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I'm interested in the Kiyonna kimono top, please!

PayPal $27 ($22 + $5 ship) to dietcokechicka at hotmail dot com. Thanks!

Well, crap. I just checked my bank account and I don't have enough to cover it until I get paid next Wednesday. If by some miracle the top has not sold by then, I'd love to take it, but I certainly won't expect you to hold it for me for that long. Thanks, and good luck with your sales.

I'll shoot you an email if it's still around! What's your email address?

Hey, I still have the top, you still interested?

Tripp Halter Top Size 1X
Brown polka dot top
Shiny Brown & Beige Circle Tube Top

I live in Sweden..

Okay, total is $62 ($42 for the items + $20 shipping). I will refund the difference if the actual cost is lower.

PayPal to dietcokechicka at hotmail dot com (please put your lj name in the subject of payment).

i would defs be interested in:
the Yummy Cupcake Tank
the Patchwork Print Tank Top
Rockabilly Polka Dot Wrap Top (3X)
Flower Child Print Tank
Manila Sweet Heart Soft Tank (3X)
Strawberry Tank (3X)
Heidi in Plaid Halter (3X)

Are you in the U.S., Canada, or somewhere else? I need to quote you on shipping.

Cool! (that means super cheap shipping!)

Total = $90 ($80 for stuff, $10 for shipping)

PayPal dietcokechicka at hotmail dot com.


YAY! I will paypal you tonight or tomorrow. Thanks!!

Off topic but where did you get the mannequin?

I was wondering the same thing! I've been looking for a plus-size dress form.

I got it on eBay for about $30. It helps with my sales posts/ebay listings and it's like a big doll I can dress up for fun. :) (Got it from this buyer on eBay.)

I'd love to take 3XL #10 off your hands! (The polka dot rockabilly wrap top.) Let me know if it's still free, and I'll send you payment via PayPal in short order!

I'm just sending the total to the poster above who wants this top. If the transaction falls through, I'll let you know!

I would like the:
chubby owls shirt
Strawberry tank in 3x, in 2x if other buyer falls through
Red flower tube top

Also, I had two strawberry tanks in a size 3. So's there's one for you!

Your subtotal is $31, w/shipping to the US it's $36, to Canada $43, to anywhere else $51.

PayPal to dietcokechicka at hotmail dot com. Thanks!

Actually, I just checked the 3X strawberry tank and it seems way smaller than the 2X, so I'll send you the 2X one. Hope that's okay!

Interested in...
Size 2 Rebecca sleeveless in Currant (dark red)
1X Kiyonna Kimono Top
and XL 5

Your subtotal is $63, with shipping to the US $68, with shipping to Canada $75, with shipping elsewhere $83.

PayPal to dietcokechicka at hotmail dot com. Thanks!

That's a bit spendy for me for three used clothing items.

I was thinking more like $50 or $55.

The Rebecca and tube top are brand new...only the Kiyonna Kimono top is used. I'll send you the two new tops (Rebecca and the tube top) w/shipping for $41 to keep the total lower. One of the earlier posters was interested in the Kimono top so I could just keep that for her. Let me know what you think! Thanks.

Thanks for being understanding. :)


Yep! The tops are yours. PayPal the $41 to me dietcokechicka(at)hotmail(dot)com and hopefully I get it in time to ship out the items tomorrow! If not, it'll go out the next day. Thanks!

Money sent!

Let me know when it's shipped. Thanks!

I'd LOVE the size 4 rebecca top and the size 4 cindy shirt if they are still available!

Still available! PayPal me $65 ($30 each for the tops plus $5 shipping) at dietcokechicka at hotmail dot com.

Wait now I'm reconsidering. I'll get back to you if I'm interested. Sorry!

I'd like the 1X sparkle top (#4) and the 2X polka dot top (#10), please!

That'll be $28 ($23 for the items, $5 for shipping). PayPal dietcokechicka at hotmail dot com. Thanks!

xl apples top #4
2xl sweerheart tank #3
2xl strawberry tank # 11

You got it! That's $38 ($33 for the items, $5 shipping). PayPal payment to dietcokechicka at hotmail dot com and include your lj name in the subject. Thanks!

Actually, I don't have the strawberry tank anymore, so the adjusted total is: $27. PayPal is the same.


Yep! It'd be $15 plus shipping (priority = $5), but if you give me your zip, I'll see if it might be cheaper another way.

Hey, for XL#7 (the green-stripey shirt), I can't tell where on the shirt the hole is based on the picture. Can you, er, situate it for me? :)

Oops! I meant #12! :)

It's the part that kind of looks like a peak tip (in the center horizontally, a little higher than center vertically). It's only a hole if you try and burrow your finger through it. Oh, and if you just want the one item it's $3 first class w/delivery confirmation.

You mean the damage image right?

(Deleted comment)
Still have it! That'll be $13 + $3 (first class) = $16. Add $1.35 for insurance if you want it. Thanks. PayPal to Dietcokechicka at hotmail dot com.

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