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Thick Girls Music Video - Terrell Carter
shannonymous wrote in fatshionista
A plus model on my myspace just posted this on a bulletin and I had to share.

I love the lyrics are about beauty and confidence (and clothes!) and are not lyrics about some sort of sexual fetish like most songs on the subject.

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i love that the woman is a business exec who's running a meeting :)

well the music didn't do much for me - however - i really liked the message of both the lyrics and video. i also dug the fact that it wasn't a fetish thing and the woman was obviously successful in her career, in addition to being fashionable and beautiful :)

thanks for sharing this - hopefully lots of teenage girls will see this and take it to heart too!

This is amazing! I just really wish that the white community was as accepting of different size bodies. But yes- positive images all around- successful at work, in a position of power in the relationship, fashionable, and beautiful. I also loved that the other women showed weren't the typical beautiful women- there were all sorts of women shown!

Seriously - why is it that the white community seems the most close minded about curvy/bigger women?

The assumption that people of color are accepting of bigger women is one of those that was recently mentioned as being pretty off-putting to people of color.

I think it depends on the color/culture/countries of origin. In my personal experience, I've found that Black and Latino people are more accepting of fat than White and Asian people.

That being said, I think schnazzlepops13's comment would be better worded as:

"I just really wish that the white community everyone was as accepting of different size bodies."

I'm just reflecting back that one POC has said that she and other POC find this kind of rhetoric to be alienating, and to be something that keeps some of them from wanting to participate in size acceptance communities. It seems like it's unhelpful to try to make racial generalizations.

I would agree with the final, re-written sentiment wholeheartedly.

anyone who thinks POC are more automatically "accepting" of larger sizes has never met my mom, two of my ex-boyfriends, formerly eating disordered friend, currently weight battling friends (who are a size six and eight, respectively, and recently gave birth), never went out with my friends and I and witnessed the competition of "what're you getting?") All the aforementioned persons are Latino, African or African-American.

Re: Um, no it doesn't.

I've never met your mom and friends, but even I didn't say that all POC are more "automatically accepting."

Country of Origin: South Africans getting fatter to prove they don't have AIDS. If that's not fat-acceptance, then at the very least it's skinny intolerance.

thanks for that link. The writing was excellent and I really enjoyed (though not really if you know what I mean) the part about 'access'. I don't go on the site enough, I really should.

There is an RSS feed of the blog that is syndicated to LJ! theoryofgravity has been making some tweaks to improve it, but it is getting more functional.

Tara's post is just superb. I have been thinking on it a lot ever since.

maybe you can edumacate me. I really don't know how the RSS feeds work. I have subscribed to them before but I don't know where they went, what they do, and what is up with them, or how to access them...essentially, what makes them cool?

OK, so RSS = Really Simple Syndication. Syndication = ability to aggregeate multiple sources into one place for easy reading.

So I can read lots of blogs not hosted on LJ, on my LJ friends page. Thus I don't have to remember to go to a bunch of differnt places every day to see if things have posted, or even to multiple daily comics or news sites - I just load up my friends page here, and get everything linked. Some syndication feeds feature the full text plus images, some just feature an excerpt.

The feed for's blog is fatshionblog. It's having trouble updating right now because they changed blogging software, but I believe a support request has been opened to get it resolved.

slow to respond, but thanks for the info.

thanks for mentioning and linking to that article again.
(i.e. I'm glad I didn't have to do it) :)

There are at least some not-so-white cultures that are much more accepting. When I was in Panama for a month, I had Panamanian boys hitting on me and telling me I was "muy gorda" and apparently meaning by that, that I was attractive? It was so odd!

I like that he mentions "size 18" FUCK YEAH!

(Deleted comment)
Dude, he even mentions a size 24!

Me too. Also, OMG ICON LOVE!!!!!!

I got really happy about that also, because I am that size (well actually a 20 right now), but he also mentioned size 24 and that really really lit me up. I sometimes am a 24, and in the past hadn't felt as good as when I am size 18, so when the lyrics included size 24 in there too, and how he can't understand how the size 24 girls are down on themselves because they're so beautiful, I was so happy with that. I mean shit, that a guy even realizes women's sizes and what 18s and 24s look like impressed me. That doesn't happen often haha.

yeah! i was just going to comment that! he also mentions size 24, props guy!

everytime I see that picture i think for a moment it's my mom, hahah.

Typically I dont like that type of music and to be honest, I have no idea who sang the song, but I really really really loved the video and the song!!!!!

Plus, the guy is HOT!!!

I dunno who he is either, and yeah if the song had any other lyrics i'd probably be like "meh..." but I loved it.

Yes! Loved it! The message was clear and awesome. I think more of this type of thing will be coming our way soon. It's wonderful. I wish I had seen this when I was running meetings in the corporate world!
Terell Carter sang the song.

I know he did. I just didn't know who he was before this video.
I don't know anything about his career or anything. Fill me in?

He's been in a couple of Tyler Perry's "Madea" movies. He grew up in Detroit, MI. He was discovered while singing in church. He was taken under the wing of gospel great Fred Hammond and thus his career was born. Terrell's voice has accompanied artists such as India Arie, Faith Evans, Patti Labelle, Christina Agulara, and famed drummer Sheila E.

i'm so glad i saw that. it totally made my day!

I find it patronizing. I don't need my self acceptance to some from a music video.

interesting video but all I could think of was, "That's way too much cleavage for work."

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