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One addition: Sternlein plus size cotton tights, 2X-4X, black only, available at Tights Online and Josa Naturally.

These are my favorite tights ever and are included in my reviews. Also, I realized my personal size info is off--I'm 365 lbs, 28-30 on the bottom and have 64" hips.

Also, the Tights Online sizing info is off--the 4X tights are a European size 58-60, which is a US size 30-32 *not* a US 24! Given the way they fit me, the 30-32 size is the accurate one.

I have a coupon for the Josa Naturally site which I'll post on the coupon post.

Thank you for the update on the sizing. I'll edit the post to reflect that.

O crap! I'm a 24 and I just ordered a pair of the 4x!

More info regarding the Nordstrom tights--on the website, you can only order black, brown and navy in the Plus size and only black in the Plus 2 size. The store has even less of a selection. I tried to get Plus 2 in purple and had to get on a "waiting list."

*shakes fist at Nordstrom* I've updated the post.

Just a note, as someone with big thighs and a weird shaped tuchus in a size 36w or so, I will give a big thumbs up to the Roaman's opaque tights. They don't have patterns or cable knit or anything special, but they're heavier than nylons, they are opaque and they fit nicely.

Thanks for the review. I've included a link in this post.

Now if only some of those places realized that some women over 300-350 pounds are actually tall as well, that would rule. As it stands, I wind up buying the Roamans 8X tights which are way too big for me but are some of the only tights I can find whose crotch actually makes it up to my crotch.

Fat women have more than one body shape and aren't all the same height?!?!?!!

One suggestion on the tights it to layer something like the Avenue bike shorts shapers over them. The body shaper will help hold the tights in place.

The body shaper will help hold the tights in place.

Yeah. So one would think. Alas, that has not always been my experience. Besides, the last thing I desire is super-tight synthetic fibers pressing firmly against my gut and crotch all day.

i always end up just wanting to cut a hole in the crotch to let my vag breathe :( :(

I'm 6'2" and have never found tights tall enough for me =(

Thank you for doing this! I've been getting more and more into tights the past couple of seasons, so this post will be an invaluable resource. :)

The hardest part of compiling this was trying to control my urge to buy huge piles of tights.

Here's one that should be added to the hosiery list:Sock It To Me Socks. I LOVE knee high socks and it is really hard to find ones that fit my calves (my calves are about 19 1/4" at their biggest, but I think they would still fit if my calves were bigger) and stay up ALL DAY. Like it says on the website (www.sockittomesocks.com) the simpler patterns--argyles, stripe, stars--fit much better. The more intricate designs are not as stretchy and don't always fit. I'm really hard on socks and shoes and these last a long time and keep their shape. And they are super cute.

Thanks for the review. I wanted this post to focus only on tights. You might want to make your own post talking about those tights. It's especially great to know about sock options for people with big calves.

My favorite tights, though they're hard to get in the US, are Wolford. They're also hella expensive, but they hold up like iron. I got a couple pair last year on ebay for about $30 something, in red and purple. No signs of runs or wear yet, though I wore them heavily last year and a bunch already this year. Size XL goes up to a 54" hip. The merino wool tights by them are also pretty nice if you can find them.

Thanks. I added a link to some of their tights from Bare Necessities.

If you don't mind, could you please tell me what your sizing is like? I'd hate to splurge on the Wolford tights and find out that they won't fit, despite my hips.

I'm currently 250ish, with 52 hips, fit into most things at Lane Bryant in 18/20. The tights also fit me at 275 pounds, 53 inch hips. I don't have a big rear or hips, but do have a pretty larger lower belly. Hope that helps.

That is very helpful. Thank you so much!

just wondering how tall you are, I'm 5'7" and I love tights.

Which style do you have (satin opaque, mat opaque, cotton velvet, etc.), and are they pretty opaque? I need tights that are opaque enough to obscure my leg tats, and I'm willing to invest moola into the right pair. Thanks! :)

I have both the Velvet DeLuxe tights and the Merino tights. The merino tights are my favorite for cold winter weather and the dark colors are super thick and opaque, the cream color isn't so opaque. I checked my velvet deluxe tights against my own tat (on my arm, I don't normally wear tights over it) and my red pair, at least, was not opaque enough to obscure the design. Not sure if the dark colors, like black and brown, would work though. I will say that they're super tough and durable. I zipped them into the zipper of my boot last weekend. I carefully pulled the zipper back down and the tights didn't even snag, much less get a hole.



