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fat waxing
toffeegyrl wrote in fatshionista
 Um, so I've decided I want to try brazillian waxing. But for various reasons, I'm pretty scared about trying it. I don't want to go and be humiliated if the waxing lady mentions something about the darker skin color where my thighs touch or my hair texture or something, or worse, is wondering why I bother. I have a bit of a tummy apron and I'm wondering if it's even possible for me to be waxed, given the skin issues and all that? 
So, i guess my questions are as follows: 
  1. how does one go about finding a fat-friendly waxer/aesthecian? (previous experience with underarm waxer was not pleasant -- I think she was grossed out by me) I don't want to be a burden/problem for the aesthecian any more than I want to be embarassed by her. 
  2. Is there a polite way to ask when calling/inquiring if the aesthecian has experience working with plus size women?
  3. if I am unable to find one, is it possible to do at-home waxing? there is the issue of not being able to see everything, and having areas touch that wouldn't necessarily do so on a thin person. 
Basically, there's a salon I like for manis/pedis near my house, but it's right next to a gym and everyone that works there is thin and I've pretty much worked myself into a panic about even asking them if they have experience working with someone who isn't thin. The only other salon I've ever had experience with is very shi-shi and I just know the girls there would be mean. 


Thanks for posting this. It's something I've wondered about recently, but I'm also too nervous to go far, I've just stuck with shaving.

I've been wondering about this for years. I kind of always figured that waxing wasn't for me because of these same issues, but damned if I'm not tired of shaving.

I get brazillians and I would say DO NOT try one yourself. In regard to tummy issues, the main thing is if you can pull your skin taut(ish) it hurts less. You can do it yourself. Trimming the hair quite short wiht nail scissors also lessens the pain.

Ugh. In these instances I almost want to get a buddy to help me. I have a hard time waxing myself as I can't get the right leverage/angles and I have a hard time inflicted pain on myself. So I just stay hairy. ;)

Plus I'm finding out that lots of aesthecians..can be less than professional. My good friend, who worked as a spa/salon receptionist at a high profile hotel for years, had one such experience her first time getting a brazilllian. I'm bad at guessing sizes, but I'd say she's somewhere between 4-8. When she went the first time for a brazillian, the aesthecian showed some hesitation/made a face. She said something to the affect that she "preferred to do only bikini waxes" and my friend replied, "well, will you do it or will you get someone who will?" I guess that pretty jolted her because she ended up doing it...but not very well. Like, she left some hair. And this woman came recomended from within the spa world!

Good luck! Please share any advice you get outside of this comm!

I've been kind of thinking about this myself so I researched it. First, I didn't really understand all that was involved with a brazilian wax. One website I found included the detail that the waxer asked her to hold her clit to the side and also it seems getting your ass crack waxed is included? This requires you on all fours spreading your ass cheeks apart. Also, you are having to pull and lift things to get the skin tight anyway regardless of your size. I have never had this done so this is all hearsay but it makes sense to me. I read that home waxing is not so easy. I guess it depends on your shape and size. I don't think I could figure it out, personally.

So what I am saying is that it seems like these ladies (or men?) have probably seen it all and that you should just call a salon you like or are interested in and explain that you want to schedule a brazilian but you're fat and you want someone who will not feel uncomfortable or make you feel uncomfortable because of your size. And if they can't accommodate you there, could they suggest some place that would be able to?

You should write about the experience if you decide to go through with it! It would be helpful for me, at least.

I just found this FAQ page from a salon in Florida. It's just specific to this one salon but they say it's a little harder to do but "being overweight is no excuse to not get a brazilian!"

Also, this:

2. If I was calling and had that concern I would just say "Listen...Im a bit of a bigger girl and I was just wondering blah blah blah"

3. At home waxing anything is a mess

3. At home waxing anything is a mess

Unless you use Nad's strips! They worked really well for my chin/facial hair. :) No mess, either. :)

I must say kudos for posting about this topic. It's brilliant and something that I've also been wondering about over the years but had never taken the initiative to inquire further about. I too had the same problem that you had previously with your underarm waxer. So much so that it put me off to waxing anything other than my eyebrows at the salon.

