rain boots vol 2
emilina23 wrote in fatshionista
well my search for the perfect pair of rain boots continues. i've given up on trying to find a pair in a cute pattern. i ordered these http://www.zappos.com/tretorn-skerry-rubber-rain-boot-amparo-blue from zappos and they arrived yesterday. i thought maybe a men's pair would give me more room in the calf area but sadly. my calves are 19-20". i bought them in yellow so they'd be a bit more cheerful. i may keep them because they were on sale and i think they're good enough for now. they feel fairly comfortable too so that's good.

i was curious if anyone with the same size calves has a pair of hunters. i know they are the elite in rain boots, ie very pricey. if you have a pair, let me know how you like them and if you feel they are worth the price. thanks!


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