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how to wear big t-shirts
teenage_hustler wrote in fatshionista
 greetings, fats!

I have a... well, not a problem, per se, but certainly something that warrants consideration.

I'm a French horn player (in case the user pic didn't tip you off) and I'm also a fan of games like guitar hero. So naturally when I came across a t-shirt with "French Horn Hero" written in Guitar Hero design, complete with flames of pure Rock 'n' Roll and hard-core picture of French horn, the question wasn't so much "should I buy it?" as it was "where do I sign?" Unfortunately the shirt only came in one size (male 2x), but I figured a 2x shouldn't be too small, especially if it's a male size.

The shirt came today and I have no complaints. The design looks just like it did on the site, and wearing it makes me feel like the true band/gaming geek that I strive to become. The only thing is, 2x is in fact a pretty large size for me, and the shirt comes down past my arse and the sleeves go down past my elbows. 

So my question is, with shirts like this (including band shirts and the like), how do you wear them? I think for many the answer would be "i shove it on and have done with it", but I'm wondering if an opportunity's being missed here. At the moment I've rolled the sleeves up a bit and have been playing with wearing belts over it to cinch the waist and maybe wear leggings with it instead of jeans, although I don't think I would do that in public because it is a bit too short to really be considered a dress and i'm quite opposed to the leggings = pants philosophy. If I had skinny jeans I think I could totally rock this shirt, but affording a pair of those is a bit of a pipe dream right now.

So what do y'all think? 

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Take a hair elastic and roll the bottom up to scrunch the entire shirt in a bit and tie it off to one side or the back. That sounds like an awesome shirt! I've found that the general rule for converting female to male sizes is 2-3 sizes smaller unless you're particularly busty. Example, I usually wear XL/1x womens and I can fit in to a medium or large male tshirt size.

I do this too... and if you don't like having the scrunched part showing, you can tuck it under!

I say, roll the sleeves up (as you did) and wear it with leggings and flats. Just let it be big and baggy.

yeah, i'm definitely considering that option

I'd get someone who can sew to hem the sleeves an inch or two and if it doesn't interfere with the design hem the bottom a bit as well.

If not the scrunching and rolling seems to be an option. I wouldn't belt it because I think novelty t-shirts look ridiculous belted. And kudos on being opposed to leggings=pants. You're one of the few of us left.

well the pattern's only on the front, so doing stuff to the sleeves and hem wouldn't be a problem. i'm thinking about altering the sleeves and hem a bit. also maybe doing something to the neckline...
yes, leggings = pants is horrible. and i strongly believe we need to spread our message to the world!

In the summer for work I have to wear a uniform shirt that has these big ugly man sleeves that billow out around my upper arms. I usually take a piece of ribbon on each arm, roll or just pull the sleeve up so that it goes to my shoulder, and then tie the ribbon under the sleeve, though the top of the arm hole, and out the neck hole. It ends up looking something like- - (Those are sport sleeve holders though, I used them all the time for soccer). It makes the shirt look a tiny bit more feminine.

There's always the option of hemming, or cutting the design out from the shirt entirely, and sewing it to another shirt/bag.

ooh, thanks for the link. not a bad idea at all.

Probably my 80s influences, but I definitely see that with skinny jeans, or the closest fitting jeans you have. Try it with a belt and see if you like it that way, and if it doesn't interfere with the design.

yeah, i see that too. not having skinny jeans is quite a big hindrance for a fatshionista like myself :(. belting it doesn't interfere with the design, but still i "hmmm" at it.

id cut the neckline, to give it a slouchy kinda off the shoulder look.
i'd roll the sleeves up a few times and wear with leggings/tights

This, only I would sub skinnies for tights. If you are willing to perform some pants surgery, you can make your own skinny jeans from some jeans you already have.

I do t-shirt surgery. :] I can't find a pattern for making a fitted tee at the moment, but I'll check in later if I do.

Same here! Look at t_shirt_surgery there are LOADS of tutorials there.

