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Hips and Curves has a really good selection of thigh highs. I just got their thigh high bow-and-lace stockings and they fit really well and seem to be of good quality.

With a garter belt you want to get stockings, not thigh highs--it's a distinction a lot of people don't think about, but thigh highs have the elasticy part that's supposed to make the thing stay up on its own, whereas stockings don't, which is why you need the garter belt. They should therefore be just like wearing a non-control-top pair of pantyhose, except without the panty part; they shouldn't, if they fit you, be squeezing in at all, much less enough to make the muffin-top happen.

I buy my stockings from Fredericks of Hollywood. Here are some basic ones, I think they come in packs of two pairs; I have a couple pairs of them and they are really nice. Under the product picture is a link to their size charts, scroll down to hosiery sizes and see if they will fit you. But beyond that, just only buy ones that say "stockings" and not "thigh-highs" and you will be sure not to get that irritating elastic band.

The first paragraph is a fantastic summary of what I was going to say.

Thigh highs are icky!

I third this. I stopped wearing thigh highs years ago since lots of them seemed to have latex in it. They're so much more flattering. I also tend to get mine from Frederick's of Hollywood.

Agh yes, they're so irritating. XD I hates them precious!

i got thigh highs recently at torrid and went up a size to be safe... they fit really well and i didn't get a muffin top at all!

I have rather thick thighs, and I found Torrid's thigh highs to be a bit snug in the very top elastic area. I got a size 2, and the stocking itself fit well but I couldn't get it all the way up on my thigh. I think if I had bought the 3s they would have been baggy around my ankles.

Just my experience, of course YMMV. :)

I love Torrid thigh-highs, but my thighs are relatively slender so I don't usually get muffintop with stockings at all so I'm not sure my experience is representative of a plus-size stocking wearer :)

That said, JCPenny's (seriously) had great thigh-highs last I checked. They're simple, classic, and utilitarian -- no fishnets or herringbones -- but they were comfy and good quality.

i'm a size 14 and bought some thigh-highs from there and love them! they don't cut in at all.

Try sockdreams.com - I recently bought some socks from them (no stockings yet) and LOVE them! They list measurements for all of their items, plus they are very reasonably priced. And shipping - WOW, is it fast! My last order was in the mail the same day I ordered. Good luck!

I have proportionately big thighs, and I just size up when I buy stockings and thigh highs. That way there's no digging in and they actually get to mid thigh instead of being just above the knee.

I've gotten three pairs of stockings from hipsandcurves.com and they have all worked out great (with my garter belt, of course). People are right that you want just stockings, not thigh-highs--it's the needing to cling to your thigh to stay up sans garters that give the unpleasant cupcake effect. I'm a size 28/30 and I've got none of that with stockings.

I've never tried Torrids they don't have anything to fit me however, I loveeeeeeeee thigh highs and it took me a long time to find ones that actually worked for me (5X). I buy mine at Walmart, Just My Size and they are fabulous!

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