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Big Fat Tights Resource Post for 2009!
Ewan Glasses Dork Love
sparkymonster wrote in fatshionista
The last two years I've done a big fat tights round up post. Since it's getting cold again, I've made a new updated for 2009 round up post.

I've put an asterix (*) by tights which come in extended sizes (a size 28+ or more than 350 lbs). I've included links to reviews by fatshionista members when possible. If you have reviews/comments on any of these tights, let me know in comments and I'll link to them in this post. Reviews are especially appreciated from people a size 28 and above). I've made a section at the end of this post for tights which fit people who weigh less than about 200 lbs, as a cut off between "tights in plus sizes" and "the largest size of 'regular' sized tights." These reviews are all for U.S. companies, though many will ship overseas. Suggestions for non-U.S. options are definitely desired.

First, checking the the hoisery/tights tag will get you tons of info and reviews from this community.

The fattastic theoryofgravity posted information about converting regular size tights into thigh highs that fit fat legs.

The elegant notprada wrote to Deva Life Wear to get more information about how wide their tights and socks are.

The swoon-worthy hhholiday posted tons of info about garter belts, girdles and other things to hold up either thigh high stockings, or tights cut into thigh highs, and some general comments on places to get plus tights (sadly none of them have funky colors that I can tell).

The glorious kaligrrrl listed her general reviews of some tights she has tried (she is 5'10, 340 pounds, and wears a size 28 on the bottom).

The witty bookslibretti offers a general warning on the sizing of Leg Avenue plus tights (they're too darn small).

General note for shopping in person: Target stores have plus size tights from Merona (review, review). Target also sells ASSETS by Sara Blakely (a cheaper version of Spanx), review. K-Mart carries Queen Latifah branded tights, and Sears has some plus tights. Their online presence does not necessarily reflect what is carried in the stores, and vice versa.

UK fattie oh_mumble says "Marks and Spencer's tights are fab. I'm 5'6, 230lbs and the XL fit gorgeously. Their 'fashion tights' range have some amazing thick, wool tights for winter, very yummy!"

Plus Size Tights

* 'NEW' Plus tights w/ lycra from We Love Colors $15, fits up to 375 pounds, 51 colors. Here is a positive review from someone who weighs over 300lbs, and another positive review for these tights. See also the tag. (This style isn't actually that new. It's ben around for over a year. However, the older style has received negative reviews, so be sure you order the ones that say "new style").

*Comfort choice opaque tights from One Stop Plus. 2 pack for $14.99-$17.99. Tights through a 8x (45-46"). Grape, chocolate, wine, black, navy, beige, cream, charcoal gray, & dark sapphire.

*Plus opaque tights from Roamans. From $14.99, sizes 1x-8x. Grape, chocolate, wine, black, navy, beige, cream, charcoal gray, dark sapphire. review

*Avenue body microfiber tights $8.90, fits up to 375 lbs. Black, vino, raspberry radiant, nighttime navy, dark cocoa. Review 1 & review 2. 2009's tights are different from 2008's tights in sizing (review)

*Just My Size nylon tights 1x-6x (Fits up to 400 lbs). $7.99. Chocolate, linen, navy, black.

*Sternlein Cotton tights (also available here in black only. $32 Fits up to a 4x (about a size 28/30, max hip 56"). review 1 review 2.

*Avenue body ribbed tights. $8.90, fits up to 375 lbs. Black, wild dove, cocoa.

*Diamond textured tights from Jessica London. Sizes 1X-6X, priced from $12.99. Black and cream.

*Cable sweater tights from Jessica London. Sizes 1x-5x, from $16.99. Black, chocolate, charcoal, navy.

*Lace patterned tights from Jessica London. Sizes 1x-6x, from $12.99. Black, white.

*Pointelle fishnet tights from Avenue. $8.90, fits up to 375 lbs. Black, nude.

*Vertical herringbone tights from Avenue. $8.90, fits up to 375 lbs. Black, wild dove, dark cocoa.

*Chevron tights from Avenue. $8.90, fits up to 375 lbs. Black, wild dove, cocoa.

*Danskin high performance tights (plus). 1x-4x (60" hip), black, pink, white and navy. These are available at many dance outlet stores online. It's worth googling for a good price.

*Old Style tights from We Love Colors $9.00 51 colors. Fits up to 2x-4x (330 lbs), butreviews are mostly negative. See also tag.

*Old style black/color striped tights from We Love Colors $12. 51 colors 1x-4x (max 330 lbs). Same problems as the old style non striped tights (see above).

