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fat feet =/= sexy /high heels?
toffeegyrl wrote in fatshionista
So I've fallen in love with a completely inappropriate pair of shoes. They are Spindly. And Bare. And High. Everything my current shoes are not.

And despite my not knowing how to walk in heels anymore, I want to make this whirlwind relationship work. I want to wear day dresses (forget the fact that I don't wear dresses much at all ) and look chic and hot.

I want to cheat on my sensible flats and comfortable Clarks mary janes.

But I'm afraid I'll break the heel or look like I'm drilling for oil. I never see fatties in heels (maybe heeled boots but that's it).  Is it possible? Is there a law? Is there a cutoff for weight and fashionable footwear? i've given up on finding comfortable shoes that don't look comfortable, if you know what I mean. I want sexy shoes, damnit! 

So uh, yeah, anyone have any thoughts on this? 

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I wear heels all the time. But you may not want to make the jump to 4.5 heel height from flats -- for me, 3 inches is my limit where I don't feel tottery, go try on some heels and see how you walk in them before getting these. You don't want to get them and never wear them and look at them sadly in the closet before putting on your flats.

I'm 5'10" and 250 lbs and wear heels most days at work. I know death fatties here wear high heels, I've seen them in OOTDs! So no, there's certainly no law or cutoff. And those are damn-sexy shoes, if way out of my price range.

That said, don't start off with high, thin heels like those. Since you're unused to heels, start with something lower and thicker (Clarks heels are amazingly sturdy, for instance), so your feet and ankles don't protest too much. Get used to wearing those first - wear them to work, out on dinner dates, whatever. Then work up to those.

I know plenty of women, fat or not, who have "just for sit-down dates" high heels, worn only when they know they will NOT have to walk or stand for more than a few minutes at a time.

Those shoes are HOT! And the actual heel height is 4-1/4 MINUS the 1-inch platform at the front of the shoe, so really, you are talking 3-1/4 inch heels--still high, but do-able in a "sit-down" situation.

I have a lot of sit down shoes, my mom thinks I'm insane for it, but some of them are just too hot to pass up. :)

I totally have a sit-down shoe collection! And a pictures-only laying down shoe collection. Haha.

i know a lot of fat women who wear heels. christina, of musings of a fatshionista, lives in heels.

Go for it. Those are awesome.

The only thing I have to say about heels, after coming back from an hour shopping for them, is to make sure you can return them if you order them online. I find a lot of heels are cut for narrow feet, and though my feet are small, the ball of my foot is pretty square and I can just not squeeze my feet into some pairs. If you have a wider foot I would be careful. Otherwise, buy buy buy!

I want high heals- but I need them to be wide and comfy and not wicked high. :(

Clarks! I have a pair of mary janes that are, I think, 2 or 2 1/2" high and are really comfortable and sturdy. You could also look at wedges.

There is no weight cut off for wearing heals! Isn't that fantastic news?!? I totally wear heals all the time, and you should rock those out! I would probably add a pair of insoles since you aren't used to wearing them.

I wear heels all the time, with no regard to my weight! I tend to get ones with thicker heels, but have some pairs with heels similar to the ones you posted, and I have NEVER had any problems with them.

I wear heels all the time.

Your link is from Zappos; It's usually a bit cheaper to get brand names form other places (anywhere from $5-$30 difference), but their shipping and return policy is great, so I think it's worth it if you're a bit concerned if you'll want to keep them or not.

:) Good luck.

"I never see fatties in heels"

Clearly you have not looked at enough OOTDs! Beautiful fatshionistas wear heels all the time!

That's what I'm hearing -- maybe I'm too busy looking at the clothes part and not the shooz.

Note to self: look more closely.

First of all, dayum! Those are adorable shoes. I'd buy them if they were in a size 12.

Second of all, it's certainly not impossible. You said "anymore," so I'm assuming that you used to wear heels, yeah? Start low, is basically all that I can say. Start with heels or chunky wedges, perhaps with a low heel, and work your way up to the height that you want. I've heard great things about Sofft shoes comfort-wise, and they have some really cute shoes--although, they're admittedly not as strappy/sexy-looking as the ones that you linked to.

But, yeah. Of course you can wear heels! Just work your way up.

Yeah, i used to wear heels a lot, when I was thin. But somewhere after I got married, I just moved to SensibleShoeVille. I'll try wearing heels once a week and work my way up to some height.

well, i should say 'less fat'; i've never been thin. :)

i see fatties all the times here wearing all kinds of fabulous heels. i'm a flats girl myself but this is not related to my weight, i just feel good in flats and self-concious in heels (b/c i'm not walking properly). those shoes are hot (i'm partial to the grey suede myself) and you should go for it!

