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[Mod] Updated Meet-Your-Mods post, plus some friendly reminders.
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theoryofgravity wrote in fatshionista
Hello, dears. It was recently brought to my attention that our original Meet The Mods post was seriously outdated, so we've edited it appropriately. Shiny new bios for all the current community maintainers are under the cut below.

bias_cut (email) is a twenty something biracial bon vivant fat high femme queer with plans to take over the world with her army of mixed race comrades. She stopped wearing pants about a year ago and has a somewhat troubling addiction to '60s era red, white, and blue polyester dresses. When not on Livejournal or shilling for Re/Dress and Cupcake + Cuddlebunny, you can find bias_cut working for social justice across movements on and off the job. She is also on the board of NOLOSE, is the fatshion and beauty correspondent over at FemmeCast, and blogs for from time to time. bias_cut is 5'4 and 1/2, wears a size 18/20 and loves Scrabble, road trips, fat girls in bikinis, and being a foodie wannabe.

idlepudding (email) is a 20 something year old a/Artist with a strong penchant for details and organization. she is something like a 14/16 with a heavy emphasis on the 16. she divides her time between long hours in a digital printing lab and long hours photographing the pa coal region. she also sews, make books, obsessively organizes her mp3 collection, cooks, and hordes beautiful old things. idlepudding is a shoe-collecting, book-loving, mac-owning, pants-wearing nerd with a incredible ability to accessorize and to kick ass. her work resides at

misadventurelad (email) is a 31 year old fat chick that works a hardcore day job in the legal profession in lovely Seattle, Washington. She can be seen embracing her geektastic side during the cold, cold night. She writes fiction, parses issues of race and representation in popular culture and lives on a steady diet of nuance, comic books, occult research and science fact & fiction. She claims to be single but is often found in the company of a certain chef; cooking amazing vegetarian food while at it. She's got a degree in philosophy, an advanced degree in law, two dogs, a cat, a body full of tattoos, a pilates instructor and a reputation as a gymrat. At 6'0 tall she is a fatazon that wears sizes 22-30 and describes her style as rock-a-preppy (with divergences into glam-bohemian). misadventurelad also suggests not fucking with her because obviously, us mixed race people are taking your shit over. She grew up in the San Francisco bay area.

onceupon (email) blogs at The Rotund and is a freelance writer (it's good to get paid). She co-authored Lessons From the Fatosphere: Quit Dieting and Declare a Truce with Your Body. She also works to create art and jewelry pieces from repurposed materials. She has a B.A. in Creative Writing and never left her college town of Orlando, Florida where she is constantly negotiating the intersection of beach culture and fat culture. Her identifications tend to be flexible though she always identifies as fat and culturally white. She is 31, 5'4", and her current measurements are 55-49-61. Marianne reads books of all varieties, collects cephalopod-themed art, practices roller skating, and plans global domination.

originalenid (email) originalenid (email) is a 26 year old reluctant psychology major living in San Francisco. Her dress size orbits around the number 26 and she is 5'1". As soon as she gets around to graduating she'll be focusing on film history from a feminist, queer, and social justice perspective. In the tradition of Mother Maybell and June Carter she plays and writes songs on an autoharp. She's the only person in her Argentinean family who was born in the United States. In her spare time she enjoys cultivating an imaginary romance with Buster Keaton.

paigenotpage (email) is a 31 year old, fat, black, curly-haired lesbian who lives in San Francisco. She works in the mental health field and chooses to unwind by chatting with friends, watching old sitcoms and singing angst ridden folk tunes in the shower. Her size 30 body is often dressed in neutral layers, distinctive eye glasses and comfortable shoes. She has overwhelming (and maybe unhealthy) attachments to her dying ibook, q-tips and Stockard Channing. paigenotpage began exploring fashion and fat identity when she lucked into a short internship at Mode Magazine in the 90s and credits fatshionista for prompting a deeper commitment to fat activism. In addition to size acceptance, paigenotpage spends time on advocacy around both child abuse prevention and LGBT aging.

