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Quality of Torrid Shoes
mokaralvr wrote in fatshionista
I know some of you have commented on the quality of Torrid clothing and shoes. I wanted to ask about experiences with them and returning or getting refunded for the items that are a problem.

I purchased these last week.

I wore them ONCE for about four hours and indoors at that. The gold on them is coming off. It's sort of like a foil over plastic material. The threads are coming out and they just look NOT good after ONE four hour wear. I have had other sandals from them and this has not been the case. I emailed Torrid about the issue saying I wanted to return the shoes. They sent me a fed ex return label and said that they will inspect the shoes to see if it is a quality issue or if it is a wear and tear issue. I had to giggle. But I don't want to send the shoes back and wait however long for them to say it was a wear and tear issue (if you look at the bottoms you can't even tell they have been worn). So have you all ever returned something of bad quality? What about just taking it to the local Torrid, might that be better? Would they accept it there?

I also wanted to add, while I know that they are cheap shoes, I think they should last longer than one wear. I've bought similar things from Payless for the same price and wore them for about a year (not everyday of course but you get my drift :D).

Any advice would be appreciated.


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I brought a pair of jeans in that I had worn twice and the zipper broke. I didn't have the receipt, but they still gave me store credit.

I'm guessing you don't have a store near you and that's why you have to return them via mail? If so, I don't know what to do in that case :/

I got some gladiators from delias last year and literally six houses down the street the first day I wore them I noticed the "foil" starting to come off. I think it's just the way cheap foil-looking sandals are. If you can return them, go for it... Don't exchange them for the same thing!

Maybe call your local torrid and see what they say... ? That sounds the most convenient.

I've had those shoes for a couple of months and mine have held up fine. You really may have just ended up with a crap pair. That happened to me a few years back with some slingback flats. The strap just ripped off on my third wear and they put me through all sort of hoops to get back like $14. I honestly can't remember if I even sent it back to them because it was all so ridiculous. I don't think it would hurt to take it back to the store if you're near one. The worst they could say is that they can't help you and you need to send them back to the warehouse or whatever.

i got the exact same shoes.. bought them earlier this year i think (whenever they were first released) and i haven't had any problems *shrugs*

i've worn them out, danced in them (and i dance hard) and the paint isn't peeling. maybe u gotta faulty pair

i would take it to a local torrid if i were you

Does the website or your receipt indicate that it can be returned in store? It shouldn't be a problem if you just bought them to get a refund. I brought a necklace back that had broken to target once without a receipt and they let me exchange it. If you wore them indoors only, there should be no wear and tear, so it's likely you will get your money back. Good luck!

yeah, i took them back! i just called and asked them and they said it was no problem. so if these don't work out, i will have to mail them back for a refund. i knew other stores would def do that but didn't know if torrid would. i know some other girls have complained about the quality and had no success from trying to return or emailing and complaining. :D

and thanks for the responses everyone! you all are awesome!

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If you are near a Torrid store you should be able to try to take them back there. If you do that then you'll know right away if they will do it or not (and your mileage may vary depending on what store you take them too, so if you are near several stores, you could try another one if the first one doesn't work)

I have three pairs of boots from torrid and the last pair I bought,
i have pretty much wore out the bottoms already and I havent worn them
that much. Unfortunetly I live in canada so I cant really return them.

I would really think twice before I ever bought another pair of shoes from them agian.

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