I've been drooling over these shoes from ShoeTrader:
but since I've been living in flip-flops for the past few months, I'm leery of buying them (even though they're an additional 60% off at checkout). I'm around 365lbs, 5'6", and put a lot of pressure on the balls of my feet.
Available in my size! Totally red. And drool-worthy.

I think I hate you for posting those shoes. <3 Want!

Hehe. They're only $24.99 with all the discounts!! (And $106 on the Ros Hommerson site.)

Still hate me? ;-)

They don't have them in my size. I'm not sure if I'm glad or not. ;) If they had 'em, I'd snap them up in a second, I've been craving red shoes.

I just got sucked into buying two pairs of Sofft shoes at Shoe Trader with the extra 60% off! Thanks for the tip ;)

waait a sec, how do you get the extra 60% at checkout? do you have a discount code? those are SO sex, good find!

I was confused, too, when I followed a link someone had posted here. It turns out that the code is on the homepage, so just go to and it'll be there. :-) There's just two or three days left until they're gone forever.

Try Scholl Party Feet for the balls of your feet. I wear them in all my heels, I can't live without them!

Very cute shoes! I'd say go for it, but agree with the poster who suggested trying a lower heel to start if you're new to them. I can go a 4'' heel if it's chunky (which is fine since I prefer a chunk stacked and/or cone heel anyway, since I have mega-cankles), but once the heel starts thinning out I find anything over 3'' kind of painful. The one pair thinner-heeled shoes I have is 3 1/2'' and they basically sit unloved in my closet. Sad.

I love heels!! I don't think there is a weight limit for sexy high heels but as I have gotten older/heavier I do have a "shoe strategy" for wearing heels.

I change my shoes multiple times during the day. I wear one pair of shoes for my morning commute and the long trek from the parking lot into my office. Then I change into a pair of shoes that are more cute/less comfortable because I don't do a huge amount of walking at work. I may change again if I run out for lunch. And sometimes I just change because I feel like it, or if my shoes are rubbing me the wrong way, so to speak.

My co-workers make fun of me but my strategy has prevented a lot of blisters! It's also a good way to break in new shoes, wearing them for a few hours and then switching to another pair.

I say buy the shoes and enjoy them :)

I definitely think you can wear heels of some kind! That being said... I wear heels maybe 4 days a week and those look too high and too stiletto-y for me. I find that (although I love the look) I invariably regret wearing heels higher than 3 inches on any normal day.

I like low stilettos or kitten heels. I like higher chunky heels. I ESPECIALLY like platforms where the heel is around 3-3.5 inches and the platform is around 1 inch. Those are the BEST! Platforms allow me to achieve the visual impact of a sky-high shoe without putting my foot on an uncomfortably steep angle.

For instance, these are my new favorites. They have a 3/4 inch platform and a 3 1/4 inch heel, so it feels like a 2 1/2 inch heel. OMG I love these!!

its kinda like riding a bike!
you dont really forget how but you kinda have to get used to it if you stop for a while.

those dont seem that spindly to me tho.
theres a nice solid platform in the front & theyre not crazy high.
is there returns?
also, gel insoles are your friend & nonskid thingies for the bottoms!
plz post pix of you in them if you do buy!!!

When I lived in South Carolina and could drive everywhere, park right in front of wherever I was going, and never really have to trek over crazy terrain, I was the fat and fabulous high heel queen! I looooved high heels.

Then I moved to Chicago, where the sidewalk drops and juts and becomes some unfathomable maze of confusion and torture. I was stubborn at first. I would still wear my beautiful shoe collection with pride. I would be absolutely in pain and still insist that I could do it. Buuuut...a few major falls and a few hairline fractures later, I just gave it up and now only wear super tall heels when working, taking pictures, or going on car dates. Sometimes I even wear one pair of shoes to -get- where I'm going (like a party), and then change in the bathroom once I'm there.

The key to working up with heels, I think, is to practice dancing in them. I know it sounds crazy, but it's how I learned. Believe me, if you can play around with dancing in your house, you can handle basic walking in most situations (except careful of sidewalks.)

We're getting a lot of these comments lately - I feel like I need to post "CheekyLyssa's Everyday Fat Girl in Heels" pictures or something. LOL. I wear heels almost every day and I wear over 300 lbs. So no, there's no cut-off. As I've said in other pasts, I look for a thicker heel and don't buy cheap (i.e. poorly made) shoes. I wear size 11 or 12, depending on the maker..

Because of my high arch, I tend to prefer slingbacks and Mary Jane heels to hold me in place..and I have a deep deep love of D'orsay heels. I have all of these pairs and have worn them all day, if it helps..

One more tip - if you're not used to wearing heels, start with a lower heel. The most common mistake I see people make is rarely wearing heels, then thinking they can roll out in a 3" heel and wondering why their feet hurt (and then thinking they can never wear them.) Also, alternate the height of your heels - I don't wear 4"+ heels everyday...

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