sparkymonster (email) is a 34 year old geeky, mixed race (black and white), fat, queer, femme woman who lives in the Boston area. She usually wears a women's size 20 and adores mary jane style shoes. She brings her love of intersectionality to the organizations she is involved with. She is passionate about many forms of activism including fat acceptance gay rights, accessibility for people with disabilities, feminism, anti-racism, and transgender rights. She is also obsessed with her cat, sparkly things, retro dresses and piles of books. She enjoys torturing her loved ones by doing dramatic readings of poorly written fiction. She blogs sporadically at Be careful, sparkymonster is part of the mixed race army that is in the process of taking over your shit. When not overthinking things, sparkymonster plots new and exciting ways to eat bacon.

stitchtowhere (email) is a size twentysomething twentysomething who's fat in (and at) the Canadian prairies. She blogs here on livejournal, and on under the same Smiths-inspired name. She has a B.A. Honours in English and is in the process of shipping her sizeable arse and wardrobe out to the westcoast to get her MA in publishing... or sprout fins and start a new life under the sea as a fat and fabulous mermaid; whichever comes first. She's committed to size acceptance, HAES, thrifting, wardrobe remixing, critical theory, poetry, and D, her partner of the last seven years (not necessarily in that order). Despite what the Horse People will tell you, she doesn't believe that tiny ponies are furniture but she is--owing to a particularly traumatic summer camp experience--convinced that donkeys are ten kinds of evil.

theoryofgravity (email), who also responds to Lesley, has way more post-baccalaureate education than any sane person should require, and has been engaging with fat activism and social justice politics for over a decade. Lesley weighs something over 300 pounds, wears sizes 24 through 28, and is, among other things, 32 years old, white, femme, married, and owned by two cats. She digs Nina Simone, tea, Victorian cemeteries, taking pictures, subverting dominant culture via a cunning mixture of activism and fabulous dresses, oversharing, and referring to herself in the third person. Having narrowly escaped her hometown in South Florida at the tender age of 18, she currently works in higher education administration in Boston, lives in a condo on a beach, and administrates the website and blog on these here internets. Lesley wants to be an astronaut and a ballerina when she grows up.


And here are some other useful links:

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We have a post where feedback can be left for Friday-sales transactions; it's here. The community moderators take no responsibility for sales posts gone awry, so you always buy at your own risk, but the feedback post offers a venue to share both good and bad experiences with other members.

This and all the other important rules (including helpful tips on how to get banned) are also explained on the community info page, which I strongly encourage everyone to read before posting or commenting.

yay!! i want to know more about other members of Fatshionista, too.... any brave souls? ...okay. i'll start.

I'm a 25-year-old grad student, recently transplanted from Fargo, North Dakota, to Northampton, Mass., to attend Smith College's School for Social Work. Currently procrastinating in the school's library, I can boast eating three Twix ice cream bars in the last hour and a half. I got my undergrad degrees in gender studies and writing, which I used as a journalist and patient advocate in North Dakota's only abortion clinic. But now I'm out in the scary Northeast, looking for friends, adventure, and lovely lesbians who will sweep me off my feet. I enjoy Bananagrams, graphic novels, hammocks, tattoos, serif fonts, and androgyny.

I'm a 24 year old grad student currently squatting in Washington, DC but originally transplanted from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Toronto. My thesis is on aboriginal health libraries and, in general, my focus is disparate, identifiable health services/information. My undergrad degree is in English & Sociology of Health, both of which have come in largely useless. I'm a true in betweenie looking for a real job, a professional wardrobe, and a bit of lovin'. I enjoy knitting, libraries (duh), green anything, government funded social programs, and slurpees.

theoryofgravity: is the condon by the beach you speak of revere beach!?

(Deleted comment)
Thanks for this, I totally didn't know some of these people were mods!

It is really lovely to see you all! I didn't know that I knew so many of you! Bravo for the work you do!
It is TRULY appreciated!

I also really enjoyed this. Thanks for taking this time to write this up and the lovely photos. So many cool women.

I love how I had no clue that onceupon co-wrote a book that is apparently available at the bookstore in which I am employed. How did I miss this?!

Oh, geez, guess where it's shelved at Borders?-- "Weight Loss & Other Diets" ::Groan::

Thank you for putting this together! As a new member, it's great to have updated mod info. Love this community!

at 5'10 and size 20/22 i will now be using the term fatazon. awesome stuff.

