Perhaps they were thinking of a blue spruce?

Thanks for the review on the tights...I have been eying them since I heard about the new ones.

yah, that is a blue spruce color.

You have great style.
but most of all, I'm IN LOVE with that yellow dress with the green shrug and yellow shoes. OH my. gimme gimme.

Thanks for the tights info too.

You really know how to rock a dress! I always love your OOTD's

you look so pretty and confident! i love the purple dress, i wish i could do wrap dresses but unfortunately i got the short end of the stick in the boob department so they never work for me. they look great on you :]

Thank you, but I also have the tiny boobs! It's a battle to fill a B cup. In my case it's just been a matter of finding the RIGHT wrap dress.

damn if I had your shoe budget (and ability to find shoes that fit) we might be wearing the same shoes! I love your shoe collection.

The Igigi outfit is so very sophisticated, I love it.
Everything else? I adore. I wish you lived close so could drool and borrow in person.

I have a question about coordinating your outfits. Do you pick things out the night before or do you wake up every morning and always look so put together? I have a hard time figuring out what to wear in the morning and tend to just throw on jeans and a clean shirt because I have tried on a million things that don't look right and then I don't have accessories and oh god, I just give up. But you always look awesome and I am pretty jealous.

Thanks! Part of the time I will pick out something the night before and wear it, part of the time I will pick out something the night before and then change my mind in the morning and NOT wear it, and part of the time I will not pick anything and just throw something together before I run out the door. It's a pretty even split between all three.

I have certain things that I think of as foolproof (basic solid-color dresses mostly), so if I'm at a loss in the morning, I can throw one of these on and just accessorize it differently every time so they kinda look like totally new outfits. I have a weird resistance to ever wearing the same combination more than once, I have no idea why.

You look terrific - I'm slightly shorter than you but about the same weight, so I might just have to try those tights. Your dresses are fantastic, especially the grey Igigi dress. Gorgeous!

oh jesus, you're gorgeous. those outfits are fantastic.

You look amazing in everything - and I didn't realise you were so tall.

I need to basically come to your house and steal all your shrugs and cardigans. Lock the windows and doors! ;)

I know this is an old post, but I adore your style. Also since we are sort of the same size, even though I';m shorter, it helps me visualize better. I'm thinking I'll be making a rather large order of their tights

Question for you on the tights: do you think they are thick/opaque enough so that a pair of black ones would conceal large leg tattoos? I have a ton of super cute skirts just hanging all alone in my closet because I can't show my tats at work.

Hmm, maybe. They're pretty opaque, but they're not super thick, I doubt they'd obscure tats completely. Lane Bryant makes "super opaque" black tights I've bought before that are notably thicker than the We Love Colors tights.

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check out the LB option.


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