I can't say that I have anything constructive to offer, other than echoing the above statements in simply asking around for someone who is plus-size friendly. I look forward to reading everyone's responses.

Haven't we discussed this before? I'm sure I've posted about it... anyway, I've gotten more than a few brazilians in my day and honestly never had a problem with feeling insecure or whatever on the table. I got waxed when I was 37 weeks pregnant, heh, and I was PLENTY huge then! I'd just ring around and ask them, don't be shy about it. In my experience, they deal with all sizes and shapes of bodies.

ETA: yep, we have! ,

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You must be PSYCHIC!!! I was JUST THINKING LAST NIGHT that I might make my first post about this VERY THING!

Thank you for getting to it first! *clicks on track this*

I hadn't really thought about my size as an issue when I first went for a brazilian (I'm about a us 18), though I did worry about the fact that I have some acanthosis nigricans between my thighs potentially grossing the waxer out. It was all for naught though! None of the waxers I've been to have ever made any comments about it. The first time I go to a new spa though/ change estheticians, they generally make small talk about how they've seen EVERYTHING and how vaginas/ that general region all blur together for them. I'd imagine it's rather like being a gyno-- almost nothing that you see will surprise you. If you are uncomfortable, I'd call up a spa in the area that looks good and ask if the waxer has experience with plus sized/ fat/ word of your choice clients.

I have a bit of a tummy too. The waxer will just ask you to stretch the skin around your vulva taut, and if you sort of um, press your palm up against your belly while pulling the skin taut, it's totally a non issue. Everyone has to contort/ make adjustments to their bodies when they get waxes-- thin women included.

A couple of unsolicited recommendations for your first wax-- take two panadol an hour before it and trim your hair so that it's about 1.5 cm long (it'll hurt less to have it ripped out!!).

I've never had a brazillian done but I've had nothing but good waxing experiences at Gene Juarez.

On a side note, a friend of a friend recently tried giving herself a brazillian at home. It hurt so bad, she couldn't finish and actually left one of the strips on until it fell off on its own. *facepalm*

I do my own brazilians with sugar waxing. It works for me and I basically do most of it by feel but often pull out the mirror. Just the other day my bf helped and it was smoother than ever, plus I've finally figured out the best method for me. Do it yourself, have a friend help and you won't have to deal with the crap in the salons, plus it costs next to nothing (3 cups of sugar, 2 cups of water and some lemon juice, which lasts for months). If you are interested I can send you the recipe and advice I have been using. I had never been waxed until I tried this on myself and am really happy with it. Of course, I have nothing to compare it to but I know I don't want hot wax on my vulva and also that I don't want to pay that much money to be that uncomfortable with a stranger.

i would love that recipe and advice if its up for grabs lol

Aw, I love my waxer... but I am not the fattest fatshionista so I can only see where you are coming from without having experienced the worry in the same way.

I found that my waxer did not care about my flabby thighs and butt, she is a business woman and she waxes to support her son's drama school tuition so she is in out and done and really funny to boot. You have to hold your ass cheeck apart to get the butt done, and you have to move around a little, but she accommodates my needs so I imagine a GOOD waxer would do the same for you.

IDK she and I chitchat about her annoying daily commute to Surrey and whatnot and have a grand old time. It actually makes me feel more confident because it's a completely non sexual way of basically being (fat and) (half-)naked but in a body-conscious situation (because obviously you are there getting your pubes pulled out, lol).

Like others, I have had several brazilians, and have never had a problem. If you are comfortable with the salon you go to for mani/pedis, then I wouldn't panic. They can see that you are fat...I would just casually mention that you are thinking about getting one, but you are nervous (you don't have to say why). They will probably try to convince you that it is the best thing ever, and you should schedule one right! now! If they don't then find a different salon.

Also, take a couple of ibuprofen before you go :)

Oh, for reference, I am somewhere between 220 and 240, with a big hanging belly roll, so definitely not an in-betweenie :)


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