OT...Jane Russell Love her!

Hmmm, let's see. :O

Wakasume is an 18 year old physics student in Canada. When she isn't cooking, she's window shopping at many online stores and outlets from Asian countries, or hanging out in Montreal with her live-in boyfriend of 2 years. If not obsessing over fashions, she's geeking herself away with her wii or playstation 3. She's currently unemployed, but that will be changed during the course of the summer.

Aaaand she's a size 16/18! :3

This post gets two whole cakes for clarity and another two whole cakes for hotness quotient :)

I'd love to hear some more about all of the fabulous fatshionistas around these parts!

lieks_rocks is a 24 year old straight, white (easily-sunburned) female currently working as an administrative superstar. She has a geology degree (she lieks rocks), and will be going back to school in the fall to pursue a MSc. Besides this, she draws, makes jewelry, cooks like a pro and eats cakes (cup and regular). She lives in Alberta, Cannuckia with her boyfriend and two (stupid, but adorable) cats.

"Fatazon" is her new favorite word. :3

Ooh! I'm enjoying reading everyone's quickie I'll do one, too!
I'm 31, married gal from Sunnyvale, CA. I wear a 28/30 (depending) and am 5'4" and somewhere between 300 and 330 lbs (I think). AND I'll be opening my very own (and first) cafe in San Bruno this summer! Fatshionista has seriously improved my quality of life! =0)

Joining in!

I'm 25, straight and single, the latter not changing anytime soon due to life events: I'm in the middle of my master's thesis in history (medieval queendom through the lens of Guinevere). I also work fulltime as a grants assistant, so I can quite honestly say that indirectly I'm helping to find a cure for cancer. ;) I'm 5'10", 20/22, and size 12 feet. In my spare free time, I like to make jewelry, read for pleasure, and watch movies. I also crochet and knit, with varying degrees of skill.

Medieval queendom! That's really awesome. I know it's sort of weird to bust in as a stranger and be like "I want to read your thesis", but that topic is too cool!

I neeed to join in :)

I'm 22, living in Brooklyn. I'm a baker by profession -- surrounded by cupcakes all day! I'm 5' and wear a 14/16, moreso on the 16. Loving that I found this community via Jezebel and look forward to posting on my own soon!

Joining in as well!

losertracer is a 22 year old about-to-be graduated student recently relocated to San Francisco. she loves her boyfriend of almost three years, coffee with an obsessive amount of vanilla creamer, Tim Gunn, lusting after shoes she'll never wear, and loving LOST. I'm 5'6", 270-ish, and size 11 feet. big boobies, nice calves, giant jiggly belly. currently debating selling all of my dresses despite my never-ending quest to find pants that fit. after a stupid start to the year (family deaths), I hope to start posting more outfits and do my first Friday sales post (us graduated unemployed kids gotta eat)!

yess vanilla creamer!! I secretly add it to my coffee at work so none of my coworkers give me crap about how much I add :)

Loving this! FoolishFiddler is a white, 43 year old radical spinster living in St. Louis. She has a B.A. in theater arts and a M.M. in choral conducting. She was laid off from her job as a customer service supervisor for an evil cell phone company last November, and has since been able to obtain a very part-time job as a music director for a small Methodist church. In her spare time (who am I kidding, all I've GOT is spare time! :-) she plays old-time and bluegrass fiddle, sings, is re-learning guitar, and reads about Victorian history. She is 5'8", 330-ish, and wears a size 30/32.

"Radical spinster", I love it! I'm totally stealing that and using it for myself.

ill join in, im new so might as well introduce myself :D

22, just finished photography school. working as a wedding photographer now.. for a studio at first, then hopefully moving on to work for myself. also work making coffee in a bookstore. which im not allowed to blog about. hah. um whateelse. addicted to pasta, and more recently french manicures. 5'0, completely unaware of my weight, wear between twelve and sixteen most of the time.

how fun!

