it. He is kind of an old fashioned doctor and really listens and reads between the lines. He is also my husbands, my moms and was my late step fathers doctor. He has been amazing dealing with both my moms lung cancer and my step fathers ALS. His name is Keith Miller. I don't know about his non-insurance rates, but he is taking new patients.

Thanks! I'll give him a call tomorrow. :)

Hmm, I've never had a doctor get on me about my weight yet, and I'm over 300 lbs... I've only been to my new one once so far, but he was nice and professional. I dunno if you can even use him cuz he's with Kaiser, but his name is Sam Wasmann.

Oh shoot, technically he's in Beaverton, too... sorry.

Hmm, I don't know about the Kaiser thing, but Beaverton isn't really an issue. I've had some pretty horrible experiences with doctors due to my weight (you must be lucky in finding decent docs! I'm jealous) so I'm willing to travel across town. I'll look into him, thanks! :)

Yeah, I don't know if I'm lucky or what. I keep reading all these horror stories and expecting the worst every time I go to the doctor... Maybe I've just been spared "the talk" because I don't have any weight-related health issues.

I just started going to Bridge City Family Medical Clinic, and am seeing Teri Bunker, NP. I thought she was excellent. She spent time listening to my concerns and making various suggestions about how we can approach things. They are in the NE (106th and Halsey).

Here is their website:

Thanks! I'll give them a look. :)

Also, there are several concerns going on with me, any of which she could have blamed on my weight, but she didn't, which I appreciated.

Ooooh, I really like to hear that. I've got similar concerns that have been going on for quite some time- I've seen several doctors over the last couple of years who immediately jump to weight, force me to get tested for diabetes, find out I am not in fact diabetic, and will not go any further. Apparently the assumption is that if I'm not diabetic I must be making my symptoms up (even the symptoms that don't have anything in common with any kind of blood-sugar-related ailment, argh).

...Similar in that they can be blamed on weight. Obviously I have no idea what your concerns are, haha. Wow, I fail at making sense in the morning, sorry about that.

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