Also, if you can't reconstruct the tee, I'd suggest putting on your nicest form fitting jeans, and tucking the shirt it, and pulling it out just ever so slightly. It makes it look a little better.

I'm all for modifying the t-shirt or hemming it. By 'modifying,' I mean cutting it with fabric scissors. I've never liked the way a man's t-shirt fits on me and I feel unfeminine in it. So I always cut out the crew neckline, cut the sleeves by half an inch to an inch (getting rid of the seam on the sleeve), and do the same for the bottom of the t-shirt, cutting it by an inch or more to get rid of the seam at the bottom. Since your t-shirt is extra long, you can probably cut extra inches off the bottom.

Another modification (i.e., cutting) I've seen done with big t-shirts is cutting the bottom portion into strips (vertically) and putting the strips through wood beads with holes in them, creating a decorated fringe effect on the bottom of the t. You could do the same thing and tie knots in the fringe, too.

If all else fails, I'd go for getting it hemmed, as suggested above.

ooh, thanks for this. some really good advice there. i'm a bit terrified of making the shirt look silly, but i shall attempt to squash my fears.

T-shirt modification! My new favorite thing. I don't have a sewing machine, so I just modify them by hand (which takes longer, obvs, but it's part of the fun to me anywho).

I see someone already gave you a link to the lj comm, but if you just google "t-shirt modification" a bunch of stuff will come up too. xD

yeah, i had a bit of a look, and wow, some of the stuff those people have done is incredible! makes me wish i had a sewing machine, but i could do it by hand...

I don't have anything to add (other than w00t on leggings =/= pants)....but where did you get that shirt?

i got it from a website called i'm not sure how popular it is in the US but i'd certainly never heard of it. anyway, they have a great line of "insert-instrument-here Hero" shirts, but they're running out of stock so if you're interested be quick!

I do two things:

- I take an elastic band and tie it to the side so it tightens the shirt


- I wear it with leggings and a cardigan lol.

both excellent suggestions.
and your icon is making me hungry.

taking shirts in is pretty easy, i could type up instructions if you'd like. you could also cut the graphic part off and sew it onto a plain t-shirt that fits you, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

or, wear it with a pencil skirt

pencil skirt? wouldn't have thought of that! hmmm...

if it's tunic length (shorter than a dress, but longer than a shirt to the point where it covers butt and crotch) i re-evaluate my stance on the leggings are not pants business.

yes, i was chewing my lip quite a bit today in thought at this. i think i'll be thinking about it some more.

I have no constructive thoughts about t-shirt modification, I just wanted to say what up to a fellow horn player!

hey hey! XD. we are teh awesome.

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Ooh, I like these suggestions! I am especially intrigued by the "cut off the sleeves as well and then cut slits to make the shoulders into 3 skinny straps on each side? bit.

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You can always cut out the design and sew it onto a shirt that fits you the way you like. Similarly, I've done this before to a shirt but sewed the design onto a tote bag!

yeah, not a bad idea at all.

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if u decide to modify it- remember, the fit issues arent because the sleeves are too long. its because the shoulders are too wide. hemming the sleeves will help a little but what you really have to do is cut off the sleeves and reattach them closer to the neckline

Do you have any tips for doing this? I hate the way band shirts look on me because the shoulders are too wide, and yet I can't resist buying them...

I've been wearing my oversized shirts with wideleg jeans but making sure the shirt is tight over my hips creating a billowy effect. It relies heavily on the fabric type though. If it's your usual stiff sort of heavy cotton it'll just fold and look dicky - it works best with super soft cotton jerseys.

i like to wear baggy shirt with either leggings (you can get denim-looking leggings) or super tight pants that are slightly cropped with flats and a baggy cardigan.
this is the most fitting picture i can find for what i have in mind. unfortunately, the photo is of sienna miller so there's no fat, but the clothes are there:

show us a picture when you decide what to do :)
i'm also going to throw out a warning against t-shirt surgery. i'm a fairly decent seamstress, but any extravagant t-shirt mod i've tried ends up sloppy and less wearable. although it may be due to my preference for bagginess. good luck!

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