*Spanx 'Tight End' tights $26. Tights through a "G" (325lbs). Bright periwinkle, new navy, latte, plum perfect. Also available at Torrid for the same price.

*Spanx 'Tight End' tights with extra tummy control $26. Through a "G" (325 lbs). Black, charcoal, heather bittersweet.

*Spanx high waisted tight end tights. Through a "G" (325 lbs), $28. Black, bittersweet.

*Spanx patterned body shaping tights. Fits up to 350 lbs. chain stripe $42, corset patterned $28, trinket patterned $28, diamond patterned $28, paisley pattern $28, picket stripe $28,

HUE opaque control top tights $12.50 or 2 for $20. Size 1-5 (fits up to 300 lbs). Black, navy, espresso, graphite heather. Limited colors in size 4-5. throughadoor reports she can fit into a size 4 and she weighs 285.

HUE opaque tights $11 Size 1-5 (Fits up to 300 lbs) Black, brown, port. review

HUE tights from Bare Necessities $12.50, size 1-4 (fits through 250 lbs). Limited colors in size 4. Apple red, atlantic, baltic, black, bourdeaux, deep violet, espresso, flax, geranium, ivory, navy, steel, verbena.

Hue Opaque control top tights from Bare Necessities, $12.50. Black, deep orchid, espresso, graphite heather, harbor, ivory, mink, navy, tobacco, tornado. Size 1-5 (fits up to 300 lbs) Limited colors in size 4-5

Classic tights from Lane Bryant $16.50. Black. Fits up to 300lbs.

Control top tights from Lane Bryant $16.50. Black, cedar brown, heather charcoal, regal purple, red. Fits up to 300lbs

Ribbed Fashion tights from Lane Bryant. $18.50, fits up to 300lbs, black only.

Diamond stripe tights from Lane Bryant. $18.50, fits up to 300lbs, black only.

Just My Size silky tights $18.27 for a four-pack. Fits up to a 4x (300 lbs). Ivory, black, grey, very navy, brown

Just My Size cotton blend tights $8.99 (cotton w/ nylon/spandex). Fits up to a 4x (300lbs). Black, grey, very navy, brown. review

Leg Avenue Plus Stripey tights. $7. A variety of colors. Fit up to 250 lbs, and less than 5'9".

One Stop Plus control top tights, $9.99, graphite, cobalt, pink, espresso, wine, olive, navy, charcoal heather, brown heather. Size 1XL-3XL (5'3”-6'0”, 235-300 lbs).

Lands End control top plus tights, $18.50 for a 2 pack. Black, charcoal heather, spice brown, true navy. Size 1X-2X (255 lbs).

Lands End women's matte tights $18.50 for a 2 pack. Black, charcoal heather, spice brown, true navy. Size 1X-2X (255 lbs).

Eddie Bauer control top heathered tights $12.50. Thru XXL (XXL: height 5'4"-5'9"; weight 225-250 lbs). Charcoal.

Eddie Bauer has two types control top tights (max: XXL: 5'4"-5'9", 225-250 lbs.) for $12.50. Color varies

Wolford tights from Bare Necessities, $42-$58. Various colors, fit through 54" hip. review

Tights for people around 200lbs

HUE super opaque control top tights from Bare Necessities, $12.50. Size 1-3 (up to 200 lbs). Black, chianti, claret, cosmos, deep orchid, espresso, graphite heather, navy, portobello, rugby, sienna, smoke, twilight, verbena.

Opaque tights from Foot Traffic. $10, 3 for $25. Variety of colors. Fits up to 200lbs

Sternlein wool tights $36 Fits up to an XL (220 lbs). Black, charcoal, chocolate, ecru, nocturno.

DKNY control top opaque tights. $14.50 Tall thru 195. Black, chocolate.

Opaque tights from Sock Dreams $10.00 Black, brown, fuchsia, natural, olive. Fits up to 200lbs

Gap cable knit tights (*not* rib knit) in large will fit through an 18/20 says allison_is

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:D You are the most awesome-est thing in the history of awesome! I've always shied away from tights, but I may give them a try this year.


Definitely give tights a try. Why have you shied away from them in the past?

Oh I love you. I was lamenting my lack of fantastically colored tights as recently as yesterday, and now here you are!

I'm a brightly colored tights enabler. MUAHAHAAHA!!!

Gap cable knit large tights will fit up to an 18/20. NOT the rib knits though - those don't stretch as much

Awesome. I added that info to this post.

