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Hey, is that Igigi dress straight cut or more a-line?

A-line from the empire waist. It's very forgiving.

Okay! I'll have it if you've still got it! Let me know the totally and I'll send $ asap.

The "totally"? What the hell? The total. What's wrong with me?

Totally tell me your zip code and I'll work out shipping. ;)

Totally, I'll email it.

Me! Me!

I would like the Igigi dress, the bubble hem dress, and the scandalously short kilt. I would also like to know what the keyhole sweater is made of please. I'm interested but have a freakish aversion to certain fabrics.

p.s. would you be my friend forever and ever please?

If Ama decides against the Igigi dress, it's yours! I'll set aside the other items for you until I hear back from her.

The keyhole sweater is mostly acrylic with some nylon. It is, however, quite soft, and not scratchy or "cold" feeling like some synthetics.

p.s. YES! ;)

I believe I would like the sweater as well - it has to get colder here someday, right? I thank you, my suffering wardrobe thanks you...

As for the Igigi dress - Ama's gonna look fabulous in it. :-)

p.s. Hooray! ;-)

Airmail will be $11.50! You can paypal me the grand toal of US$84.50 at angryfatchick @ comcast . net. :)

I hope you love everything!

No rush, but just wanted to let you know that if you can get payment to me for these items today/tonight, I can ship them tomorrow morning! :) Let me know. Thanks again, sweetpea.

I'll take the lipservice dress: anna.isarobot@gmail.com

Sweet, I'll send you a paypal invoice for the total. What's your zip code again?

Oops, nm, I found it. Invoice is on the way.

If previous offers fall through I would totally take the igigi dress!

do you think the wrap dress would look right on my proportions? if so, i will take it and can pick it up at school tomorrow!!!! (of course, i can give you cold hard cash on the spot.) i trust you'll be honest with me! : >

The wrap dress looks nice on me in terms of shape, I just never wear navy. (Actually, most of the above is listed because I decided I didn't like the color.) You've got more boob than me, so you'd probably fill it out better up top as well. I think you'd look great in it.

Let me know for sure and I'll bring it to work tomorrow (thursday). Or next week, whatever's easier for you. :)

Thanks! I definitely want it. Can you please bring it in tomorrow? I can be to your office between 245ish-345ish. My class starts at 4. Yay for sexy wrap dresses and yay for help picking!


I'm interested in the brown and olive stretch twill capris. Do you know the hip measurements on those?

I don't know them off the top of my head, but I can measure them when I get home from work this evening. :) I'll post them then.

Thanks! I was just thinking that I needed more cropped pants -- I've been wearing the two pairs I have with funky knee socks and amusing myself endlessly.

Haha, that's what I do as well!

The hips measure about 54" or so unstretched and lying flat - but that said, my hips are about 57" to 58" and these pants fit me comfortably, with stretch to spare.

if all others fall through Id love the igigi dress

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