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I think I might check this out when I'm in town in May, Thanks

Wow, that sounds like a great experience! I really should get something like this done -- I know my feet are wider than the shoes I buy.

I actually really like the shoes on the right. They somehow have a vintage look to them, like shoes from the 30s.

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I agree. I adore the shoes on the right!

oh man, those are all so cute! Especially for wearing to the office, they seem perfect. I like the last pair the best. So pretty. :D

Based on my personal taste, I think the shoes are very cute. I'm glad you found something that works for you.

I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with spending good money on a good product you know is going to last you for years. It's better money spent than cheap shoes you never wear. :D

These are lovely shoes! Having shoes that fit makes a huge difference.

I had my foot scanned on this really nifty machine last fall at an upscale shoestore in DC (Comfort One in Dupont) that sounds a lot like the one you went to. The machine not only looked at size, but also captured how my arches are shaped and how I shift my weight. I discovered that the reason I can't wear heels is that I normally put most of my weight on my heels, so having to shift it to the balls of my feet is ridiculously uncomfortable and I fall easily. Also, I discovered that I don't have wide feet, but rather I have very, very low arches and need good support for them or my feet go practically flat when I put my weight down (making them seem wider to me). I also found out that my feet were slightly wider than I'd thought (39/8-8.5 rather than 7.5). Seriously, folks, it is worth it to go get your feet measured right.

yeah I say Kudos! for taking up the opportunity. I can think of 3 pairs of shoes off the top of my head that I bought just like you said, cuz they were okay
so have fun and enjoy that you got this chance :)

hmm.. I haven't noticed a place like this in my area but since two of you had such good experiences I should start looking

Some better thasn others


Not a fan of the first pair but the second two are ok (i quite like the trotters). I have just gone for a pair of lizzy green shoes from DUO (see www.duoboots.com) getting into the summer spirit i thought i would treat myself.

OMG Asian Pear, is that you??? ;)

I also had a great experience with Shoe Avenue. Max is very enthusiastic about finding you the perfect pair!

I got some really fantastic boots in 8W 18" calves, Ros Hommerson's. Even my "thinner" friends loved them and wanted some for themselves! They totally don't look like bizarro super-wide boots. They just look classy.

I will definitely go back there for my next pair of quality shoes or boots. They're not cheap, but the price is worth it if you want something well-made and stylish.

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