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Thank you very much. Brrrrr!

Also time to start up the hunt for awesome cardigans.

If you're in the UK, Marks and Spencer's tights are fab. I'm 5'6, 230lbs and the XL fit gorgeously. Their 'fashion tights' range have some amazing thick, wool tights for winter, very yummy!

Sweet! I added this info to the post.

Just a heads-up — the Avenue tights have changed from last year. They definitely run a bit smaller (I wear a 20-22 on bottom and last years' C/D fits fine, while this years' are a little snug.) They're also less durable. Two different pairs ripped in the crotch on first wear.

This is sad news, because the tights they had last year were great. I think I'll be sticking to we love colors this year :/

oh boo! I still have all of mine from last year though, so I guess I'm good to go.

BOO! I've added this information to the post.

I've had the same experience with the Avenue tights :( Very disappointed

Thanks so much! This list is great. As soon as my paychecks start coming in, I will be rolling in tights, haha.

Target's deco chevron tights in 1x-2x will fit my 5'9", 300lb self. LOVE THEM.

Also, thanks so much for posting this!

again, awesome!
I bought two pairs of tights from and adore them. at 5'0" and about 210 with a big belly, I prefer the size A/B. I got one in each size and they're both comfortable, but the c/d is just a little long and needs to be pulled up from my ankles at the end of the day. But I can wear tennis shoes to work, so it doesn't matter as much to me. They're great bright colors that keep the color extremely well after multiple washings and are opaque enough to cover my large calf tattoos.

I bought a pair of brown ribbed tights frmo Avenue last year and they fit ok, but they ripped the second time I put them on, right along the crotch seam. Sucked.

So I was just about to post a question to my short fat sisters about tights -- I hate the ankle wrinkles, and always get them. You don't get them in the welovecolors A/Bs?

I had issues with huge color differences on my We Love Colors tights last year between what I ordered and what I got. Not sure if things have changed this year. I ordered what looked like chocolate brown tights on two different monitors last year, and they turned out closer to baby poop (greenish-grayish-brown).

I had that problem last year, too. I ordered hunter green and red and ended up with forest green and bright-ass pink, respectively.

I made a post a week or so ago asking about the difference between Avenue Body tights and We Love Colors. I guess this is a good place to update.

If you order the Avenue Body herringbone/chevron/ribbed etc tights, they are NOT the same size as the We Love Colors tights. I fit best in We Love Colors C/D size, even though I am above the weight range for them. They fit up to 275, according to the size chart.

Avenue Body, however, has an accurate size chart. I wear a size E in those tights. Both brands fit this plus size gal pretty well, but they are NOT the same exact tights, as has been reported before.

Thanks for this and I wanted to add that I just bought Spanx reversible bodyshaping tight-end tights in black/bittersweet. They are amazing. I love that it's one pair of tights and I can have black or brown and the quality is really fantastic. They are SO thick and very opaque - totally a solid color which I have had a hard time finding.

awesome...just bought these but haven't worn them yet. good to know you like them!

do they stay up ok around your waist?

awesome! can't wait for payday :)

This is an awesome guide, thank you! I ordered the super opaque Hue tights last month from Bare Necessities (size 3), and really like these. The fit is better than tights I've purchased from welovecolors, and the Hue tights seem to be better quality.

For reference, I'm 5' 1" and a 16 in straight sizes.

yay! great reference, thanks!

Added to memories, and this is amazing. Thank you!

*hugs OP* This is a great reference. I really need to get some colored tights for this fall/winter.

Personally, I have a few pairs of George brand tights from Wal-Mart. They go to a size 4, though I'm not sure of the lbs/height chart info. I think they are supposed to fit up to 250 lbs. I'm 5'8 and 235 lbs, and the 4's fit me pretty well. You could wear them if you're a few inches taller, but they are a little hard for me to get on over my thighs and hips (about 50" hips, size 20). But once they're on, they fit just fine. I have a pair of black opaque tights, one ribbed pair, one older pair that have some vertical stripes, and one pair of footless vertical stripe fishnet-y style. The knit styles fit better, and have more give, than the woven/fishnet-like ones. They are definitely cheap ($5-7?), and not the best quality but I've had the one pair for over a year and they have held up pretty well.

Also, as I forgot this in the first post, for anybody interested in garters and stockings I purchased this garter belt (made by Rago), these stockings, and these fishnets ($1.57 right now!) and really love all of them. The stockings even come all the way up my thighs.

