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Help us make disney not miserable , clothes, shoes, rides etc
michelle_renee wrote in fatshionista
Morning my lovley's!

Talk to me about disneyworld!

We are a family of four. DH and I are both lovely fats (Im a 22/24 and he is 2x/44/46). We are going to disney the last week of April. Our girls are 3 and will be 6. (They are little bean poles) They are great kids but I expect them to tire in the heat and stimulation.

What would you advise us for clothing to help keep us cool and comfortable? I am thinking for me maxi dresses and bike shorts - but I am not sure. What are your favorite shoes? clothes? bags? Would you spend the money on dri-weave or wik clothes? I don't have the money but if people really think it makes a difference - I would consider it.

Any warnings for rides that will not work for a pear shaped girl/guy with a tummy?

I imagine hubbie will be the pack mule with a backpack with most of our supplies and Ill carry some sort of hipster or mini hipster.


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I haven't been to disney in years, but one thing I remember from when my parents took us as kids worked according to my mom. Get up early, have breakfast stuff in the hotel room- bagels, peanut butter, etc to save time. Get to the park before it opens and stay until early afternoon. Go back to hotel, nap and swim in the afternoon heat, then go back to the park after 4. It helped my parents keep everyone sane.

Agreed with getting there early. I wasn't quite so young when I went to disney (13) but my grandparents insisted on getting there before it opened/as it opened. I don't imagine this is still the case, it was 15 years ago, but one of the benefits of getting there early was the parks seemed to be less crowded at that hour. Additionally, there were a good few hours before it got hot.

Also I've heard from my grandparents it's been unusually hot for this time of year, so dress/pack accordingly.

I completely agree, having done tons of things with my kids when they were that age. You really can't have enough rest time. Naps, pool, even a video or book reading just to help the stimulation. Especially if you're going to be there multiple days.

And shorts under a skirt would be fine. It won't be that hot in April. (Then again, I like the heat.) I wouldn't by any special fabrics. comfy shoes, you know already. You can't look too dorky in DW. Everybody looks dorky.

I'm sure you've trolled all the Disney sites so I won't give to much park specific info except to say lower your expectations of what ride you will do. I would aim for four main one then everything else is a bonus. It's a small world is fun. I wasn't as heavy last time I went, so I can't speak to the fit of the rides. But this person can:

I'm a size 24-26 with a large mid section. Most rides at other theme parks, like Universal, and Great Adventure , just don't fit me. LOL. But I can now say that I fit on everything at Disney. I have tried them all.

And I would get a stroller, if you don't have one. A double. Even if only one kids rides, it's a great place to store stuff. And I bet both kids ride. And if you rent one and lose it, you can get a replacement at another kiosk. Keep the receipt.

Don't forget your sense of humor. When the only thing that makes sense is a $10 bucket of coca cola, just get it and laugh about it. is also a great resource for people of size to check out how the rides fit. I have a big tummy, too, and I ended up not even trying any of the rides at Universal, because I didn't want the humiliation of rejection :) Hopefully, I can fit this year.

Yep, this. Definitely take a break through a good chunk of the midafternoon.

I would only admit this anonymously, but in situations like that, I wear skorts. They don't ride up like shorts, the center part keeps the thighs from rubbing together, and they're cooler than I imagine a maxi dress would be (I've never had one--not in this millennium anyway--I just imagine they'd wrap around my sweaty legs.)

You'd be surprised about longer skirts. If they aren't too clingy, they make the most wonderful breeze as you walk. Bike shorts or running shorts underneath to prevent rub, and it's amazing.

Really? I love the way they look, maybe I'll try one. Anything is better than shorts, IMO

I like just-below-the-knee or mid-calf skirts that swoosh. A shorter length makes sense for my rather active job.

Other commenters have mentioned that lots of fabric could be bad on the rides, though.

I wouldn't bother with wicking clothes, not if you're going to Orlando. Too humid for them to do a whole lot of good. Wear things that breathe well, though. Lots of cotton, very little nylon and preferably no polyester at all. Personally I wouldn't wear a maxi dress, as I find they don't give enough breeze, but that's a matter of preference. I prefer a full mid-calf skirt if I'm going to wear one in that weather.

Everyone should wear hats, whether billed caps or wide-brimmed hats. And sunblock (which must be reapplied every 2 hours, and which Disney helpfully sells in nearly every shop), if you have any chance of burning at all.

The last time I went to Disney, I was a size 18, and had no trouble fitting in any ride. Most of the older rides are bench style (other than the roller coasters) so you can sit close to kids, but it's great for fatties, too.

(I grew up about an hour from Disney World, and have been there many, many times.)

