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I have a small waist and large hips, and Evans jeans are always too tight on the hips and too baggy at the waist for me, so they might work for you!

If you're desperate, I could always measure them instore for you and tell you their actual dimensions! Of course that's still no guarantee they'll fit...!

That is so incredibly nice of you! I think I'll just skip it and buy jeans more locally. But thanks for the offer.

I have a larger waist and smaller hips. I wish they had a company in the States. Those jeans are cute too.

I'm in NYC and I've ordered tops from them before. The shipping's pricey but I find that I really like their stuff so I've splurged on it. I'm just iffy-er about the pants.

Hmmm. Yeah, not sure if I want to take that chance.

my favorite pair of jeans are from evans. I wouldn't say that my waist is larger than my hips, but my large waist does stop me from wearing a lot of pants that fit everywhere else. I love my evans jeans so much that I was going to get some online and even ship them to the states, but their cuts are always changing and they didn't have the cut I got anymore. I've tried on other jeans there that fit, but just didn't have the kind of leg I was looking for.

I've also had pretty good luck with pants at Yours...though a lot of their stuff isn't really my style, I've picked up a few great finds there.

one thing I would say is that as an american the conversion of evans sizes is always tricky for me...just fyi if you are planning to have them shipped to the us.

I tried going by the size chart and I'm kind of in between the 20 and 22. As usual, my waist size is the issue! Thanks for the insight.

I've worn both sizes there...

us I'm a 20 in the leg and a 22 because of my waist and the roll below my waist...

I've worn both a 20 and a 22 at evans.

so really I'm not much help.

I have had great luck with Evans jeans. Look carefully at the sizing and you should be able to find exactly what you need.

I have also had great luck with Marks & Spencers large sizes, believe it or not. They sell a lot of jeans by waist and leg measurements. And Marks & Spencers own-brand bras are terrific, too, just FYI.

I'm kind of stuck between the 20 and 22 and I'm ordering from NYC. I may just skip it. But thanks for the advice!

I think Evan's jeans change cut all the time. I have been wearing their clothes for years, and I'm always going up/down in sizes, and never find any consistency.

Good to know. Thanks! By the way, I *love* your icon!

I've not had good luck with Evans jeans as I find them really high waisted so they come up above my waist and sort of pooch unattractively over my tummy and crotch! (but I am short and have a low waist and wear low rise jeans as on-the-waist jeans usually!). The leg length is also pretty long on standard length jeans.

BUT as usual, it could just be my weird shape ;-)

I do the same thing! I usually wear low rise jeans on my waist too due to the big waist/short waist problem. I think I was just having a moment of the "I love these jeans so they must fit me" hallucination.

I'm of the smaller hips/bigger waist variety and Evans jeans fit me great, btw they often turn up on eBay (brand new pairs too) if you don't want to pay full price =]

my two favorite pairs of jeans are from them (alas, I miss england) but I also found some to not fit me well because they were too tight in the waist. their bootcuts are usually safe though.

Thanks. That's good to know.

I have had bad luck there in the past, but my shape has got less hourglass recently so I might try again. Before I would always have to take the waist in.

I have to say, the quality isn't always amazing. I've had several zips break. Annoying, especially as they're relatively expensive.

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