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Boots & Short Legs
00goddess wrote in fatshionista
Hey Fatshionistas! I am in the market for a pair of boots. I'm short (5'3") with short legs. I cannot decide what height of boots to get: knee-high or mid-calf? I fear that knee-high boots will make my legs look shorter, especially as I plan on wearing these boots with skirts most of the time. I figure that the taller the boot, the shorter the skirt needs to be for proportion... and since I am short, there's just not a lot of room to go up. I will be layering the boots with legwarmers, tall socks, and tights.

Although I do want to look cute and show off my legs, I also have relatively heavy thighs, which I don't want to emphasize.

Here are the two styles I'm wavering between:

Knee-high Madden Girl Malbec boot:

Mia Lillian Engineer Boot:

The second boot is actually discontinued, so getting it in my size will be expensive, but on the other hand I think it is super-cute.

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I'm 5'2, and wear midcalf boots. Miniskirts generally just make short legs look shorter, so you probably want to wear less high boots so you can wear slightly longer skirts.

i just wanted to say, if you want to make your legs look longer, go with a sleaker boot. it will give the appearance of a longer leg instead of cutting them off. :D

I have the same issues with boots. I've had good luck going with boots that are just short than midcalf, and they fit my chubtastic calves better too. I love Ariat Fatbabies, and Frye harness 8R W. They both look super cute with knee length or shorter skirts. I do have one pair of sexy knee high black boots, and I wear those only with sleek black minis.

Hmm, I've always thought that mid calf boots cut you off at a weird place and make your legs look shorter and that knee high boots end at a natural place (the knee) and so avoid the stumpy look.

that's how I see them on my 4'11" body :-)

I'm 5'5 but I have very short stumpy legs so lengthening is always a concern of mine. I would DEFINITELY go with the first pair. The second pair will cut you off in a weird place and only make your legs look bigger and shorter. Ideally you want a tall, lean boot and you want to wear them with the same color tights/stockings/leggings to lengthen even more. I also think that chunky heel on the second pair won't do much for you. For sure go with the first one.

really nice-looking boots there, i must say.

i'm also pretty short (5'4, last count), so from my experience i've found that boots that go halfway up the calf work quite well. i have to walk a lot, so heels are a bit out of the question, but i managed to find some that were a loose style and go to halfway up my calf. i like to wear them with stockings and knee-length skirts. my mum thinks it looks shit, but she just objects to fat people (ie. me) wearing skirts shorter than floor-length. *rolls eyes* anyway, the great thing about boots is that for those of us with curvaceous legs (one of the few things most fat people do have) but relatively thin and kind of weird-looking heels, they're great, because they balance everything out. I find they make my legs look longer too.
OK, I hope that helps, sort of.

maybe it's just because i have really big calves, but i think midcalf boots look ridiculous on me. the only time i wear midcalf boots is during the winter, under pants, for the sole purpose of warmth or water resistence. otherwise it's knee high boots for skirts and dresses.

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