Mid-Belly Rolls and Chafing, Ouch!
nodaybuttoday27 wrote in fatshionista
I'm hoping someone else has a similar body shape to me and has found solutions through their own trial and error.

I have a pretty significantly sized roll at my belly button.  The only real problem with that?  When I wear a belt without a tucked in shirt (a functional belt, I need one to keep my jeans up), I get serious rubbing and chafing issues from the belt buckle and sometimes from the belt loops-which also sometimes happens even if I don't wear a belt.  Sometimes I just want to wear a tshirt or tank and not tuck it in, and if I wear a 2nd tank layered and tucked in I'm not a fan of the shape it creates (seems to make my bust appear smaller and me less curvy).  

Anyone else have a similar shape or have any ideas of something I can use to help the issue?  I really like wearing jeans, they look great on me and are comfy.  I generally wear a size 22/3x (unless it's Old Navy).

Cute Plus-Size Apron?
catwoodtree wrote in fatshionista
I'm on the hunt for a plus-size apron, preferably made for a size 24 or 3x. I'm willing to try sewing it myself, but I don't think I have the skills to adapt a sewing pattern to be a larger size.

Any suggestions? I have seen a few on Etsy, but most of them are more for 1x or 2x.

Do any of you have an apron you like? If so, where did you get it?

The ideal apron would have a nipped in waist and a skirt with a little kick-ruffle around the bottom, and it would be the kind that crosses in the back instead of hanging off your neck. It would be more "Modcloth" and less "Downton Abbey" (as much as I love Daisy.)


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