I love Disneyland and try to go ever year. Wear cool light clothing, chub rub friendly is definitely a must, a good SUPPORTIVE pair of running shoes as sandals tend to make your feet sore after walking around all day. I second hats but remember that you will have to hang on to them on rides. Stroller wise you can rent one for the days from the customer service department that are double wide and hold all your stuff. They have stroller parking at all of the rides and no one ever touches your stuff, which is so cool. Although I always would take a purse to hold all the valuables and you always take that with you. Bring baby wipes for clean ups and to cool down. Disneyland in LA has a target just down the road so we usually take a cab down, pick up snacks, drinks etc and then bring them to the park with us to save money which is great. With kids that little you will really need to do the nap thing as they get REALLY worn out and cranky, so a mid day nap, shower is always a good idea plus a good time for mom and dad to have a rest. Have a great time and make some good memories.

Also, this. Obviously don't leave money or valuables in the stroller, but I've never seen anyone lurk around and steal trail mix and sweaty hoodies.

I'm not much of a theme park kind of girl, but I was at Universal in Orlando in July 2010. Talk about miserable, hellish temperatures!

The only thing I could get really comfortable in was this long (floor-length), billowy cotton lounge dress that I had actually bought to wear by the pool. I wore it with shorts underneath and since it buttoned down the front, I left it unbuttoned to mid-thigh. What little breeze there was could get underneath the skirt as I walked and it was much more comfortable than I thought it would be. I'm going back to Orlando in, you guessed it, July and I'm going to bring loose, comfy cotton dresses.

As for shoes, I wear white leather Keds or flip flops.

Have fun!

Mum went to Disney with my cousins when I was a teen and she said that they ended up taking another top with them in a sealed bag (to keep it dry) because of the water rides making her white tees sheer, and there was a torrential downpour every afternoon, so they had light ponchos to carry too. (although this is probably seasonal, and I'm not sure if it's going to be a problem for you)


Well, I've never been to Disneyworld, but I've been to Disneyland many times, most recently last May with my boyfriend (and we have the same measurements as you two). The things I would recommend, off the top of my head, are:

1) Don't be afraid to ask for extra room on a ride if you think you need it (for instance, setting seperately on a ride like the Matterhorn, where you're generally asked to squish in together; or cramming into a tea cup with strangers; or anything like that). More often than not, the ride attendants understand instantly. A quick, "Can we sit seperately/alone/etc? We're a bit bigger and would be more comfortable *grin*" usually does the trick. They wouldn't dare give you a snarky look, in my experience.

2) I wouldn't bother with a dress. You're usually moving quickly to get on a ride, bending in weird positions as you settle yourself in. I like shorts, myself. No chub rub and able to get situated without worrying about flashing anyone or things getting caught, or so on.

3) You can bring your own food and snacks into the park. I like frozen bottles of water. They melt by the time you need them, and they save you $4 a pop.

4) Don't over analyze too terribly much. I am famous for, "Oh my god, can this hold me? Is it going to collapse?" Think of all those times you've seen 6'5" NFL players cram onto a ride -- the rides are durable and meant to last.

5) Wear comfortable shoes! I don't know if Disneyworld has any water rides (but I'm assuming they do), so make sure you won't get anything that will give you squish-feet and cause blisters.

Other than that, have a plast! :)

It sounds like we're about the same size and I've been to Disney in April twice ... my suggestions:

- I always wore light capris and a tshirt and alternated between teva sandals and running shoes. Keep in mind that there are rides where your feet will get wet. I would usually start the day in one pair of shoes, and switch in to another half way through the day.
- Bring a water bottle for each person. I highly recommend a bobble (found at Target and Old Navy) because they filter out the nasty water taste from the fountains. Also pack snacks because eating in the parks can get expensive.
- Most rides are fat friendly, the only time I had difficulty was getting out of the Test Track cars. Other than that, no issues.
- Get the kids clear backpacks. It makes getting through the entrances SO MUCH EASIER.

This website is really awesome, and there is actually a really great article about Disney for fats here:

I haven't been to Disney in a while, but last time I was there, I was an 18/20/22-ish and had no problems on fact, about 9 of my classmates and I crammed into one of the rides at Epcot (the "Imagination" one). Comfy shoes. Would not wear maxi dresses, personally--too much fabric around the legs-- but shorter dresses with bike shorts would be fine (Danskin's bike shorts are my personal fave--I'm a solid 26/28, and the 4x is plenty roomy without digging/binding...the 3x also fits). Bring some dry clothes if you plan to go on the water rides, or plan those last before an afternoon break so you can go back to the hotel & change.

