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This is very helpful!

Just one question....

The most common error that we see in sales post submissions is that people can't seem to understand that EVERYTHING, *all text included*, MUST GO BEHIND A CUT. We don't allow: proclamations that this is your first sale, a teaser about what items you have, an apology about the quality of your photos, a sentence about your shipping costs, or an enticing sentence about how your stuff is the best of the batch *before* a cut. You are welcome to include any and all of these things behind your lj cut.

So... Does this mean that the lj cut should just be coded < lj-cut >? (Without the extra spaces, etc.) So that by default it says "Read more?"

Because my last post, for example, read < lj-cut text = Even MORE New Items and Reduced Prices!-- DONNA RICCO DRESS BLOWOUT Plus Other Designer Dresses, Pants, Skirts, Tops-- Sizes 12-24+-- L/XL/2X/3X-- Ellen Tracy, Calvin Klein, Dana Buchman and more-- Ridiculously Cheap and NEW WITH TAGS! >

LOL! Okay, that seems quite long, but anyway... Is that out now?

According to the template, you can have lj-cut text type cut. But I defer to The Cut as needed.

Oh yes, that's totally fine!

You are more than welcome to write out a really long, super descriptive lj cut text! I think it's helpful to buyers so they can self select based on criteria like size range, brands, style, etc.

I get it now. You didn't mean "all text" as in "all possible words" but as in regular text vs. lj-cut text.

Also, I read the link in this:

Awhile back, we also gathered suggestions and tips from other members on what they'd like to see in sales posts to make them better. To see a helpful list, please see this post.

...but it seemed to be all about OOTDs?

Ohhhh yes, I could see how that would be confusing!

And you're right about the wrong link! Damn, I need to do some searching so I can find the other sales post tips post.

Ooooh, that was my bad. Sorry about that.

Well, also my bad for not looking at the link you sent me!


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Thanks for that sizes in the title rule! That is suuuuper helpful.

I agree!

It's really helpful so that buyers don't have to wade through all posts to find a seller who has something in their size.

DITTO THIS, this is the thing that pisses me off most about ppl not following the rules. If I don't know what size, I have to waste time going through every entry.

Yeah, and my computer at work loads pictures REALLLY slowly, so I hate waiting all that time just to find out that nothing is my size.

this is a GREAT post :) Maybe it could be linked to from the main community page as a handy guide for people?

That is the plan, thanks!

very many thanks for #5 - esp. re: sizes in the title!! you mods rock!

It also drives me nuts when sellers don't give measurements for the clothes. I know it's a pain and takes a few minutes, but knowing that something is an Xl or 20 or 22 doesn't mean all that much to me without the measurements, ESPECIALLY when it's a brand I'm not familiar with (or worse, when the seller doesn't name the brand at all). Lack of measurements has caused me to pass over many sales posts here.

Same here. Maybe this could be added as a suggestion for sales posts, like the smoking/non smoking household bit is.

And a question for the mod(s): the "wanted" ads are only for people who are looking to buy an item from another Fatshionista, right, not people who are looking for a particular item available online or in stores? In other words, if I was looking to buy someone's extra Wonder Woman underoos, I'd have to post on Friday, but if I was just looking for leads from other posters on where to find said underoos via a retailer, would that be okay on any day? Thanks!

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Yes, links to auction sites for plus size clothing are allowed.

Thanks for explaining how to do the cuts..I feel like such an idiot because I don't know how to do them!

(Deleted comment)
No, flat irons would not count as a "wearable" item.

Okay I get it now! Haha, thats actually a very good idea, having sales only on friday, that makes it easier for everyone.

Question, if i post a sales post on friday with clothes i want to sell, may I also (in that one post of course) provide a link to my webstore where I sell jewelry and purses/etc? I wanted to give a special discount code for fatshionista members only that they can use on my site.
If not thats cool too, but I figured since its all jewelry/purses/etc that it would be fine as long as EVERYTHING IS BEHIND AN LJ CUT haha like you said ♥ Thanks!

