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I get this too!
But I have not yet found a solution for it, so I will definitely be watching this thread.

I found that control top tights tend to cause NTP. I don't notice it when I'm wearing cotton or non-control top tights.


Because control tops usually enhance chub rub on me, I have cut old tights into shorts to wear over them---this helps with NTP and chub rub. [This reduces the NTP more so than eradicates it.]

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Hmm, I am wearing some of those "just my size" things from walmart... they feel like cotton and certainly do not swish. Is there any reason it would have to be nylons and not nude cotton tights? Just wondering.

I've had this phenomenom occur when wearing corduroy. And I even had one mean co-worker make a swish, swish noise behind me as I was walking to the bathroom once!
I don't know any solutions

Nice coworker! I was similarly traumatized by corduroy as a child and I refuse to wear it to this day.

same here. I wanted to attempt seersucker, but am afraid of it having the same result.

I sorta thought this happened with all tights. I always thought the swishing was quite sexy. I think control top tights do it more though.

i think it's hot too. i remember it happening (although not constantly) even when i was very skinny.

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Wear boxer briefs over the tights. Not in the summer cuz that gets super hot, but I used to do that in the winter all the time.

::sigh:: i get this with anything covering my legs. especially my jeans. just yesterday i was listening to my legs rub while walking to the laundry. i wondered if the woman behind me noticed.....

it baffles me bc i dont have serious chub rub issues. though my thighs battle, they must have "toughened up" over the years bc i dont have issues while wearing skirts or dresses nor do i have excessive wear near my crotch in my pants.

i've just chalked it up...and hope that its an "in my head" issue. like, i can hear it loud as day but maybe other people don't notice? ::shrugs shoulders::

i've just chalked it up...and hope that its an "in my head" issue. like, i can hear it loud as day but maybe other people don't notice? ::shrugs shoulders::

I am glad I am not the only one! My work pants are the biggest offenders.

Someone has to have a solution...anyone?

I don't really notice any "swishing" with my tights but I definitely do with my pants! And then my shoes decide to squeak along with said pants and I have a mini band performing as I walk.

lol mine do the same thing!! Old Navy's flippies are the worst offenders. >:( It makes me so self-conscious, hahaha

I had a couple pairs of pantyhose that did this (back when I had a pantyhose-wearing job). Someone told me to wear them inside-out and for some reason, it seemed to stop the rubbing noise.

yeah, it's because of the texture and the weaving of the nylon.

I love this icon! Where did you get that red dress, it's gorgeous!

thx! but the icon isn't of me. it's some model from that adipositivity site. i love her bigness and locs!

Ack, I get this. I keep looking at nice skirts that I could wear to client meetings, and putting them back because of the swishing noise my tights would make. I like the idea of wearing shorts over them - I'll definitely try that when winter rolls around.

i actually enjoy the sound. let's me know my thunder thighs are workin hard for the money! LOL!

Yes yes I get this. I agree with the comment that it happens more with control top tights. Maybe if you could find thicker cotton tights it would help? I have this issue when I wear my new Champion bike shorts under dresses. It must be something in the spandex that bike shorts or control top tights have in them. That's just a guess. In addition to my bike shorts I also wear cut-off leggings under dresses lately. I had a pair of white cotton leggings from Ashley Stewart that I never wore so I cut them off and commissioned them at a chub rub cure. They've been great, minus the little roll caused from cutting them.

Ughh and I hate how it sends very subtle vibrations, like, through your head? I seem to feel it at the top of my throat.

I seriously try to drown out the noise by walking loudly in heeled shoes. Usually if it's a serious enough occasion for me to be wearing pantyhose, I'm in heels too, so I walk noisily! Haha.

I wear Just My Size nylons (are they even nylon? I'd check but my coworkers might suffer) they feel cottony... but don't make a swish noise at all (and eliminate chub rub).

Nor are they shiny, which I hate... and, they are also cheap. All good things.

I was wrong, they are in fact 100% sheer nylon, with a cotton-blend liner.

Not helpful in the least, but I had a boyfriend once who loved that sound!

It's the synthetic material...and possibly fit? So cotton tights (I know they're not nylons, but...) and a pair that doesn't stretch too much...

I hate it too. I also think the sound is mostly my paranoia about drawing attention to myself...like body smell, which I fear being stinky worse than death.

Every sort of leg covering I've ever owned has made noise when I walk (be it jeans, tights, pantyhose, my own skin, etc) so I am no help with your question.

However, every time I think about the noise my chubby legs make when I walk, I think about an episode of Roseanne, where Dan is explaining the first time he saw Roseanne, walking down the hall in their High School... she was wearing a pair of corduroy pants, and every step she took, it was like her thighs were calling his name Dan-Conner-Dan-Conner-Dan-Conner. LMAO That always made me smile.

I have some of those split-slip things (like a slip, but with legs, like shorts? pantaloons my mom calls them) that I wear over the nylons and it cuts the noise WAY down. Also eliminates chub rub. I adore them.

Swish swish! I love your subject line.

The tights that make that sound for me are usually control top pantyhose. Body shapers also do this. My Hue brand tights never make this sound - both the regular and the sweater tights. Hope that helps!

Thank you all for your input. I am definitely looking into cotton tights. Also, the shorts are one trick I use but they do not work out so well with tight or short cut dresses. I like the idea of the split slip as well.

So glad I found this community! Have a great afternoon!

I have definitely experienced this phenomenon and I have 2 potential solutions.

1. IMO microfiber tights are not as loud as non-microfiber tights.
2. Pettipants (AKA split slips or pantaloons - like gypsyjolie suggests) help with ANY tights. These are like shorts or gaucho pants made of nylon fabric that you would wear over your tights and under your dress/skirt. Yes, they add another layer, but sometimes it's worth it.

A comedian I once heard described the sound as the thighs apologizing as they passed each other: "excuse me," "pardon me," etc. Now I can't hear the sound without thinking of that story. It doesn't make me laugh; it makes me sad.

I get this too! I was even thinking about making a post about it. Though it happens with even jeans for me

I wear bike shorts over my tights, mostly because most tights aren't thick enough to stop my chub rub issues, but it has the benefit of stopping the swishing sound.

I like those avenue bike shorts that look like spanx but that aren't actually shapers. Cotton bike shorts work well for the same purpose too.

i definitely wear spanx over my tights.

however, my nana (don't ask me how i remember this) used to put lotion on her thighs OVER her tights, and she said that worked. i haven't ever tried this, but it make work... i dunno

OMG... I can't believe nobody posted the answer!

A couple of decades ago, an older coworker took me aside and told me to TURN MY HOSE INSIDE OUT to stop the noise.

Folks, not only does it stop the noise, but it also greatly decreases the chub-rub-induced wear that produces the "thigh holes" in hosery.

Another thing I do when I have to wear hosery in the summer time is insert a large-ish rectangle of cotton flannel in the crotch, long enough to stretch down the inside of each thigh. This makes inside-out pantyhose even more comfortable and is less stultifyingly hot than wearing another layer (i.e., bike shorts, boxers, etc.).

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