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I think your question is very much warranted. However, I'd rather have some confident, fat women sashaying around in the media (without being the butt of a joke) than none.

And I think some peoples' minds WILL be changed if they see the video. Of course a few of the commenters on the video were saying, "Ew, fat is disgusting," etc., but they came across as whiny babies. Most people will come away thinking, "Whoa...I always thought of fat women as stupid and hideously awful and smelly, but maybe they're actually HOT!" At least that's my (hopefully not TOO idealistic) opinion!

I don't mean to say that all women need to aspire to be sexual in the ways the mass media tells us to be. I'm just glad to see this new representation of fat women, which is intelligently funny and depicts fat women in control, enjoying being themselves, and in a positive light. Even without the corsets and "come hither" stares, those things alone are a breath of fresh air and are part of why I loved "Skinny."

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