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Thank you so much for doing this! I was about to ask the tights question...

Has anyone here tried the $38 spanx tights? Do they last for a really long time? I am not interested in the control top aspects per se (I like a little control) but I am interested in the thickest longest lasting tights.

go for the Cotton tights from tightsonline.com. For reals. (see my review below)

Just my 2 cents.
In Target stores, they have tights that are available in a variety of textures and colors that are sold in a plus size, more like up to 240 lbs. I buy plus size typically for the height factor these days but was able to score, textured heather and brown tights, brown fishnets, brown tights, and black micro fishnets all for around $5 - $7.00 a pair.

Some of the Target options you can get away with being a bit bigger than 240, but not all. I was able to score their brown bamboo tights, which are solid brown and thicker knit, more like a sweater tight and a steel blue/gray in a lacey pattern, but I also bought a heather/marled in brown and a brown floral lattice pattern which I can't get past my knees. I'm 265 and just past 5'5". Generally, the target tights last much longer than I'd expect for the price.

This is me, loving you madly. Thank you for putting this together! Those cabled tights are SO freaking mine.

Agreed! I've been looking for great cable tights forever! I used to wear them with my school uniform and they were so comfy. Maybe it's nostalgia, but I'm so glad someone found 'em for me :)

Reviews of various tights.

I have reviews of some of the above tights.

I'm 5'10, 340 pounds, wear a size 28 on the bottom.

from suck to fabulous:

1)Torrid black tights, 3X/4X: AWFUL. uncomfortable--sagging crotch, baggy ankles, sleazy material. Weird seams in the thigh area that prevent tights from fitting properly. Ripped the first time I put them on.

2)E.G. Smith 'bigger and better' tights: seemed like nice tights but WAY TOO SMALL for me.

3)HUE opaque tights, size 5: Eh. They were too tight/small for me and seemed of mediocre quality. *seem smaller than listed size*

4)Opaque tights from Catherine's, 5X/6X: not bad. fit pretty well, looked fairly nice. not great quality though--only went 3-4 wearings before running/ripping.

5)Super opaque tights from Lane Bryant,C/D: used to be my go-to tights but quality seems to be really hit or miss lately and varies from pair to pair. Still, much better quality than LB's normal tights and can be well-fitting and comfortable. Lasts a fairly long time too--still have pairs from 4 years ago.

6)Just My Size cotton blend tights, 3X/4X: My second favorites. Comfortable and really nice looking on. Decent quality. A really good deal for the price. Quite long.

7)Cotton tights from Tightsonline.com, 4X: OMG! Tights heaven! These are *so* worth the money! comfy, well-fitting, warm and substantial. I am so happy with them. *runs larger than size chart indicates*
BTW, they do have a size chart--http://www.tightsonline.com/static.php?id=2. normally the link on the tights page goes to this but it appears broken right now.

Re: Reviews of various tights.

Thank you so much for your review on the Tightsonline Cotton tights!

I have been wanting to order them but 32.00+ for tights seemed a little excessive. They're thick right? Not opaque or "hazy" as I like to call it. I want thick tights and I'm hoping that these cotton tights are just what I want.

Last month i bought a pair of black tights in a 1x from target and they fit really well, i hadn't had a pair like those in years. i am a size 16 and about 200 lbs 5'6", and i have very thick legs.

also i forgot to add that they were on sale for 4.99 but are regularly about 7 dollars.

you are totally my hero!

thank you!

I was just about to post a tight post too!

Thanks! The C/D from Lane don't fit me anymore! WTF. I used to go to them for years. I'm 5ft3 and 300lbs and they usually would go right up but now I can't get them past my thighs. It's utterly depressing me. So I'm going to check some of these out!

thank you for this post!

Wow, a lot of work, thanks! I just ordered a pair of gray cable knits from Jessica London. Thanks again!

Let us know how you like them. I think they look cute too.

For our European folks (well from Spain), el corte ingles has amazing warm tights. They cost 15 euros and I got them in a variety of colors (brick red, brown cable knit, pale blue and ribbed gray). They are great but the blue and red ones have a panel in the thighs for more stretch. I guess it's for people with endowed hips. It annoyed me, but you may like it.

Also, in the Sainz de Beranda metro stop (really!) there are small stores that sell a variety of items, such as thongs for a dollar. Improbably, I got the best pair of black leggings there. They were marked as a large, but they stretch quite well. They are also durable.

el corte ingles does have an online store, but it's not large compared to the main branches. Definitely check these places if you happen to be in Madrid!

Starkeymonster, you rock!

Quick reviews from someone who's 5'2", 185 lbs., 16/18 on the bottom, with disproportionately large thighs:

LB Classic tights are practically indestructible, which I love, but the crotch sags on me like mad. And I do not have long legs.

Patterned Merona tights from Target fit me comfortably in a 2X but were definitely made for someone with longer legs and smaller thighs. I put a hole in them the first time I wore them, even though they felt pretty thick.

