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The Butterfly Bra
shi_one wrote in fatshionista
Hello Lovelies:

Has anyone seen or worn the new Bra by Ashley Stewart?  It almost sounds to good to be true -The infomercial type clip on You tube with Jill is awesome!

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i want it! i wonder how expensive it is.

No, but it looks FANTASTIC!

If that wasn't real that was a really mean horrible joke! I want one! The back isn't so sexy, but damn I just want ONE great fitting bra! I don't care how much it is (within reason, I'm not paying $150 for a bra) I would so buy one of those!

hmm. looks appealing, but i'm wondering how much work it is to get in/out of that sucker. my boyfriend already struggles with the 4 hook LB bras, haha. I kinda want to show him the video just to see the horror on his face :)

"I kinda want to show him the video just to see the horror on his faced"

hahaha that is amazing.

I'm not too sure about the back. I feel like I'd have to get up an hour earlier to get into it.

Why? It's just an extra set of hooks. One set of hooks on a normal bra takes me maybe a minute TOPS, on a bad day. I can't imagine an extra set taking much longer.

Odd that they don't show it on a live model.

Looks to me like a lot of bra both front and back, kind of a long-line dressed up in modern clothes.


"Odd that they don't show it on a live model."

I know, right?

"Just trust us!"

they do show it on a model. Mia is modeling it.

View the video again, there is a live model around 1:15 and 3:15.

mmmm, I've never been impressed with any bra from AS before. If it gives good support, I'd give it a try. I'll stop by the store and price them. I'd be willing to give it a try. Summer's coming and the thinner fabrics need good support.

I am very skeptical. The 'bad' bra they show clearly doesn't fit the live model properly and they don't give you a good look at an actual person wearing the butterfly bra...hmm. Seems sketchy.
The fact that she is wearing a patterned kimono style shirt with it worries me too.....most bras would look good with that. Let's see a thin t-shirt!

I've said it before and I will probably say it again and again (hehe)...these are my fave:

Those are cute bras, but they don't come in larger band/cup sizes. I'm sad.

Aww, damn. Sorry to make you sad. :(
I shoulda checked better. I am surprised to find that their largest size is DDD50. In the 'bra measuring' section it goes up to H cup so I assumed they would carry up to an H cup, without checking. Boo!

The back interests me. It's not something I'd wear every day, though. I doubt it would come in my size, anyway.

(Deleted comment)
I've never seen above DD there, and I'm a 40G.

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oh god. im so glad you said that. after being horribly dissatisfied with torrid bras, i took a chance with a cacique and have never gone back. its been over a year. i got them during a buy one, and bought 4 of them. i still have 1 that hasnt even been worn yet because the other 3 are in suh good shape. hell yes to cacique.

So do I; been living in them for almost four years, now, with the occasional Freya or Goddess thrown in when I can afford it.

I think the back of it looks a bit extreme, but I wonder if it would help my horrible posture. If it did and was comfortable I would buy it. I do prefer a bra I can wear with my deeper v-necks though.

I'd never wear it but I can't stand a bra that looks like a shirt or is as big as one. I also only have D/DD's so probably don't need that much of a bra.

I checked the Ashley Stewart website and it list there that the sizes go up to 42DDD and they are priced at $39.

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