Braza Adhesive Bra or Similar?
tsemed_chemed wrote in fatshionista
Hello again fats,
My partner and I are getting married at the end of April, and I am trying to figure out comfortable bra options for my dress. I'm wearing this dress, which I wore to two weddings in the fall. When I wore it previously, I wore a strapless bra from Lane Bryant, but it squeezed the crap out of my ribcage and pulled on my skin, and was generally uncomfortable. I don't want to feel like that at my wedding, so I was thinking about wearing something like this. I have floppy, triangular breasts that are very saggy but not all that heavy. I generally wear a 38/40 D. My dress is fairly fitted in the torso, and somewhat stretchy, so my breasts are gently lifted by the dress itself, but for dancing and general comfort, I want a bit more support. Do any of you have experience with the the Braza Adhesive bra? The website suggests sizing up a cup size if you wear above a 36 band size, but I'd like to know if any of you have actually tried them. The box of five pairs is only $9, so it's not much of a risk, but if you have horror stories or great reviews, please tell me about them!
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