Yep! It's totally fine to give a link to your store in a sales post.


Hoe do people determine how much to charge for shipping? Do they box it up and take it to the post office and weigh it? Is there a shipping calculation website?

Omg. Hoe=How. My keyboard is dying.

You can do shipping calculation on the USPS website.

One thing I have noticed: Rule #6 is broken quite a bit week after week. I get SO tired of seeing the same clothes up for sale months at a time, every Friday without fail....can the mods please enforce this one a little more strictly???

Sales post never got posted.

Mods, my post never showed up. I didn't get a notice of rejection, you just never posted it. Therefore, I have no idea what I did wrong.

i've done everything described here and my post was still rejected because "it wasn't behind an LJ cut". ummm...the second time i posted, it was behind an LJ cut. i dont understand...please explain why it was rejected.

copy of post below

a friend of mine owns this corset, but it doesn't fit me or her. she gave me permission to sell it for her. the measurement around the waist is 46" tied tight with no space in the back. it has shoulder straps that can be removed if you wish. the style is similar to the Dark Garden Sweetheart Victorian with straps seen here.

front pic (i would say at least a C cup or a D cup could fit into it)

back pic

more info and pix at my journal
x-posted quite a bit

i just have a quick question about calculating shipping for sales posts: how do you all do that? is there some link on http://www.usps.com/ that i'm missing or something? THANKS! :)

also, i'm new to paypal as well, how do i link my sales post to go to my account, etc. any help would be appreciated! thanks!

I'm sure Paypal has a help section that can give you more information on this.

Since it is now an imposed rule you may want to define Friday as ending at 11:59 in your own time zone. Not just after you get home from work and are still up having not gone to bed on a Friday night.

Wanted to ask a question about this--many many years ago I was an ebay seller so basics of figuring out shipping, etc don't bog me down.

What might stump me slightly since back in the day I was not so enamored of templates and such is my coding--is there a mod who I could possibly send a demo version of my template to let me know if it looks ok before I start trying to post things for sale? I don't have a ton to sell, just occaisional items, but would be nice to get a pointer or two before assaulting you with my fail.

I was just wondering if it's cool to do in post auctions.

"Furthermore, members are asked to not simply repost the same items week after week after week if they fail to sell."
Is there a reason that this rule is NEVER enforced? Honestly I don't care if people repost, I just wish they were in a separate section of their post. I waste SO much time digging through items, 95% of which are reposts that I've already looked at. Can we, as a community, revisit this item?

The rule isn't mod-enforced for a couple of reasons:

1. The mods are not omniscient - because there are a half dozen of us approving sales posts, it's likely that mods might not notice repeat sales week after week. We count on our members to notify us of such things, and even better, encourage members to speak up when they see community members violating guidelines.

2. It's a strong suggestion, not a hard and fast rule. We are asking people to not resell items again and again, but it's not a rule breaker. So again, we count on community members to speak up if they see this happening.

Hope that helps. Thanks!

It does. I would love to help in some way on this (because it obviously drives me crazy) but, as you say, since it's a suggestion it's hard to figure out what to do about it. How long is too long? What if they discount? Etc. This is why I'd like to see the reposts in a separate section. (I.E. new items at the top and reposts below a line or heading indicating such) This would be much more easily enforceable, allow reposts in a non subjective manner, and much easier for community members to help enforce. It would also be very easy for community members to do.

Thanks for your thorough and timely reply!!

It would be easy for community members to do, but nearly impossible for mods to enforce. Like I said, since there are so many of us approving posts, there's no way to know whether or not someone is re-listing items in the correct place.

I do like the idea in theory, but again, not sure how this could be anything but member-enforced.

Basically the mods would see a lot more posts with a separate repost section and if someone mentions reposts but doesn't put them under a break. I honestly think though that there are enough people who HATE this in the community that being member enforced won't be a problem.

is it possible if someone might help me step by step what to do I am not a computer wiz. I have an account and a photobucket account. I also have the photos necessary I just need help with the html and lj cuts. pleease help. I read the instructions and it is very confusing.

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