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What fabrics can go in the dryer?
sarajaneinsf wrote in fatshionista
I just bought these fabulous pants from Eddie Bauer!  They fit great (one size smaller in the waist than in the hip), they feel great, and they are a bit long but I can easily get that fixed.  What color did I get? All of them. They were on sale last week for $40 a pair, and as I am about to leave Jeans Land for a slacks environment, I figured I would stock up. The pinstripe grey ones are totally my fav. Just as a side note, the last time I bought pants from EB I ordered one regular size and one women's size and the women's size had elastic in the waist (ew!) that the regular didn't. My pants (a size 16) came elastic free, but I can't make any claims about the women's sizes.

But I have a purpose with this post besides raving about my new pants! My question is this: The fabric is 66% polyester, 30% rayon, and 4% spandex. Can I put that in the dryer? The tag says to wash in cold water and then hang dry, but I don't always obey the tag. Do you?

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I do sometimes put pants of that fabric blend in the dryer, but it really is better to hang them up to dry. In the dryer, you risk making the fabric stretched and a bit bunchy where the spandex goes a bit odd in the heat. Maybe hang dry them and save the dryer for emergency washes, to preserve them as long as possible?

I guess Hang dry it is. I must go instruct my BF (who does all our laundry) and the new pants rule! :-)

I wouldn't with the rayon content. Rayon + heat = bad time. One of my favorite blouses was mostly rayon, didn't read the label and took an iron to more favorite blouse. The heat made the rayon shiny and not in a good way. More like in the "geez, looks like you scorched your shirt with your iron" way.

Thanks for the tip. If I do try it, it will be with the pair I like the least, just in case something goes wrong.

don't dryers have low heat settings just for polyester?

Not the super old dryer in my apartment. It has 2 settings: on, and off. :-)

If you are going to put them in the dryer at all I would put it on low heat for sure and just do it to speed the drying for 20 minutes until they are half dry. I used to do laundry for a living and we put all sorts of things in the washer and dryer that you would never think could go in there (from wigs to zoot suits) but I wouldn't mess around too much with that blend.

Rayon shrinks badly when exposed to heat. I'd recommend hanging to dry, and don't wash in too hot water either.

Most of my pants are made of that blend - and I do put mine in the dryer. (Wash on cold, dry on delicate.) They seem to shrink just a tad, mostly in the length. They're holding up ok, no major issues.

I might hang them try and just tumble them to remove the wrinkles, if I actually had a washer & dryer and didn't have to go to the laundromat. Hauling a basket of wet pants upstairs is just not gonna happen.

Hmmm... maybe I will experiment with one pair and see what happens. They definitely could be a bit shorter, and in fact the shrinkage might save me from having to get them hemmed.

If you bought pants that currently fit great and have rayon and spandex in them, I wouldn't expose them to dryer heat. You risk changing the fit, and it might not be noticeable at first, but over time the stretchiness will break down and your pants fit differently and wear out faster.

Then again, I hang all my clothes to dry, because my building's dryer rejects the settings I choose, and always always goes on super hot for some reason. I generally follow the tag, because... well, why wouldn't you?

I like to be a laundry rebel! Actually, the one thing that I hate is dry cleaning, so I usually try and sneak that stuff into the washer and hope it doesn't die.

Rayon + Heat = A whole lot less fabric

Those pants look really cute... It bugs me so much that they can't do the tall+plus sizes at the same time though! Why separate them like that? RWAR!

At the top end of the size spectrum (16-20), EB talls have 36-37" inseams. The averages are right around 33. I haven't tried the plus sizes, but I wouldn't be surprised if they ran longer as well.

The inseam is still too short on their plus sizes =( Curse me for having amazon legs *L* I still need about a size 24, but it's good to know that their inseams are so long on the "regular" sizes!

I don't know how tall you are, but at 5'4 I need to hack about 3 inches off the pants. And that is after they have draped over my huge booty!

Haha, I'm 6'2" and all legs... so I need all the extra length I can get!

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