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Steel-toed high-heel boots?
burningofroissy wrote in fatshionista
Google turned up nothing, so I'm asking you guys:  Has anybody heard of high-heeled, steel-toed boots?  I don't mean like a stiletto heel, I'm thinking something more stable, like maybe a cuban heel.  I'm supposed to wear steel-toed shoes for my job [I work in a factory]; but after several months of careful study, I'm not seeing any reason why I couldn't wear, say, a two-inch or three-inch heel instead of the standard 1-1/2" I have with my Red Wing $h1tkickers.

Barring the existence of actual steel-toed high-heel boots, does anyone know if it's possible to find a pair of boots and have steel toes installed?


ETA:  Several people have chimed in and indicated that this would be a dumb idea.  Having not worn heels in, like, ten years, I had forgotten how much they suck.  I had thought that since I work in an office [i.e. business casual] on the shop floor [i.e. steel toes preferred] and spend most of my time sitting down, it wouldn't matter that much what I had on my feet.  However, since I am a nitwit [no, seriously, I am], I forgot to mention any of this.

I'll just stop now...

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I have some New Rocks with a heel and metal toes. The metal is on the outside, but it does look nifty.

Ooh, I like. Thanks :D *bookmarks*

Aw, they don't come in a wide. Dammit!

I thought men's shoes were wider than women's....?

They are. I still end up getting a men's wide a lot of the time. Women's shoes, I often have to get a double-wide, if they make them, which they usually don't. I have exited many shoe stores with nothing but elevated blood pressure.

Right now I'm wearing a men's 9 [US] steel-toe boot with a 1-1/2" heel from Red Wing Shoes. IIRC, they didn't have an 8-1/2 wide, or I'd have gotten that. But the extra toe room is so nice.

I say if Google can't find it, it doesn't exist.

Steel toes can kill your feet rather badly -- I'd maybe check with a doctor-type to make sure steel toes + high heels aren't a recipe for major foot trouble later.

I'm not seeing any reason why I couldn't wear, say, a two-inch or three-inch heel

I'd wager it is for your own safety that the boots required have minimal heels and steel toes. But if you have no strong bond with your feet, go for it!

i had to wear steel toed boots in a shop for a few years, and i can't imagine wearing much of a heel- the heel i have on the boots i just ordered are enough- they are double h boots i got from sierra trading post and look more like motorcycle boots than anything and are really comfortable. but- i would not want the heel any higher than they are. i do not think that it would be comfortable or safe, and it would do in your toes.

that said, if you look at some of the more goth fashion sites, you can find some, but they are either incredibly expensive or not really well made. i don't know that i would trust them for safety, as they are made largely for fashion. the most comfortable ones i have owned were dm's, and they are getting harder to find- right now i have a pair of bottle green patent leather steel toed 8 hole boots that i got for $10 when a store at the mall of america was closing. they were a steal. i also have a pair of black and white photo print ones that are 8 holes that are steel toed that i got about 11 years ago that are amazingly comfortable, but they are old....and i have a pair of mary janes, same vintage, that are steel toed. they aren't made anymore- all were bought to wear when i was working in a metalsmithing studio. you can check and see if they are still making something like those and order direct form the uk- but with the way the dollar is to the pound, that might be a really expensive thing to do.

Why? Why in whoever's name would you want to look "fashionable" at work? Seriously? You work in a factory.

To add: It's a safety issue. If something lands on your foot, you need the steel toe. A heel would make it much easier for your foot to fold sideways and something to break, IE your ankle. If it's necessary for you to have that heavy duty a shoe, you need as much possible surface area and traction. High heels do not provide this at all.

Honestly, it's work. At a factory. You need safety and practicality, not to look fabulous.

iawtc SO HARD.

save your cute shoes for after 5.

oh god
the mental picture that created ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY FUCKING HURT ME

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