For hats--I have a big fat head, and I have this hat: in an XL, it's awesome...very light, plenty roomy on the head, could go flat on top of the stuff in your suitcase & not take up much room. Also, the Coppertone spray sunscreen in the blue bottle is amazing...tried and tested in heat and humidity by two women so white they almost glow in the dark. Reapply periodically (like every 60-90 minutes). Probably a couple bottles to make sure the whole fam is covered for the duration of your trip.

Have fun!

PS-as to the hats-if you have a smaller head, it would still be a good hat. Also, check Academy sporting goods if there is one around you, I have had good luck with their hats as well. The above hat replaced the perfect straw hat when my cat destroyed the straw. (Not by shredding, by plunking her ass right in the middle of it and crushing it.)

My boyfriend and I went to Disney World last year (April 2nd) to celebrate my birthday. I was around 330lbs and wore bike shorts, a black cotton knee length skirt (to cover up me wearing bike shorts - lol), and a breathable WHITE cotton loose shirt. I could seriously say that my pink VISOR saved my life, lol. Please wear some kind of hat/visor if you're going during the daytime/afternoon because it tends to get VERY HOT. There are water sprays for people to stand under them b/c it is so hot and humid. I would say towards the end of the day I had to take a break and sit down for a little bit until I cooled off (and i'm medium skin). I wore my regular sneakers and socks (don't buy brand new sneakers to wear, make sure that you've walked in your shoes for a while). I would really not spend any money on any kind of special clothes, I got my clothes from walmart and I had no problem. I was a BIT uncomfortable riding space mountain (big big butt), but other than that we really enjoyed ourselves. Next time though, I am seriously considering renting $40 motorized cart. =)

I am 325+ and 5'5", so I have 67 inch hips and I fit on everything at Disney. I had a little trouble with Test Track, but it was just tight, not undoable. My husband is 6'4" - he fits on everything too. I love that Disney is all sized. I have been there 6 times, I have ridden everything but mission space.
As for what to wear - I work cut off denim shorts taht came to my knees and tank tops or maxi dresses the whole time. I have a pair of asics walking shoes and a pair of Rocket Dog mesh shoes that I lived in. I just traded one pair to the other when my feet started to hurt!

Have a wonderful wonderful time!

I wear maxi dresses every time I go to Disney (1-2x per month). They're comfortable, surprisingly cool (like. temperature wise), and effortless. If you have a fancy-ish one, throw on a tiara and be prepared to be treated like a princess :)

For shoes: I wear Crocs, myself, but whatever shoes you are most comfortable in will be fine- you do not want to wear a brand new pair of shoes to the parks.

If you're staying at a Disney hotel, or will have a car, I recommend that you get up and to the parks at when they open, play around for a while, and then go back to your hotel around 3 and nap/swim/rest. It'll recharge you all for the rest of the evening.

Drink lots of water when you're there, no matter the weather. You can get free cups of water/ice water from any counter-service restaurant or food cart that serves fountain drinks- just ask and you will receive.

Toy Story Midway Mania (Hollywood Studios) is amazing, and will run out of FastPasses 2 hours after the park opens. Your best bet to ride it (twice!) is to send your or your DH, with all the park tickets, to the ride as soon as the park opens. Whoever has the kids, follow at a more leisurely pace, and when you arrive at the ride, go on it right away. Then, go see other things in the park until your FastPasses are ready.

Soarin' (EPCOT) is sooo great. FastPasses for it are generally available until dinner time, but it doesn't hurt to get them early in the day, if you can. Ask the cast members to place you in row B1- that's very center, front row. If they say "It's not available this flight", tell them you'll wait- it's only 5-6 minutes, and soooo worth it for the unimpeded view.

If you're fans of water rides, Kali River Rapids (Animal Kingdom) is great with kids- my mom and I (I'm 24 now, it's so sad) will go on it upwards of ten times, early in the day when it's not crowded. We get completely, utterly, swimming-pool style drenched (dresses + bathing suits, we're not silly enough to wear anything else), and then ride the Kilaminjaro Safari to dry off some, and then go swimming at our hotels. It is a BLAST.

So apparently this turned into a WDW tips comment, instead of answering more of your actual questions. Sorry. If you have ANY Disney questions (ranging from food to souvenirs to attractions to to transportation around the resort), feel free to message me, I would be thrilled to help you out.

on the subject of bags I am always a fan of small backpacks. Not the giant ones that make me all sweaty underneath, and not the tiny ones that cant hold much and have tiny little purse-like straps, but ones that are somewhere in the middle size range and have padded straps for comfort.

