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#36 sheer shrug $18 tnfemme@yahoo.com 37130

I like 7,11,23, and 24. I dont really need any of them.
If they stick around next week and you can come down on prices - let me know.
meeshteacher AT yahoo DOT com

If its cheaper - I can have it shipped within canada.

Send you an email - I'll come down in price & charge actual shipping.

I neeeeeeeeed #1!

multicoloredbelle at gmail.com :D

It shall be yours! Invoiced!

I invoiced you -- did you get it?

Hello! I am terribly sorry - I came down with the mother of all cases of stomach flu this weekend and am still recovering. Would you possibly be willing to wait another couple of days till I can survive the trip to the bank? I really do want this dress and appreciate your patience, but if not I will certainly understand. You'll have the money before the weekend if you're cool with that (even if I must bribe a friend to brave my germs and handle the banking) and thanks either way.

I hope you're feeling better, and of course I'll hold onto the dress for you until you are well!

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