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HUE tights
purplekeychain wrote in fatshionista
I know the tights discussion has been done to death here, but I wanted to share a recent find of mine last week.

Knowing how rough I am on tights, I don't want to spend $15 plus S&H for one pair and have to keep replacing them. Avenue's microfiber tights are cheap enough, but they are so damned thin. Lane Bryant only has a handful of color choices, and they are all control top (which is where my tights always run). Torrid tights are awesome, but they are mostly black and tend to pill on the foot.

A few days ago, I found a brand at Macy's called HUE. They have "plus" sizes in 1X - 5X, only at brick-and-mortar Macy's or on the HUE website.

My review: As a 5'8, 24/26, 300+ lbs fat, I fit the 5X in the plain "Opaque Tights" perfectly, with one exception, which was that the waistband was low. But I overcame this by wearing my Avenue bike shorts on top to hold them in place (luckily, I wear these anyway because of the cold weather).

They are soft, thicker than Ave and LB tights, thick and seemingly durable, relatively cheap (most plain styles are 2 for $20), and they come in several non-boring colors.

Only a select few styles offer 4X and 5X and the waistband for the "Opaque Tights" was too low.

Would I buy them again: Absolutely! I think I'll try a pair of control top (yuck) next to see if the waist is higher, because when the weather warms up again, I don't want to have to wear the extra layer of bike shorts.

Grade: B-

Has anyone else tried HUE tights?

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I have. My polkadot tights from this pic is from Hue, bought via The Bay in Canada:

i wear almost exclusivelt hue tights(they also sell them at target as the target brand right now, fyi) and i love them. have since, oh, high school. they last. forever. really. i have two pairs with holes after 3 years and i wash and dry my tights.

so i love them, but i am a smaller fat- 14/16, and more of a 14 every day, and i love them.

How do you know that the Target tights are made by HUE? And are you talking about the Target Xhilaration tights or the Merona tights?

I love you for this post. I hate control top tights and can't find any at the box stores that fit right. So to hear about many colors w/ out control top is amazing. Thanks so much!

I saw Hue Leggings and Jeggings at The Bay and Winners, I am 5'7" and 200 pounds, so according to their size chart I could fit into their L. Do somebody have experience with this things?

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Re: and Hue Leggings?

I asked at Winners and the answer was no, no fitting room, but you're right I will ask at the Bay.

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Re: and Hue Leggings?

Thank you for the advice, I will try it!

I've never tried Hue tights but I love Hue foot liners - those little ped type socks. Their no-show liners are pretty much the only ones I've ever tried that actually do not show, and the small size fits my size 7 foot wonderfully.

Thanks for the review. I bought some tights recently and was looking at the HUE brand at Macy's, but passed because I was not sure if I would like them.

I love HUE tights, and I've been wearing them for years. I didn't know they were making the Target brand tights--that's good to know.

Another brand I like a lot is DKNY--I get the on sale at Ross/Marshall's and they hold up really well. I'm a size 12/14 inbetweenie though, so unfortunately I don't know what the plus size range is for DKNY.

i love the look of HUE tights, but unfortunately they don't seem to be available in larger sizes in Canada. The Bay is the only place I've been able to find them, as their website doesn't ship north of the border.

So yes, you can find HUE tights here in Canada. However, the range of sizes/colours available in-store is quite limited - only brown, black and dark purple (rare) available above a 2x. There's an ENTIRE section of The Bay flagship store in downtown Toronto devoted to bright and patterned HUE tights, but I found three pairs that would have fit my size 20-24, 280lbs bum. In brown, black and grey. LAME. If anyone has found their larger sizes available in other colours anywhere else, please let me know!

As far as I can see on the Hue website, the company doesn't make plus sizes 1-5X. Their sizing is by number, 1-5, and sizes 4 and 5 might fit some plus sized wearers as Size 4 fits 205-250 lbs and Size 5 fits 255-300 lbs (both for height ranges of 5'2"-6'0"), according to their size charts.

That being said, even on the website, size 5 is only available in a very, very limited range of colours - in most of the styles, size 5 is only available in solid black. Has anyone actually seen size 5 Hue tights in actual colours in a brick-and-mortar store?

As for Hue making the Target brand tights, where did this info come from? And Target makes tights in the names of both their house brands, Xhilaration (coloured opaque fashion tights in a wide variety of colours, in which I believe the largest size is "Queen"/1-2X) and Merona. Which line is supposedly made by Hue?

I love Hue tights! Inbetweenie-wise, I found that the 3T (i only tried the tall version, as I'm 5'10'') worked great when I was a 14/16, and the 2T fit will at a 12/14. Have you looked for tall versions in the plus-size line? I bet that'd help with the low-waist problem you encountered.

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i just got my first pair of hue tights at anthropologie this year-because I had been searching for mustard colored tights everywhere- I couldn't believe it when I found size 2 hue's there for only $12! I am in love with them and quickly went to macy's and got like 4 more pairs- right prior to christmas they had a wall of them! the opague's were 2/$16..they are the best tights ever. I love that i can throw them in the washer- i wash them on delicate w cold water and hang dry- they come out beautifully!

I'm so glad other people know about these tights!

To be fair, I did make a typo. These tights are NOT "1x-5x" but rather sizes 1-5. Most of the 4s and 5s DO, however, say "Plus sizes" on the packaging, although, depending on where one carries her/his weight, s/he might consider themselves "plus size" in a 1.

Additionally, I think that stock runs low for the colored tights. I was barely able to find 3 different styles/colors at Macy's in size 5, and there are even fewer than those on the HUE website. At $10, I will be on the lookout for more colors as they become available.

I am just glad that they are not only sold at Macy's, and that others have found them in other places. Also happy to see that they stand up to wear, and I wont have to throw them out after a few months!

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