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Torrid Suede Boots, Does Anyone Have These?
burymeinblackx wrote in fatshionista
Good evening!

I have a few questions regarding these torrid boots.
Now, i'm in the UK and they're from the US, i'm wondering if anyone has them and can tell me about the quality/feel/superbness etc before I fork out £62 for them.
Another thing, I was instantly amazed by them but I was wondering if people could give me some kind of idea about how they'd wear them?
And lastly, has anyone seen something similar here in England? I really want some flat, knee high, round toe boots, but I don't seem to be able to get them here unless I spend stupid amounts of  money.

Thankies :)

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Have you looked in Schuh recently? I find that they have some inexpensive boot options sometimes. I just looked on M&S's site and they have some nice ones...not that cheap, which is what you said you want though.

As a Brit who moved stateside, I find in general that clothing quality is poorer in the US than the UK, with exceptions for certain shops. In my opinion Torrid isn't one of those exceptions. Others might disagree though!

I have these boots in purple. I haven't actually worn them out yet but have tried them on. They are very tall. I am 5'6" and they come up over my knee. I don't think that I have particularly short calves but maybe I do! No, I think they are just tall boots actually. The sole isn't particulary substantial and I wouldn't be wearing them for extended walking or in rough conditions. That said, I will be wearing them with skinny jeans and with skirts both long and short.

Oh and someone else posted about these boots not that long ago, you might want to go back through the posts over the last 10 days or so.

i own them and they're just like any other torrid boot with man-made quality. not made for endurance, just trendy. depending on how often you wear them


are pretty similar. But they are virtually the same price, and I don't think you get the widercalfness, if you needed that. Advantage is, you could probably try them on in the store, and not pay massive shipping fees.

Evans have some in for £40-£80. Leather though. I don't think they have suede.

not sure about the boots, but most footwear I bought from Torrid range from okay to absolute crap. I think forking over the money together with the ridiculous shipping cost won't exactly be a smart move.

I'm sure you'd be aware of this, but Evans usually has a good range of boots. which comes in grey, black and brown might be what you're looking for? (although those ones are pricey, there are others in the £40 range.)

And as always, duoboots have a great range if you're going to spend the pennies, you may as well get the custom calf size and quality leather -

They have various flat options too.

Hey, I'm in the UK too and have these :) I've bought Torrid boots before as I've found them to be the only ones that fit my calves properly, without costing £150 from Duo. I have some nice dress boots from Duo but I wanted some flat, fun and fashionable ones and my previous Torrid boots are holding up nicely (from last year) but I know they won't last forever so got these as an eventual replacement.

They're nowhere near the quality you'd get at Duo, but then you pay for that!! They're not designed to last years but you'd get a couple of seasons out of them I reckon, and for £50/£60 I'm happy with that!

What size were you after incidently? Like I said I have these but have actually been pondering whether to keep them or sell them as they are a little tight on my calves compared to my older pair :)

i would get them if i were you. the other boots that the ladies suggested doesn't go up high to the knees like these pair does. i'm wearing mine now and they're so comfy!

i have big legs & thighs (my knees are 24inches in circumference), so mine goes just to my knee, however if the person is smaller like the model, the boots can DEFINITELY go over the knee and a lil to the thighs...

i have them, and i'm 5'9 and they go up to my knees...i haven't worn them yet, but they are a little snug.

I have them in purple and red. Pretty comfy, and the quality isn't bad, but I find them to be a little big in the calf.

i am 6-1 and these go up to my knees pretty well which surprised me since im wondering just how long they are on shorter people... hahah. but the calf is just perfect for me, slouchy just right!
i would wear them with tights and an above knee dress or with leggings, whichever. :)they could be a little wider in the foot and it would be perfect!

I'm wearing those boots right now, and have in fact worn them ever day this past week because I happened to purchase them in a "cold snap". I also own them in red. I like them, and since I live in California I think they will last. I'm not sure I'd purchase them if I lived some place with harsher weather.

As for the fit, my calves are like 19.5" I think, and I have room in them. They go up over my knees/very bottoms of my thighs. I really enjoy them and I get lots of compliments.

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