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I didn't even know such products existed! This post is definitely getting added to my Memories. Thanks!

I didn't either until hearing from other members of the community! I'm planning a trip to the drugstore this week to pick some up.

I don't know how I missed that one! Added. :-)
Retailer Specialising In Larger Sizes (16 to 32)

shoes/boots up to Uk size 10

Thanks! I've added Evans and am currently lusting over a few of their shirts!

it is quite possible that i love you.

thank you for doing this fancy footwork!

A couple more shopping resources for you!

*One of my favorite Ebay seller for dresses and tops: garinvaplus

Excellent - with all the talk about the flea market lately I'm ashamed I missed this!

Thank you so much for all these links, but especially CyberGown! I needed that!

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holycow! I've added most, if not all, of your links and will be adding descriptions as I can.

Nice of you to put this together!

I would also add: (up to 28w) (up to 26w) (premium denim for plus sizes)

Also, under shopping resources you may want to list

Oh and and Newport News (site seems down right now)


I've been meaning to post this link for finding good plus sized clothes:

Also I have a friend that is thinking about getting into business with this company . They have some really cute designs for those in the Vancouver, BC area.

And lastly, check out this place for some awesome frocks! A bit spendy but really super cute and cool! It's for the girls that want to say it loud and proud.

Awesome! They've been added. Many thanks.

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I.LOVE.THE.NAME! Holy crap that's the funniest thing I've ever seen. Thanks for the lead - it's been added!

Big Moves: (dance, arts, activity, activism)

LOVE it! We need one of these in Virginia!

Lemme add a bra-specific one:

The best part is the FREE shipping in the states AND in Canada (That NEVER happens!)

This store is working in an alternate reality of true customer appreciation! I've added this to the list. :-)

Totally agree with poppopbeat - you need to add Kate Harding's Shapely Prose. This is a fantastic blog which is incredibly empowering on fat acceptance. It's the site currently running the BMI project as referenced at some point in the last week by someone I can't remember (sorry!)

Thanks ever so much for pulling this all together, it's a fabulous resource.

Thanks! I've added this (and read a little) - LOVE it!

this is fatastic! ha ha ;-) I've saved it to my memories since it will surely be a great resource down the road. thanks so much for compiling and sharing so many resources.

Thank you!

thank you for this! i'm adding it to my memories so i can always find it because i will DEFINITELY be referring to it often! :-D

Thank you!!! I have a few links that I don't think you have listed . . . -- this post has a bunch of ebay retailers

Oh, Free People goes up to a size 12/L and from friends that wear them, they run very small. And I got all excited for a minute . . . :-)

Don't Tell Me What Size I Must B - - which has an extensive fashion directory and active message board

Thanks for this one, it's been added.

if you google "notes from the fatosphere" you will find a feed that combines a whole bunch of fat blogs onto one feed. It is awesome!

Awesome! I added Fat Fu. :-)

Is The Buckle listed here because of their shoes? Because I can't seem to find any plus sizes on their website.

Their shoes are killer, but they're also listed because they do have a few things to size 24 (currently just a few pairs of jeans).

Here are some Australian plus size online shopping links:


City Chic

Taking Shape

Whirling Turban sells custom made vintage dresses.

Added! Sorry for the delay!

online clothing resources (one of which is my own clothing line):

and a couple of local portland shops:


Added! Sorry for the delay, and thanks for the info!! is a Zappos clearance web-site for items that don't sell (shoes, clothes, bags, et cetera) that I found today. They have some killer deals!

Awesomeness! I've just added this (sorry for the delay).

Kinda like an ebay for goth clothes with a nice plus size section:

There's a small plus size section; they've put 4 of their most popular items and if it's a hit, they'll put more things up! :D


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