rhonwyyn (rhonwyyn) wrote in fatshionista,

Bras and "dog ears"

Ever since my breast reduction in February, I've been searching for bras that fit me. I thought I was a 46DD or 46DDD, but after trying on a slew of bras in those sizes, I scratched them off my list. I next tried 46F and G, but no success there. So now I'm looking at 46H and 46I. (For the record, I measure at 46 inches, and the 48" bands I've tried are too loose.)

The thing is, I have rolls of fat that stretch from the sides of my breasts around to my back, under my armpits, which are sometimes called "dog ears," I've discovered. So, I think underwire bras are not an option for me. Plus, I'm curvy all over, so typical bra bands cut into me. I asked my surgeon about removing the extra flesh when he did my surgery, but he said that he couldn't b/c my boobs would just move around to take up the space.

What do you recommend? Do any of you have the same issues that I have? What bras have you found that fit you best?
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