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[Mod Announcement] Salesapocalypse!
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theoryofgravity wrote in fatshionista
What follows is a collaboratively-authored missive from the fatshionista mod team.

It may or may not surprise you that the moderators of this community are of differing minds as to whether sales posts belong in fatshionista. We have gone back and forth over it over the years, and the last compromise amongst the moderators and membership relegated sales posts to Fridays only. Despite our different minds on sales posts, all of your moderators have agreed that we will be putting sales posts on hiatus as of May 14th. Frankly, we need a break from sales posts and the frustrations that come with them.

We will continue to debate the possibilities around sales in Fatshionista. The community has never gone dark. We've swelled to nearly 7,500 members over the past few years and it is our intention to keep the community on track with its original goals and intentions. We will be using some of this time away from sales to consider if/how sales can fit within a community like Fatshionista and what would make handling the sales posts easier for both the community and the moderator team. We anticipate revisiting this issue in the coming weeks.

We understand that this will seem like a tremendous shift. We also understand that many of you rely on sales posts for income and access to lower cost fat fashions. In an attempt to make this decision a bit more palatable, we have set up a sister community where you will be able to post sales posts until we come to an agreement about where to go next in terms of sales within the community.

fatshionxchange will be unmoderated for the time being and not subject to our normal sales post rules. We know that this will take adjustment but this is just temporary while we reevaluate sales in the community. We hope that, despite the lack of moderation and rules, that sellers will craft posts that are just as easy for buyers to peruse as our rules attempt to do.

fatshionista sales posts will go on hiatus after May 14, 2010. After that point, all sales posts will be rejected from the queue with a note reminding you of the change in rule. All sales posts will have to go to fatshionxchange after midnight PDT May 14, 2010.

Promo posts that highlight fat friendly events and fat friendly small businesses will remain in the main community on Fridays only (no change in rule here).

Thank you for your patience while we work to make Fatshionista better for all of us.

[As an additional note from me personally: this is not up for debate. Also, a word to those who only participate here for the sales posts: there's no need to comment alerting us to your imminent departure from this community. You do not need our permission to leave, nor do we need to know you've gone. Allow your absence to hang in the air like the faint perfume of a long-lost love. We will write poetry about you and remember you fondly that way.]

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That seems like kind of an unnecessarily rude comment. Lots of people like the sales posts and find them useful. You may not be among them (and neither am I, but that's neither here nor there), but calling them crap seems a bit much. Not everyone lives where they can easily shop for affordable plus-sized clothing.

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YES !!!!

This makes me happier than you could possibly imagine !!!

Me too!! I was tired of clicking my "Mark all as read" button in google reader every Saturday morning..

or just join a community that is already established in selling/trading fatshion...

For sure, people should feel free to join and use whatever communities they like!

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Although I've gotten some awesome things here from fellow fatz, it will be a nice breather not to have to wade through all the sales posts every Friday. My wallet thanks you, too. =)

I've bought things from sales posts, but I'm happy to see this decision, too. The sales posts on Fridays (which usually started on Thursday nights and trickled well into Saturday) were overwhelming. It seems like a perfectly reasonable idea to have a sister community dedicated to sales. Thanks, mods.

As a UK member, I am most pleased with this....I always just give up with this community over the weekend because there's just too much for me to sift through. Hurrah!

I'm a US member and feel the same way. The sales posts are actually why I've never put this community on my FList.

Yeah I have to say i'm kinda happy to see this. Though the sales posts are interesting i'm generally more interested in OOTD's and other community stuff. A sister community seems like a great alternative.

Allow your absence to hang in the air like the faint perfume of a long-lost love. We will write poetry about you and remember you fondly that way.

This made me laff and laff.

Thank you.

My personal opinion... while I think the concept of folks here being able to thrift stuff to each other is great and awesome, I really don't think it belongs in THIS community. Every Friday/Saturday, I have to take the community off my watch list, because the sales posts dominate even my community-filtered friends list. It's especially bad if someone forgets to close a cut tag. It gets very annoying to constantly do this.

