SWAK Designs: Vintage Retro Look
cndngirl25 wrote in fatshionista
I stumbled on the SWAK designs site and fell in love with this dress: http://www.swakdesigns.com/plus-size/p-1105-lizzie-collar-dress.aspx  Does anyone have advice about their sizing? I'm nervous about taking a chance. My measurements are in between their 18/20 and 22/24 (bust- 48, waist- 42, hips- 52/53) so I'm not sure what size to get. I really don't want to order two and go through the hassles of a return.  I ordered a couple of shirts from them years ago and found they fit small but don't know if they've changed since then. I've never tried a dress.


more is more
buttercup_rocks wrote in fatshionista
Yo Fats!

I suddenly realised I hadn't shared an ootd in an age, hence the somewhat epic nature of this post.

Here's what I've been wearing as autumn slowly gave way to winter, and winter to, (I jest not), Siberian winds and snow. Our papers have dubbed our current freezefest The Beast From The East so expect to see knitwear, long skirts and at least one overcoat. Just be grateful I didn't take a picture of what I was wearing to work in my friend's icebox of a shop yesterday. I could scarcely walk for layering.

So, on with the show 'n' tell. (Or should that be snow 'n'tell?) 

Fats butterfly

Obvs, this was before the Big Chill, though I did wear my newish (to me) thrifted Donegal tweed coat, wrongly labelled as a size 26. (It was an 18, albeit a generous one, but I suspect that's why nobody got to it before I did).

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Your faithful, if sporadic, correspondent is currently a size 20/22 and weighs around 190-ish lbs. If you got this far without falling into a coma, fats, you deserve a medal and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for looking.




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