I'm a 24 y/o married lady in NW Arkansas area which is very hippie-tastic and community oriented. I have a bachelor's in fine arts in theatre for costume design/technology and I'm a seamstress that sells online (etsy) as well as locally. I also hold sewing classes bi-monthly. I enjoy putting pretty things in my hair, corsets, victorian, medieval, and renaissance history... I am guilty of WoWing and baking way too much. My measurements are 47-40-50, I'm a XL-XXL on top and a 18-22 on bottom.


There is no such thing as too much baking.

Carry on.

Kuddos to the mods!

I'll join in as well!

smoopy_bitch is a 27 year old educator and activist, especially in the areas of social justice here and abroad, emphasis on homelessness and power of women. She teaches Global Studies and Speech at an all girls school (she loves it), and is the Director of Forensics, which surprisingly has nothing to do with dead people. She is owned by two cute kitties and in turn has a pet boyfriend. All of them enjoy watching movies (400+ dvds and 45ish blurays in their collection!), playing board games (especially scrabble) and attending concerts and art events. She's addicted to fashion/recycled clothing and expensive body products (especially Lush!), and the exchange/sale of same. She enjoys cooking homemade meals, trying to be vegetarian, and taking way too many pictures.

*waves* hi mods! Very nice to meet you.

And since everyone else is doing it...

I'm 28, Welsh, 5' and a smidge and 54-44-53 - I'm all bosoms and bum. Medieval history graduate who is about to go back to uni and study geosciences. I play Warcraft, and I make puddings, and I'm going to foster dogs because Staffordshire Bull Terriers are love. I'm one of nature's redheads who happens to not naturally be one, I love corsets and goth/fetishy styles, Vikings (I'm a Fatkyrie), boots, medieval weaponry, and Top Gear. I'm a Mum to three little boys of the rat variety, and I decorate cakes on the side. The Black Minora is my pirate ship. In my dreams, I am a Fatshionista pirate, swashbuckling upon the roaring waves of the seven seas of fashion.

Arrrrrgh, me hearties!

And you all rock.

...nature's redheads who happens to not naturally be one...

LOVE how you put this! I have often said the same "I SHOULD have been redheaded... my SOUL is redheaded!"

Howdy all!

I'm 29 and have spent my entire life deep in the heart of Texas. I spend my days as a professional meeting planner and my nights... well if I told you that I'd have to kill you. I am a wine geek, technophile, bookworm, travel junkie, and addicted to lip gloss. I share my space with two kidlets (boy, 6 and girl, 2) and one domestic partner. Next June he and I will be wed (and per my grandma finally stop living in sin) which is why I am on a seemingly endless search for a wedding dress.

I'm noticing a general theme of global domination among our lovely mods.

I can't wait.

I'm 48, which makes me older than probably 98% of you, so I want all you kids off of my lawn. I'm 5'9", approx. 300 lbs, wearing anywhere from a 24 to a 30 depending on my hormones, my mood, and how many of my two whole cakes I've eaten lately. I'm currently presenting as straight and married to a terrific man. I work in social services (welfare) and play in yarn. I spin, knit, and design socks. I have two grown and beautiful daughters. A bit over a year ago I had a bowling accident that left me permanently disabled. I wish I was kidding. I love photography, writing, and giving people the stink eye and brandishing my cane at them.

My style can best be described as comfort above all. I love bold prints, bright colors, capris and voluminous skirts.

Edited to add that I'm such a feminist that I don't even bother to mention it most of the time, it's pretty obvious to anyone who talks to me for five minutes.

Edited at 2009-06-04 12:25 am (UTC)

socks you say? do you sell said socks? =)

Hi y'all!

I'm 34 and child welfare social worker, with a background as a child/family therapist and HIV researcher (behavioral interventions). I can be a bit on the woo woo side at times, having an MA in transpersonal psychology (undergrad was Women's Studies), but "realistic optimist" best describes me. I've got five cats, a free range cat hair tumbleweed collection and a sexy mister I'm marrying this fall. I knit A LOT (duh), just started sewing, swim and garden. I'm addicted to femme fatshion but in particular pretty dresses, mary jane shoes, vintage brooches and fabulous purses. Oh yeah, I'm 5'4", around 300 lbs and usually wear 24-28.

knitting and social work go together like sardines and ritz crackers, don't they? (fellow knitter/social worker here)


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