Michelle Renee (michelle_renee) wrote in fatshionista,

Make up (foundation) for sweaty faces?

Morning Folks!

What do you guys use for a foundation base all in one?
I have used  Mac Studio Fix (ehh ok - kinda cakey  and pricey),  Cream based foundations that dry to a powder finish (feels slimey in summer), and various mineral combinations but they end up everywhere when I put them on.  I tend to sit at my desk and put my make up on 5 minutes before the bell rings.  I am middle school teacher.

My whole make up routine takes about 5 minutes from start to finish and I want something non messy and stays on hot sweaty summer faces.  Between my weight, summer heat, and medications that cause extra sweating - it  is hard to not look greasy slimey yecky.

What do you guys use that is one step?
Tags: makeup
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