Thank you so much for the info. :)

You are amazing. I could hug you for the fatter-fat focus.

LOVE! <3

You're welcome. I think it's important for resource/round up posts to be as inclusive as possible of the many sizes we are.

I've actually seen some of the hue tights at my local Ross, they had a few dark colors and some cable-knit ones :)

The HUE tights are one of the more common brightly colored tights you find in stores. I loved them when I was smaller and could fit into the size 3.

Just FYI that the HUE tights in all of the links above only go to a Size 3 (165-200 lbs) for any of the more interesting colours. Sizes 4 and 5 are only available in the more boring colours - black, brown, grey, navy. Has anyone had luck finding HUE tights in more interesting colours in sizes 4 and 5 in stores?

GRRR on the lack of colors in bigger sizes. I've updated the post. I swear to god I have a pair of HUE tights in bright pink in a size 4 that I bought in a store. But I could be wrong.

Edited at 2008-10-13 02:35 am (UTC)

Just to let you know, you are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G for compiling this list! Honestly, I've been searching for places for tights (especially with a variety of colors) and this is just so helpful. Thanks so much again!!!

I'm so glad to be helpful! FYI Avenue tights are on sale for $5 right now. VICTORY

You rock. This compilation is so useful and really helpful. I also agree that the fatter fat inclusion is fabulous.

It is like an annual event. THANK YOU.

My mom and I were just discussing tights on Saturday! I will definitely give her info on this. And maybe use some of it for myself.

Huh. The Lands End tights go up to a 3X, but their size chart only lists info up to 2X. Does anyone know if the 3X actually fits >255lbs (since that's the weight limit listed for the 2X)?

Awesome round-up, btw.

Just another person chiming in with the "YOUARESOAWESOMEFORDOINGTHIS" and also to appreciate how you gave each fatshionista their own praise word like elegant and splendiferous. Ok that one I made up. sorry.

You rock. Course, now *I* wanna go buy piles of tights, but thanks to you and the other contributors, I won't waste my money on crap!!!!!

*sigh* for a lack of REAL CABLE KNITS

(Deleted comment)
Oh man, I have kind of been coveting some too. Closest thing I've found is these:


And they are fairly crapulent, but they might work with a minidress and black boots. I don't know.

By the by, this list is amazing! Thanks so much for putting it together.

FWIW, I have the Hue tights in a 5 and they verge on too small for me. I'm about an 18/20, 5'7", 225, 40" natural waist and 51" hips. I would grade them as smaller than the new We Love Colors tights in C/D. The Nordstrom brand tights in Plus 2 are even smaller, and I put my finger through the reinforced top the first time I wore them.

I do like the Spanx "Tight End" tights, which fit fairly well (but snugly) in an F, but they gape horribly at the crotch.

I also have a pair of Lane Bryant tights (http://www.lanebryant.com/pagebuilder/lane_bryant_product_page?pagesize=3&my_nav=apparel_accessories&cat=accessories_shoes&subcat=&item=1823863) in C/D, and they're pretty snug.

The only ones of these I would order again are the We Love Colors ones, and I recommend them highly. I have 4 or 5 pair at this point. They are über comfy.

I just bought some Target tights in Neverland Green and they are pretty awesome. I got a size 1x/2x which is supposed to fit someone who is5'5" to 5'11" and 190 to 245lbs. I'm 5'8 and currently I'm around 280 and they fit my pretty well. Some of the opaque seems to stetch away, but they still look really good, and they're only $6.

WHOA. Another grateful fatshionista here! I was just browsing the tags, and you have given me everything I need to know! Thank you so much for putting this together!

PS. The Merona brand tights from Target come in 1x/2x sizes, and they work OK for me. I'm 240 lbs, but with a flat ass, relatively smaller thighs, and a big apple belly. The tights work fine on my legs & bum, but roll some on my belly, and they're an OK quality, you know, $5.99 worth of quality. :) They work all right on me, and would probably work OK on similar and smaller-sized fats.

Link: Merona tights

Arrgh, I am SO annoyed at Target for discontinuing the 3x Merona tights. They were my cheap staple black tights and fit perfectly. Curse you Target, curse you.

This might be a good place to mention my general review of Sock Dreams socks: A Fat Girl's Guide to Sock Dreams.

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