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Ootp:Outfit of the rockstar party! My Lady Gaga costume.
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sjillustrates wrote in fatshionista

I was a fat Lady Gaga!
The costume wasn't made of much; just control top pantyhose, black fishnets, black underwear, a tunic shirt, my Clarks boots, and of course a wig. The doily-hat-thing is a church head cover I got at Beauty Mark. :D

I like this one. It's *artistic*

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(Deleted comment)
Ha ha, good job! I think you look much cuter than Lady Gaga, though.

thank you! I love her, though.

thank you! I had just broken up with my boyfriend too so it was nice to look awesome and go out.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
thank you! I'll tell you the brand when I get home.

it's Max Factor permanent liquid lipstick. That's the only kind of lipstick I like beacause I never have to reapply.

I couldn't believe I went out without pants on. But there you go.

ooh, I didn't see your icon before. yay.

You look hot, just like Gaga!

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