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Designer Review: Jane Bonbon!
lady electrician
amarama wrote in fatshionista
Hey Fatshionistas!

I am so accustomed to slogging through the relatively paltry ready-made clothing options available to plus size women that I had never experienced what it was like to have clothing that truly fit me well--until, that is, I discovered Jane Bonbon's work. Jane is a designer in Vancouver, BC who designs and constructs clothing exceptionally well for curvy ladies. She ROCKED the fit, sight unseen for this very curvaceous, size 24-30 fatshionista. I have NEVER, I repeat NEVER had clothes that fit me so perfectly in my entire life. I am thrilled beyond belief, and doubt that I'm going to be able to go back to ready-made clothing after my experience.

Jane Bonbon's clothes are a stunning combination of a 1940s-50s vintage sensibility and hand-made, indie-rock style. Her clothing features clean lines and amazingly handcrafted details in gorgeous fabrics--all at a price point that isn't much higher than what Americans, at least, are used to paying for ill-fitting polyester grimness at Lane Bryant.

I am beyond pleased with the clothing I've bought from Jane.  She has made a committed customer who is a serious clothes horse--all due to her fitting prowess, attention to detail, amazing design and taste, and exceptional customer service.

You can find Jane's clothing here:

and here:

And here is a video of me in her beautiful applique fishtail skirt and wool jumper!

Patronize Jane!  You'll be glad you did!

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that red dress is amazing!

Totally, she's hot stuff at what she does!


*looks at budget, whimpers a bit*

I now *need* that brown dress. It is too cute for words!

I love that one, too. Amazing!

Thanks for the review. I've been looking at her stuff on Etsy for a while now.

She's a superstar. Totally worth it.

that stuff is absolutely amazing, and that jumper looks fantastic. you have an awesomely amazing body and your glasses are adorable!

Thank you! Curves 'R' Us over here, not much I can do about it! ;)

I wish everything wasn't short sleeved. :-(

I hate my arms... not because they're fat, but because I have really severe Keratosis Pilaris... BLAH!

Cardigans are your friend!

awesome stuff! i'm trying to do the same thing with my etsy store, and she's such an inspiration. i must write to her! thanks for posting this.
(also, your video's so cute!)

Thank you and you're welcome! ;)

those are cute cute clothes!!

Ahh! Ok, I was flipping through LJ in class and totally surprised to see a picture of myself, in my totally favorite dress ;) (I'm the one on the left!)

Hooray for more Jane love. I have like 8 Jane dresses, and 4 Jane skirts, and I love *every single one of them*. Seriously, all summer, I just wear cute things that Jane made.

Yay! Hello! You're totally lovely!

You look incredible in that jumper! She should use a shot of you up on Etsy to sell it!

I revied her a while back as I maintain a blog for fat fahion north of the border. Her work is stunning!

Yay! Are you willing to your review, by any chance?

LOVE jane's stuff... i've drooled over her stuff in the boutiques around town & at a fashion show in the fall

love that jumper too, tried it on last weekend sadly they didn't have my size... one of these days i'm going to get her to make me some custom stuff... very jealous of your purchase!

The jumper is great, I'm lucky to have it.

fantastic dresses- both of them! hurray for plus sized designers creating fabulous fitting dresses.

The clothes are fantastic. But where is this Lane Bryant you shop at where $160 is "not much more" than a skirt there? $250 for a dress would be steep even by the standards of the really decent plus size retailers. These clothes are awesome, and I will drool over them, but $250 per dress is quite a bit beyond the budget of a Lane Bryant shopper, so I'm sort of surprised you'd say they're not much more.

i just ordered the brown dress (her last one in a 20, i believe!) and asked if she'd had lots of hits today, she says it's been off the hook! and i think we've all crashed the gutzy dame site. awesome!

she also said you have an amazing body! you should totally be her site model.

Yay, yay, yay about the hits! Woo hoo! And yay that you got the brown dress!

I am so stoked to see this here. I long for that brown skirt with the applique, let me tell you.

I'm sorry, you are fired. Officially fired.
It's my budgets fault you see. The dresses are cute and she's willing to do custom work, what more could a fat girl want.

So so fired. *looks at soon to be empty pocket book*


Jane rocks my world.

Are you a local Vancouverite?

Ooo, I just got rec'd her on my blog when I did a review of etsy sellers! I love her stuff!

Ok share....I wanna see your blog..I just got into Etsy :)



I actually gasped when I saw you in the jumper. It looks so great on you! I am going to head right over to her site right now.

That wool jumper is gorgeous on you! You are very right she is amazing.

you are stunning and her clothes rock!
i've passed along her name to our local shop and i might have to do some shopping myself!


Well, time to save up for clothing. Ugh.

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