I just commented with the same problem about LB tights, and I'm nearly the same size as you, probably just a little bigger in the waist.

Found anything that works for you at all??

I bought the Jessica London ribbed tights in size 34W.. I am 5'10 and around 350 and they didn't come anywhere close to fitting, even though the size-chart claimed they were supposed to. I couldn't even get them past my knees. Just thought this would be a good place to add that info!

I was about to ask about tights, because I just bought two new pairs from Lane Bryant and they are cutting me at the waist, bagging in the crotch. I'm 5'1, 200 pounds, a size 16/18 on bottom with a 38" waist and some booty, and I NEED TIGHTS THAT DO NOT MAKE ME STABBY! I need recommendations though - the above isn't helping me decide, you know?

But thank you for doing this!

I'd suggest trying the HUE tights in a 2 or 3. When I was your size, I loved them a lot and wore them to death. I'd give them a try.

It's also possible the E.G. Smith plus tights will work. I'm 5'4" and I found them a bit too short. They're expensive, but if they fit you well they are worth it. I think they fit me when I was closer to your size.

Oh my Lord, you are amazing! Thanks so much for your efforts.

Do you know anyone who has tried the foot traffic tights? I'm curious about them, but I don't really trust the sizing.

Thank you!!! This is going to help me so very mucyh!

What a wonderful thing to do, thank you!!

Thank you from me too!! Anyone my size that describes something as "tights heaven" makes me want to rush out and order some RIGHT AWAY!!!

I am glad someone mentioned that the jessica london are baggy cause they're LONG not too BIG. That makes lots of sense and I will continue thinking about that size.

Just to warn people -- Leg Avenue tends to make "one plus-size fits all plus-size" tights, which they claim are good up to 5'9" and 250 pounds. I'm about 5'8.5", currently 210, and there's NO FUCKING WAY those suckers will even go over my thighs, let alone be possible to wear all day. Most "one plus-size fits all plus-size" are the same; don't trust that you can go anywhere near the top of their printed range, especially if you know you carry extra weight in the thighs.

(Deleted comment)
Nope. But I did find this through a 44" waist.

(Deleted comment)
Don't know if anyone is still reading this thread, but I'm gonna put this question out just in case:

Does anyone know of tights that specifically have a short-ish rise?

I have large upper thighs and am fairly hourglass-y with a high waistline. Something about this combination means that every single pair of tights, nylons, bike shorts, or anything like that I have ever tried comes up way too high (like bottom of rib cage/inch below bustline too high) and then just rolls down under my belly pouchy bit, very uncomfortable. Plus this tends to make the crotch baggy, and I hate baggy crotches (yes, I do want my thigh chub separated, thank you very much, yes, even at the top!).

I'd love to find some tights that would start off fitting me in a better place (I generally like to wear most things just under belly button length, which for me means 10.5-11 inch rise) and then maybe wouldn't roll down.

Any suggestions?

(for reference, I am 5'7", about 215-220lbs, generally size 16W on the bottom)

It sounds like you want low rise tights. Which do exist, but I haven't seen them in plus sizes.

Target has some cheap low rise tights in M/T which you may want to try. You could also see about going DIY, cutting the waist band and finishing it some how.

I purchased and wrote a review of the Jessica London Cable-Knit tights!

It is here.

i just wanted to say i wouldnt call those old school cable knit tights "old school" at all. they're typical opaque tights wiht a cable knit pattern to them. they're nice as opaque tights, but the ones i've been searching for for a few years now are the sweater-style cable knit tights, that are thick and legging-like, like the kind little girls wear. as far as i can tell, theyre actually acrylic and made with small yarn, rather than nylon or pantyhose-type fiber.

this is a great comprehensive list though! i just wish there was more out there for what i'm looking for... this list kind of solidifies my conclusions over the years. heh. :(

At Sock Dreams we've tested Foot Traffic's Combed Cotton Tights up to 5'9" roughly 230lbs, and on that particular girl they were not quite long enough (they fit, but the crotch wanted to sag) but she thinks since they're cotton they'll improve with wear. Our lady who's 5'6" and around 210 is madly in love with them. FAR better than the E.G. Smith, although not as many bright colors. I'd love it if someone shorter and wider tried them and let us know how they worked out; I think we've hit their limits on height but not width.

I've just joined the community, and I'll try to post as we find more plus-size stuff at Sock Dreams. Our inventory is improving gradually, as more suppliers realize that EVERYBODY likes to dress up pretty. :)

The Jessica London Cable-Knit Tights aren't on the site, any others?.....

When I click the link it says

"Due to high demand, the item you are looking for is no longer available
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Please try searching for a similar item."

I don't think the ones at sock dreams would fit me I have really long legs.

Thanks so much for putting all this great info in one place! VERY HANDY!


Re: The Jessica London Cable-Knit Tights aren't on the site, any others?.....

Sadly they seem to have discontinued them. I did a new tights round up for 2008 here

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