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A maxi dress for the fat girl?
rosecampion wrote in fatshionista
I've been seeing the maxi everywhere this year. Except in the stores where I can shop. I saw some in Old Navy earlier in the year, but most of them wouldn't have worked because of the size of my boobs. It's like they plan their XXL to be worn by someone that measures 48" around the bust, but only has B cups. Teeny tiny triangles of cloth to cover the boobs. Anyways, I digress.

I've been seeing maxi dresses on everyone and I want one like mad. Something like these dresses from eShakti.


Something with a crazy wild print would be good. The only reason I don't order one of those from eShakti is that I've heard shipping from them can take crazy long and I want a chance to wear this dress before the summer is over.

My measurements are 48-42-52, so, sort of a lumpy hour glass figure. Between 5'5" and 5'6", so not tall, not short. I usually wear an 18/20 at the LB. XXL at Old Navy (if I can find it). I don't bother with my straight size stores because even if I can get the stuff around me, it often doesn't fit that well. Bra size 42DD.

Oh, and I've seen the couple on the LB website and I hate them.

Am I asking the impossible? Maybe I shouldn't even be looking for a maxi, that it might not be the most flattering dress ever for the fatshionista. But they're very in right now, and that's a powerful draw. Have you seen a great maxi that might work for me?

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homg we are measurement twins! The only difference is I really do only have a b cup, and I'm an inch shorter.
I'mma live vicariously through this post because I, too, want a maxi dress.

if you don't mind priceyness has some GOURGEOUS ones.

Yup; I was just going to suggest this --

Unfortunately the sale just ended, but you can still use the code WRAP to get 10% off. Or wait for it to go on clearance! :-)

I'm going to call Vive la Femme and see if they have this one in stock that I could try on. I've had bad luck in the past with IGIGI stuff fitting me well.

Target just put up a halter dress on their site in rose color and brown that is a maxi dress (it looks like mid-calf length on the site, but I'm 6' tall and it hits my ankles).

I just tried that dress on yesterday, and I was so hoping for it to work, because I, too, have wanted a maxi dress for a while now. I have very similar measurements to the original poster (48-41-51), and I found that the 16/18 fit closely enough that it emphasized my belly and made me look pregnant. And the 20/22 was nicely flattering but the back wanted to droop a bit, so I was worried that it wouldn't stay in place to cover a strapless bra.

I'll definitely go to Target and try the dress on before I buy. I've got this one halter dress that does the droop in the back and expose the bra thing. It's as irritating as all get out.

But it'd be nice if it would work. Target is just about in my price range. has some but I have seen different maxi dresses in the brick and mortar. They were orange and rust colored.

Seconding Ashley Stewart. I got a gorgeous red prom-ish maxi dress there a few weeks ago, and when I was in the store they had just gotten the same dress in green.

I'm definitely stopping at Ashley Stewart soon.

I saw some neat ones at this site. I don't know much about their sizes, but their clothes are neat-o!


Good to know! Thanks!!


Yeah. I really worry about eShakti. someone people are estatically happy with their orders. Some people, they send off their money and never see anything for it. I'm not sure I'm up for seeing if I'd one of the lucky ones.

Of course, i realize in my half-awake state that it exactly where you found the two you wanted.

Sigh. I should pay more attention. And have some coffee before posting.



Silhouettes has this one and this one. (which I just ordered.)

ETA Just noticed their hanky one is available is a size 12 only. I swear they had more sizes last night when I looked at it.

Edited at 2008-07-12 12:53 pm (UTC)

that hanky one is gorgeousssss

I know. I'm really sad that it's only available in size 12.

I'm going to check ebay. Sometimes you can find the silhouettes stuff there and it's way less expensive than from even the clearance catalog.

I actually recently purchased one from Dots and it was ADORABLE. But I took it back because on me, I looked preggers and I'm not =T

Depending on your body shape from the side, check Dots lol


What the hell is it about maxi dresses that makes them so pregnifying? I just moments ago threw on my only maxi dress and thought I'd take some OOTD shots, and it makes me looks especially pregnant. I have the exact same dress in a different color that I shortened last year, and it doesn't have the same round-tummy effect.

