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yup, i own the Tripp skinty pants and i love them!!
however, i'm a size 26/28 and the calf and ankle part of the pants were more like a boot cut (damn those lazy pattern graders!!), so i had to take them in on my own..
i own 2 pairs, one in black and another in purple

I've been very tempted by the purple. How are they holding up for you?

it holds up really well
i mean, i dont wear those pants, or any pants 24/7, so they're not faded or anything like that if that's your concern....

LOVE the red pants and boots! You look awesome.

ALL of my jeans are the Tripp skinny jeans. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

wow, i'm surprised... i bought a pair of black skinny jeans by tripp at torrid a few months ago, and the zipper does not stay up no matter what you do. i have to use a safety pin, which is aggravating as hell. a friend of mine has the same pair and also has to use a pin. that's made me wary of buying tripp again.

I feel like the quality of Tripp items varies depending on the actual item. It's such a crapshoot.

much like at torrid itself, then, i suppose =/

My Tripp jeans do this too... I keep the zipper up using a hair elastic (threaded through the hole in the zipper tab, and then looped over the button at the waist). Whenever I used a safety pin it would come undone and poke me in the stomach!

Sorry to bust in, but I'm considering buying Tripp jeans online and I found this post because of the tags.

How is the sizing for Tripp? I wear a 16 or 18, and don't know what size to get! How much stretch do they have?

they are pretty stretchy. Comfy.... yu can try them on in any torrid
i wore a 20 an have a pretty big waist

Just a note about those boots: I just sent back my 10W pair and I don't think that particular pair came close to 18' at the top.

Hrm. That's odd. The measurements I posted were based on my actual boots (and throughadoor's), not based on any info from Silhouettes.

Ayup, I know. I measured the boots I had at my house and while I cannot remember the exact number, I KNOW they weren't even 18" because I was SO SAD. So, random construction?

I am distressed by this information! Darn.

thanks for the boot recommendation- i'm a fellow bostonian and have been wanting ones just like those.

Oh then *definitely* sno seal those puppies. I also bought some stuff at a shoe store that gets salt stains out of leather. AMAZING, and only $5.

very, very good to know. i didn't think you could have leather boots in this weather, period... glad to know that's not the case.

Leather boots are fantastic for this weather. In my opinion at least. If they're decent boots you can waterproof them with sno-seal or whatever which keeps out the damp. My favorite winter boots are lined leather boots because they're sturdy and keep out the cold and damp. If it's super slushy/wet then I go to boots that are gore-texed or something. Plasticy rain boots may keep out moisture, but they are so cold unless they are well lined.

Last winter when I was wearing pants, I LIVED in skinny jeans! And girl, they were made for you. HOT!


I am mad at myself for not hopping on the skinny leg trend earlier. I love it!

i had a pair of those tripp jeans, and they were great... until they pretty much fell apart (this was in a matter of months). also, the zipper really sucks.

sorry to be a downer! they do look great on you!


I'm half prepared for them to fall apart. I just hope the thighs don't blow out.

yeah, that was the problem with mine - the thigh/crotch area. probably due to my thighs rubbing together when i walk. it must've worn the fabric down.

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