I'm in Australia and have ordered Danskin tights at the Australian site. They had to order my size in from the US warehouse but kept me informed and didn't charge any extras. The tights are not completely opaque - my ultra-pale legs shine through and I don't think a tattoo would be covered - but they are excellent quality. I weigh about 320lb, and carry my weight mostly in my legs and belly. A 4x just fits me.

I have also ordered We Love Colors tights and their international shipping is reasonably priced and very fast - it took 10 days from ordering to arrival in my tiny rural town, which generally has very slow post.

Just as an FYI, H&M has one version of their tights this season that fit me at 5'4 and a size 18 on bottom. I wouldn't recommend them for someone who was much taller and/or bigger than that.

If you go, it's the tights that feel the stretchiest in the package, and they come in teal, dark purple, bright coral, electric blue, and maybe black and grey.

Oh yeah, and they're $7 each.

Thanks for this most excellent guide!

OMG thank you for this post! I never realized Avenue had such cute and trendy prints! I'll definitely be buying some this time around. But can we talk about what tights actually keep you the WARMEST? I'm talking purely functional "tights/leggings are not pants but can they at least keep me from not freezing" opinions? Or maybe this just ventures straight into leggings talk, which I could also use some suggestions on! Hmm maybe this should be it's own post...

Evans tights run by size and height and they have some fun colours in this year
Evans tights!

Marks and Spencer tights also go up to a 18-24 UK and they have usually have fashionable prints. I have no idea what their tights sizing is like though.
M & S tights!

Does anyone know of tights which are really long? I usually just buy tights in a size or so too big but that means I end up with wrinkly ankles, tights that don't pull up far enough and the lining at the bum is hanging somewhere near my knees!

Evans opaques in bright colours

The Evans opaque coloured tights available this year are a huge improvement and absolutely fabulous. I wear a UK 22-26 on bottom, have a big belly and weigh around 260, I think (Been a long time since I stepped on the scales). In previous years I found the Evans black opaques in 3X to be much too tight in the belly/butt, very uncomfortable.

But after reading a post on Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too, I went ahead and bought some of the ones in colours this fall. The fit is infinitely better, as the 3X much stretchier through the thigh and belly/butt, and the waist comes up higher than last year's. The colours are saturated, though the tights are not as totally opaque as they could be (the weave isn't fine enough). But pretty good for £5.

This is an amazing list of resources! And it's just in time because I was about to do some tights shopping. :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together.

wow, thanks for doing this. awesome :D!

You are such a rockstar! Thank you for doing this. I think I'm actually going to have to wear tights this year, considering Michigan is damn cold already and it's only October, so I find this really, really helpful.

This is excellent - I'm just waiting for my 1st We Love Colors order to come through, but I think it's been held up at Customs. :(

Evans and New Look tights are a no no for me - I'm 5ft 11, a UK size 26 on my bottom half and approx 330lb. They're both just too damn short - I've had to turn them into footless tights just so that I don't spend all day either yanking them up or with the crotch bit making a beeline for my knees.

I heart you sparkymonster!

I'll let you know how the wool tights-search goes!

Thank you for recapping and also linking to new stuff!

I wanted to post a response to warn about the Jessica London cable sweater tights. 2 things:

1) Their size chart is not accurate. Mine placed me at the border of a 3x, but I could only get it part-way up my thigh. I was sure a 4x would be roomy, but in fact, was barely able to get it all the way up, with pinching at the thigh. So I recommend ordering 2 sizes up.

2) Not opaque all the way through! Their site photo makes it look like the knit is consistent all the way to the waist, but there is a change of knit mid-thigh--both legs showed a very distinct and funny-looking horizontal line smack in the middle of each thigh, so I cannot wear these with a mini-skirt (which is what I had purchased them for).

That said, if you order big enough and are wearing something longer, I recommend. They were much thicker and warmer-feeling than most tights, and were sturdy-feeling, too.

Sadly, ordering 2 sizes up wasn't enough for me. I didn't even see this post before I ordered, but based on my past experience with One Stop Plus tights sizing, I decided to be conservative. I'm 5'7" and under 250 lbs, and the 5X did not come up my entire leg and were too tight in the thigh to even move. I was going to send them back and get a 7x (when I am usually a 2X/3X) based on the fit, but I guess they stop at 5X. I could have sworn they went up to 8X.

I agree with the rest of your review as well. They were a smidgen itchy, but not bad and really nice and warm feeling. They definitely could have used some more opacity, but that could well have been a size issue also.

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