I hope it's not too bad. I'm hoping to find something with a more or less defined waist as opposed to something really empire waisted. Though I might put up with the semi preg look, just to be "in" for a while.

i saw a few great ones at JC Penny last week

I'll have to try and get to the store to look for them. I don't normally think of JC Penny because its a bit out of the way for me to get to. Are these in the plus department, the ones you saw?

I am dying to buy a maxi dress, too, before summer ends, but the really nice ones are sooo expensive, igigi and Monif C. Hey, I'm a working class Sistah, not Jill Scott, ok? I can only pay so much for my pretty!! *LOL*

Ashley Stewart's prices are more reasonable, but they only have two maxis available and one has only sizes 12 and 14 left and the other a 26. On a good day, I can squeeze into a very flowy, very stretchy type of size 26 maxi dress. I'm very heavy bottomed, so a lot of clothes made for those with less boo-tay will not work for me! LOL

Hopefully, I'll be able to get a maxi dress before the summer ends. *sigh*

Oops....correction....I meant to write "the other a 24."

I wonder if Ashley Stewart might have more sizes in the store? They didn't have maxis at all that I saw last month when I was in the store. But if I could find one at Asley Stewart, that would be good. I can usually afford stuff from there.

Yes, I like to look at the Igigi and the Monif C site and think about what I would buy if I could afford it.

RE: Ashley Stewart - The maxi dress I got there was an XXL and fits very comfortably. I'm normally a XXXL and size 20/22, so you might have some luck there. God I sound like a buzz marketer!

Oh also, has anyone seen this maxi dress from Jane BonBon? I'm not a huge fan of the color, but if you are, it might be the thing!

I'm actually thinking of having Jane make me a maxi in this fabric that I've been hoarding for a while. I'm not wild about either the print or the little black tab that gathers the ruching.


....but it's $258 DOLLARS!!! This is one of the maxi dresses that I know I could wear even at a 24W because of the cut. Why does Rachel Pally make such gorgeous clothes that I could wear, but cost so much?!!

I am sad....unless someone wants to buy the dress for me! ;) LOL

OMG!! Rachel Pally dresses are so fab. Unfortunately, way out of price range. I wish someone will knock off her designs. I'd be a customer.

Well, if you get it in black it's "only" $169. :-)

I'm not categorically opposed to paying over $200 for a dress. But I don't think I would pay that much for a maxi. I'd pay that much for a dress if I knew it was a classic that I could wear for years and always feel awesome in. Like my Eileen Fisher wool jersey wrap dress. But I'm thinking I don't want to get a maxi in that price range. I'm thinking of it as a trendy item that I'll wear for a while only. Which means maybe I'd like to keep it under $50.

So, no Rachel Palley for me. Same for Monif C and probably IGIGI.

Sorry this was in reply to "Only $169."

I too am not ideologically opposed to paying a lot of money for a dress - in theory. As I get older I am thinking it's worth putting down a bit of money for a good piece that's going to last you and that you feel good and LOOK GOOD in. But the maxi dresses, cute as they are, are probably a 1-2 season thing so I wouldn't want to drop too much cash on them.

exactly. I bet two summers from now, we'll look at the pictures of maxis and all go "what were we thinking?"

It's totally a trendy item, therefore I wouldn't drop a bundle on it. Unless maybe the dress was perfect in all ways and when the maxi trend goes away, I could chop the bottom foot and a half off the skirt and I could have a great knee length dress.

Somewhat OT, but we are almost exactly the same size! Right down to the rack of doom. :-)

I prefer to think of it as a rack of moderate peril. There are people posting in the community who have G and higher cup sizes. Or my little sister who has a 42DDD bra size, but is six inches shorter than me. A DD doesn't seem so huge really. My girls seem nicely proportioned to my body.

But I love knowing I have so many measurement twins out there.

If you have any Ross for Less stores, try there. It's a little late in the season and they might be picked over- but I found an adorable one, along w/ loads of sundresses (in 3/4X) and only paid $13.99 each, max.

You might also try alight- they WAY over price their stuff- but this was on sale-

I'm about 5' 5.5" and this was maxi-length for me. It also fit kind of big (a little loose in bust and the bottom is slightly pregnant-fying). But I may see if it shrinks a little in the wash. It's a cute dress.

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