I was at Disney World a few months ago and loved it! I'm about your size and had no trouble on the rides. As for clothes, it was SO HOT (maybe because I'm,from up north), so I wore as little as possible: swimsuit top, shorts or pettipants and a knee-length skirt-- plus lots of suncreen. Have an awesome trip!

I think maxi dresses sound like a wonderful idea and I would spend the money on a pair of Fit Flops. I can walk longer in them than my New Balance sneakers and they certainly will look cuter with a dress than sneakers!

I haven't read all the replys but wanted to post my quick thoughts.

Maxis and tanks would be great. Wicking stuff doesn't do much because of the humidity. The most important thing is shoes. I recommend taking 2-3 pairs of very comfortable shoes. Even if you think you have the most comfortable shoes in the world, take other pairs. I found that in order to keep my feet happy I needed to switch out shoes. For me, good options have been:

Sneakers with socks.

You need something with some support and cushion. We walk several miles a day when we go. I recommend taking at least one pair that you can wear with socks. I don't always wear them but if your feet get in bad shape because of an unexpected rub from a sandal or something, Tennis shoes with socks protect a lot and you will be glad you have them.

The biggest thing for me in the heat is chub rub, particularly between my inner thighs. Monistat anti-chafing gel is an absolute must! - i keep a tube in my purse so I can put it on as I need, but it generally stays all day (i put it on my inner thighs pretty much every day during the summer). But it i nice to have it around if its super hot and I start to get uncomfy around my breasts or tummy roll.

I used to wear shorts to avoid this, but I prefer the gel WAYY WAY MORE since it stays put, can take care of sweating/chafing on areas besides just my inner thighs, and doesnt force me to wear another layer of clothing in the heat. I even share it with my beanpole boyfriend when he bikes. :P

Another thing to keep in mind is the fabrics you choose to wear - cotton will keep you cool and dry in a way that other fabrics can't. It will make a huge, huge difference that I think isn't often appreciated enough! My go to outfit for humid weather when i'll be out all day is a knee length cotton sundress, cotton bra and cotton panties. Slinky fabrics end up being wildly uncomfortable after a few hours in the heat.

I do admit that I sometimes wear a spanx underbust camisole to lift and suck my tummy roll in sometimes - its lightweight and helps a lot, because the chub rub/sweating in that area is so uncomfortable in the heat & humidity. And I can take it off in the bathroom if it gets too hot and just apply some chafing gel.

For shoes I usually go with my converse with insoles inserted.. they look cute with a dress and are comfortable to walk all day in.. again, canvas/cotton is way way more comfortable to me than something like crocs - my feet sweat like crazy and it drives me nuts to be in a shoe that is plasticky.

I'd go for knee length cotton dresses - you can always wear a light cardi over them in the morning and take it off later. The maxi dresses could pose an issue on some of the rides just because of the length - you dont want to have to worry about it getting caught in anything!

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Team leggings.

Seriously, leggings are perfect for Disney-- no chub rub, light enough to breath if you get the right fabrics, etc etc. I do leggings with a long shirt, then a light sweater over the whole thing. I think last time I did Disney, it was black cotton leggings, a thin cami, a loose long plaid shirt, and sneakers. I was super comfy all day.

I just hit up Epcot a few weekends ago and did it in leggings and gym shoes with good support.

In terms of rides, I don't think you have much to be concerned about. I am a larger 22 and was able to get on everything with no concerns-even the newish Mission Space ride, which has that over shoulder harness. Disney in general is pretty fats friendly (with the exception of that new controversial exhibit at Epcot, which is currently closed anyway), the rides are pretty generous.

My boyfriend had more issues due to his height than I did due to my size. He's 6'2" and he was a little uncomfortable on some of the ride cars.

I just got back from a long weekend in Disney World earlier this afternoon! I will warn you that it has been an incredibly mild winter in Florida and on Saturday it was 90 degrees in the Magic Kingdom. I expect that the end of April will be hot. That being said, I have been to Disney World 5 times over the past two years and my favorite thing to wear in the parks is a quality pair of running shoes, thin denim capris, and light t-shirts. You will be walking around a lot, so good shoes are very important. I estimate that Hubby and I walked about 15 miles Fri-Mon! I also wear a light shaper under my clothes because that stops the back sweat and keeps everything nice and contained ;-) Other than that, remember to bring a really good sunscreen and apply it EVERYWHERE that is exposed. The backpack is a good idea and be sure to have multiple bottles of water and a hand towel to wipe off sweat.

Also, if you have a smart phone, download a wait times application. That is my most used thing in the parks because you can avoid the rides with super long waits and plan your day around the crowds :-)

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