IMO a second community for the sales posts would be the best option rather than having them here. It may not reach as many people, because there are some people that won't join that might be interested in a certain clothing item if they happened to see it on the main community... but I tend to think the benefits to the overall community are greater than that.

*gives a little way way off topic wave to a fellow diva*

Will "in search of" posts still be allowed in this comm?

No. Not of the type designed explicitly to procure a specific item from a member of the community. The other type, which is more general and asking for direction to a particular item in the world will be permitted.

Very general examples:
Yes: I'm looking for a black coat in size 22 and have looked at Torrid and Lane Bryant without success. Can you recommend a place to find a black coat?

No: I want you to sell me a black coat in a size 22. I'm willing to pay $40.

of course this decision would come when I am working on my first sales post. :) It's all good, though!

This makes me pretty happy. So many repeats or what seemed like people scouring clearance racks just to sell items here at huge markups.

I'm personally glad as I'm in the UK and have no money. The poliferation of them puts me off looking at the filter that includes this community a lot of the time and I usually just come here when I'm in massive need of a pick-me-up. I would like to be a more regular commenter, were it not for sale posts.

Thank you.
I think Fats should have a sales community like fatshionista_sales or something, still moderated so spammers cannot post. Maybe put once a week restriction.

(Spammers = Those people who post everyday and are usually from Singapore selling non-plus size clothes lolol)

This is one of the options that we're considering; however, the reality is that we (and we suspect everyone, eventually) hate moderating sales posts.

By and large, most sales posters are respectful and follow the rules and those posts are tedious to a degree unknown by most mortals; however, the larger issues come with people who a) fail to follow rules unwittingly and have to be guided step by step to getting a post where it should be and b) people who simply balk at the rules applying to their special snowflake posts. Both of these situations are incredibly frustrating for moderators.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I haven't take this route but the only reason I dislike sales posts are because they destroy my friends page for two days. The number was frustrating but never the content, personally. Got some nice stuff, actually. :|

Yikes. I'm surprised that so many are negative (not in a bad way, but you know...) about the sales posts. I loved them (I live way way out in the boonies, with no access at all to plus size clothes.) I'm feeling a little embarrassed now that I posted my stuff for sale, clogging up people's viewers and stuff.

I agree. Fridays are the days I most frequent the community! Even if I can't afford everything I spot, I do love looking at what people are selling!

the only problem i have with this is that you are announcing it for next week, which means that for those of us planning sales posts, we have to get them done for tomorrow or next friday at the latest. i wish this had been announced a month or 2 ago and then re-posted as a reminder, so that people were prepared in advance. this also would have had the advantage of not having extra ginormous posts tomorrow and next week.

The cumulative need for a sales-post break cannot be overstated; in fact, May 14 was a compromise (as opposed to tomorrow) to give more notice. Two months is a huge amount of advance time in a crowded community where posts drop off the front page within hours. There will be a reminder post about this midweek.

sweet. I love this! friday was usually the day i skipped.

THANK YOU. They've become pretty unwieldy.

I like sales posts, have both purchased and sold on occassion, but I'd love to peruse them at leisure. A separate comm seems like a great idea, perhaps a willing mod team will emerge from this convo.

personally i can see both sides of the situation however i like that the mods set up a sister community for sales posts. buyers may have more to choose from if sellers feel less restricted to certain days. and then people who dont want to see it dont have to :D yay!

I agree with you about the sister community. I think it could be really great!


(For those who wish to buy offprice clothing, EBay remains an option.)

There's also the new sister community fatshionxchange.

That said, I have had a much easier time finding things that fit on eBay than here. (I am a 5X/6X which is a harder-to-find-size in general.)

I love the idea of a dedicated fatshion exchange community!


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