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Those look promising. I hope someone has tried them out. I'm interested in a review. I do like spanx though. I get the hide & sleek midthigh shaper and it works pretty well for me. I wear a 26/28 in bottoms and a 3x works fine.

To be honest, looking at the pic on the left, "OMG! What if I fell over/had an accident and wound up in hosptal wearing those!" Seriously I can't imagine they'd stay in place without either slowly rolling down your thighs during the course of the day or leaving ugly red welts.

That's pretty much exactly what I thought.

Haha, yeah those do look a little goofy. I was more interested in the ones on the right.

Haven't tried that brand, but have tried something that looked remarkably similar and sucked. They developed holes in less than a day and left welts.

I wear bike shorts under skirts and dresses.

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They look interesting, but I think the leg on the second pair is too short to do much good.

The first pic... WTF?

If all I'm interested in is avoiding chafing, I just wear bike shorts. I do really like Spanx for shaping and durability in addition to that, largely because they have a wide soft stretch band instead of a band of elastic at the bottom-- I find that elastic bands can really dig into my legs and leave an uncomfortable and unattractive line, and these sort of look to me like they have that sort of elastic in them.

Also, the first picture: I'm sure somebody thought that was a good idea at the time...

I found that that powder gel stuff you can buy is just awesome. I was wearing skirts all summer and had no chafing problems as long as I used it.

And one application lasted for what seemed like forever.

Oh, I have to ask - I've never heard of that, what is it? :)

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Does it leave a weird residue? Sounds promising, but I don't want pasty white goo all over my thighs.

i have the pair on the right. they work well in the beginning of the day but i find that by the end of the day they totally ride up. i usually have to apply some body glide in combination with them.

i can't give a glowing recommendation overall but what i like about them is that they are much lighter and airier than bike shorts.

also i ordered them directly from the company and the customer service was dreadful! for months they didn't have the color/size combo i wanted and i had to call and email repeatedly to inquire about my order and eventually to demand my money back. the person i spoke with was very apologetic each time i spoke with her but then i still wouldn't get credited or receive my merchandise. eventually i was refunded and received a complementary pair in my size in another color. still, it was kind of ridiculous. i think she said they carry them at torrid so if you can find them there, i'd suggest that instead of ordering them directly from luvees.

I have the ones on the right. I bought them in a size 2x when I was wearing a 3/4X, they ran large and fit perfectly. They don't fit now (I lost some weight), but I got a lot of wear out of them, and I was very heavy on the thighs (still am!) and very prone to chaffing. Out of all the store bought shorts etc, I found these by far the best.

Also, the elastic on the waist isn't too tight, so you don't get a dent where they sit.

I think they look cruel and unusual LoL Personally, I'm a big fan of the JMS pettipants: http://www.jms.com/cgi-bin/ncommerce/ProductDisplay?prrfnbr=1600867166

I really like Junonia's cotton lace underbike short, since it's made of light, breathable cotton.

There's something to be said here for binding ourselves up and making ourselves uncomfortable to get closer to that acceptable norm of smooth and slender. I'm definitely guilty of it myself, and I am really not in love with my body today, but it's frustrating and sad to see how we contort to conform.
On another note, why do they never have actual fat models in these pictures?

Are the items pictured above also slenderizer thingies? I thought they were just for chub-rub prevention?

good point. :) I may have just assumed they were slenderizing/shaping because the model is so slender. :)
I am all about the end of chaffing, though I'd personally rather use a cream or powder as mentioned above than strap some elastic on.
what do you suppose the tag line means?:
It's not about the size of a woman,
it's about the shape of a woman.

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These don't suck you in. They are only to prevent chub rub.

So, I posted to see if anyone had bought them. I saw them as a chaffing-saver. I have heard of the gel/powder (I think in a commercial) but hadn't been brave enough to try it. Now that all of you fine fatshionistas have given your approval, I think I'll skip the Luvees and go for the goo!
I have long been irritated by thin models selling plus clothing. My husband regularly remarks at my catalogues, "How do you know how it will look on a real woman when all of these tiny soccer moms are modelling them?!" I think they do sell these at Torrid for those interested in the Luvees. Thanks to all for commenting!

Can I ask a favor? Can you cut this entry? The image isn't really work safe and I don't want to get in trouble.

I'm sorry...I just don't want a picture of underthings on my screen if my boss walks by.

Gosh those first ones look silly....imagine if you got lucky? *cringe*

I find the deodorant/antiperspirant a big help.

i have the ones on the right and i adore them

not form fitting

by not form fitting, i mean, like not tight and squeezy

::brain melts::

I think that cornstarch works as well as any powder. Then again, I am not exactly a classy gal, and I have no problem spreading my legs and dusting my inner thighs with a food product in a public place...
I would rather do that than support some company like Monistat.

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